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Kia Ora
Cabo San Lucas to Bahia Los Frailes
11/18/2012, Bahia Los Frailes

We pulled the anchor early this morning and motored in head winds all the way to Bahia Los Frailes. The trip took 8 hours.

Ken caught a Dorado (Mahi Mahi) on the way. Guess what's for dinner? Elliot enjoyed a little sushi, Monty wanted no part of it.

There are 7 boats anchored here in the bay. We didn't really expect to see more than one.

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Shopping, swimming, visiting, moving on
Julie, Sunny, and warm
11/17/2012, Cabo San Lucas, Baja South, Mexico

We got up early and took a 40 minute walk to Walmart to reprovision. I was surprised to find that you cannot buy a case of soda at Walmart in Mexico. Singles and 6 packs only. Groceries in Cabo are expensive. Fresh fruits and vegis were fairly priced but packaged goods and meats are expensive. We bought what we needed and will go shopping again on the mainland. Sometimes shopping is an adventure, sometimes it is a chore. Today it was a chore.

We swam off the boat this afternoon. I love doing that and am looking forward to getting in calmer water to enjoy swimming more. Getting buzzed by jetskis while swimming can be challenging.

We met some new cruising friends this afternoon and went over to their boat for cocktails this evening.

Ken and I wanted to go out to eat on our last night in Cabo. We tend to follow the locals and found a great place off the tourist strip. It's called El Pollo de Oro and they had the most fabulous chicken dishes! I had a 1/4 chicken with rice and beans for 40 pesos ($3.28 US). Ken had chicken fajitas. Yummy. It was excellent and we came home happily stuffed.

We're going to head out in the morning for a short 45 nm journey up to Bahia Frailes where we plan to snorkel.

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Crazy Cabo San Lucas
Julie, hot and sunny
11/14/2012, Cabo San Luca, Baja South, Mexico

We arrived in Cabo San Lucas this afternoon and are shocked. Cabo is CRAZY! We went from a village of about 30 one room homes to thousands upon thousands of hotel rooms. There are jet skis, water taxis, parasail boats and other sight seeing vessels zooming all over the place! The trip to and from the fuel dock was out of this world. SOOO BUSY!

We are happy to be here! We made it down the coast with only a few bruises (both to the boat, Ken and me). The cats are happy.

In Mexico, boats have to check in with each Port Captain when they arrive. This can be done over the VHF radio so I started calling about 2 pm. It wasn't until after 3 that I got a response and all he said was OK, BYE. I'm not sure why we have to check in because I'm positive that he didn't write down the boat name, forget about asking for number of people on board, the ships number, etc. Oh, well. Such is life in Mexico.

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We're almost all the way down the coast!
11/13/2012, Mag Bay to Cabo San Lucas

We left Mag Bay around 6:15 this morning and were soon greeted by dozens of dolphins. It's always fun to see them playing in at our bow. There were even two mamas with their babies.

The seas are flat today (no swell) with 9 knots of wind. We are sailing along nicely with two hand lines out for fishing. Ken has the Hydrovane going and once we got it adjusted properly, it's been maintaining a steady course.

Another 24 hours and we get to turn EAST! YAY!

It's warm. The cockpit is in the mid 80's.

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Wind, wind and more wind
11/11/2012, Mag Bay, Baja South, Mexico

A low pressure system moved though the area and I spent the night getting out of bed every hour and half to make sure that we weren't dragging the anchor. The first thing I always do it I check to make sure that the lights on shore are still in the same areas. If they are, I know we haven't moved. I got a little scared when I didn't see ANY lights of the little village that we are anchored close to. I turned on the navigation system and it showed that we hadn't moved. So WHERE is the village?!? They use a generator to power all the houses and they must turn it off at night. I left the nav system on for the rest of the night so that I could just take a quick look to make sure we weren't moving.

We've never drug our anchor before and we have all chain and plenty of scope. I guess I've just seen too many boats dragging across the harbor to think that it could never happen to us.

We hadn't been to shore for 7 days so today we inflated the dinghy and went over to the beach. We took the cats with us and they sure did appreciate poking around in the scrub and stretching their legs. After dropping the cats back on the boat, Ken and I went to the little village. I asked in Spanish if we could leave our dinghy in front of one mans house and luckily he understood me and said 'si'. We sure were a spectacle there. I don't think they get many visitors.

The barometer just dropped again and the winds are back up to 20 knots. We are protected behind a peninsula so the waters are generally flat but the wind has us rocking a bit.

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Lobster trade
11/10/2012, Mag Bay, Baja South, Mexico

We pulled into Mag Bay at daybreak after two days of sailing down from Turtle Bay. We had so much wind that had to roll in our head sail to slow us down and still arrived at 4 am. Because there are a lot of fish traps in the area we hung off the entrance until daylight. That wasn't exactly fun as we had gusts up to 30 knots and the seas were kicking up.

The sail down was good. Ken had two handlines out and caught a fish. He also lost two lures. Something big grabbed one because the hand line sprung back violently and snagged in our lifelines about 15 feet forward of the stern.

The wind is still really screaming and it is coming out of the N to NE. There is really no protection from wind out of that direction in Mag Bay except for a little peninsula called Swam Point at the village of Puerto Alcatraz. We are anchored there now and are comfortably waiting out the wind.

When we pulled up there was a fisherman in a panga out checking his traps. He soon headed our way and offered us a lobster. He didn't speak any English and our Spanish is poor so we thought that he wanted to sell us the lobster. I went and got money and he shook his head no. He just wanted to say hi and give us a treat. We offered him a gift of a coke and two peanut butter cups. He was beaming.

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