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Kia Ora
Water, water...
08/16/2012, Pacific ocean off Eureka, CA

Water, water, water, boat, water, water, water, WHALE!

That's what we've spent our day looking at. We left Crescent City, CA around 7:30 this morning. The swells were about 5' neat the entrance to Crescent City Harbor but since then, they've calmed down. We have maybe a 2' swell with no wind right now.. We've been motoring all day. Bummer.

We've seen lots of whales today and just a few minutes ago a pod of porpoise were playing in our bow wake. They'd race up behind the boat and then cut right in front of the bow. They'd go back and forth in front of the bow 5-6 times then turn around and head someplace behind the boat just to repeat the game again and again. How fun is that?!?

Ken had a little excitement a few hours back but I missed it. A Humpback whale surfaced right near the bow and then lifted his giant fluke and dove! Ken said that if he was on the bow, that he probably could have touched it!

We are planning on spending two nights out while making our way to San Francisco.

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Nothing to say about today.
08/13/2012, Crescent City, CA

We are still in Crescent City. There are a handful of boats waiting to continue down the coast. The darn seas just won't calm down. Even the commercial fishermen are staying in port. It's decieving. It's calm in the harbor but just offshore the waves are kicking up to 7 feet still.

Super Homer wanted to visit a commercial fishing boat. Here he is checking our Pices, the fishing boat tied next to us on the dock. He's going fishing for eel on Thursday. I guess there is a market for eel in the Asian markets.

We've met a few other cruisers heading to Mexico. They are all terrific people and we hope to run into all of them again along the way. Blake and Mary on Scorpion are just across the harbor from us right now, David and Barbara on Zoe and Dan and Patty on Alysium are about 60 miles ahead of us in Eureka.

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Crescent City, CA
Foggy, cool
08/09/2012, Crescent City, CA

Ken and I had an opportunity to learn more about Crescent City. We took a walk downtown and found nice beaches, a huge park, and the downtown area. The town feels pretty dead where the marina is but just 1/2 mile north of here it's busy with shops, restaurants, hotels, and parks.

We visited the Marine Mammal Center where they rehabilitate sick and injured seals and sealions. The animals each get their own enclosure with a small pool. It's clean and they appear to be comfortable.

The weather appears to be getting a little worse. They are now predicting 12' seas this weekend. It always takes a while for the ocean to calm down after a storm so we will probably be here for a while.

I talked with the office this morning and learned why they are hesitant to invite cruisers in. The temporary docks that are in place after the tsunami are going to start being torn down and rebuilt on Monday. All of the boats that are located on the 1st dock have to be moved to one of the other docks. It might get a little tight in here but they seem to have plenty of room for all of the boats. I looked at the plans for the new marina and they look nice. They are building the docks much stronger so that they don't get wiped out again when the next tsunami hits.

Ken and I are going to walk out to the lighthouse tomorrow.

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08/09/2012, Cresent City, CA

The picture pretty well sums it up. Skip Crescent City. This marina is not cruiser friendly. So unfriendly, in fact, that when a cruising friend of our called yesterday to see if there was space for them, the marina said no. The reality is that an additional dozen or more cruisers could fit. To be fair, they are under construction because the entire marina was wiped out from the Tsunami in March of last year. 16 boats sank. All docks were gone. They are rebuilding but the docks don't have water or power yet. For those cruisers who are headed down later this year, come in if needed but plan for someplace else if you can. There isn't a bar to cross so entry was simple.

We are going to stay here for a few days. Winds and seas are building and 10
foot waves are expected at the end of this week. It seems that there are services within walking distance and we plan to walk out to the lighthouse tomorrow.

We had a humpback whale surface about 30' from the boat on the way here. Other than that the passage was pretty unremarkable. There wasn't any wind so we motored the whole 29 hours from Newport. Now we need fuel but the fuel dock here was built on a pier (rather than a dock) and there aren't attendants on duty. You tie to oily pilings and call for an attendant who passes a nozzle about 15' down to your boat.

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Super Homer
08/05/2012, Newport, OR

Julie has two young friends, Noah and Lauren, who wanted to send something of theirs along for the trip. We now carry Super Homer with us. This is a picture of Super Homer admiring the Oregon coast on our first day out. Sorry that I didn't get a picture posted sooner but this is the first reliable internet connection that I've had so far.

Don't worry Lauren, Sir Glory is safe and sound. He's picked a safe place in the galley where he can watch me make all of our meals.

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Staying put for a few days
08/04/2012, Newport, OR

We've had a lot of wind for a couple of days so the swell is up to 6-7 feet. The swell is expected to go down to 3' in a few days and the wind is expected to shift out of the northwest instead of the south so we are going to just stay put in Newport for a while.

We are currently resting on the bottom of the marina. There is a small minus tide this morning and I can feel that the keel is sinking into the sand. The boat is making some movements that aren't natural. We should only be on the bottom for about an hour. This marina is very shallow. It would be okay in 0 tides for a 6' draft boat like ours but minus tides gets too shallow.

A sailboat pulled in yesterday. They are on their way to Mexico too. We compared a few notes yesterday but they still had 'swimmy brains' (the feeling you get after getting off the tilt-a-whirl at a carnival) so we plan to visit again in a day or two.

We had our first visitors yesterday! Julie's Mom, Dad and Niece Gillian drove down for a visit. It was nice to see everyone. We spent the day eating pizza, going to Nye Beach, visiting and spending time going down an amazing tube slide at a local park. Smiles all around!

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