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Kia Ora
12/20/2012, Yelapa, Mexico

We left Nuevo Vallarta this morning and are now on a mooring ball in Yelapa. Neither of us feels great so we are going to skip a trip to town on this stop and try again on our way back north. The village is cute and there is a lot of activity on the bay and at the beach.

The pictures is a view from the boat. It's a little hazy. I think it might rain soon.

Heading further south tomorrow.

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Hike to Quimixto waterfall
12/17/2012, Quimixto, Mexico

What a fantastic day. 8 of us cruisers got together and hired a guide to take us hiking up to the waterfall at Quimixto. It was about an hour drive from the marina where our hike started. We hiked all morning with jungle to our left and Banderas Bay on our right. The trail took us up and down rock steps, over dangerous bridges (one of them was being replaced as we crossed it), and along beautiful beaches. The trail was beautiful but not terribly well maintained. One member of our group was kneeling down on a footbridge to take a picture. He put some weight on the handrail and it snapped! I don't want to mention any names but (Paul) made a good save of both himself and his camera as the drop was about 50 feet to hard rock and surf below.

After about 3 hours of hiking, we stopped at a little village for lunch. The village has no road access. The only access is by boat. We had been hiking slowly so the guide asked if we wanted to hire a panga to take us to the village of Quimixto. The day was getting long so we took her advice and took the panga (boat) to the base of the waterfall trail instead of hiking for another hour to get there.

Once in Quimixto we had to option of hiring a small horse to take us up to the falls or hiking. As it was an easy 30 minute hike, we decided to go on foot.

The falls were nice. There is a little bar at the top where you can order a drink and access the water at the base of the falls.

We took a panga back to the guides van. Because the tide was out and because so much sand had accumulated in front of the dock, the driver had to let us out on a sand spit and we had to wade through swift water to get back to dry land. We didn't care so much but the locals who must have been heading to a festival with their piƱatas and luggage didn't seem so happy to have to get so wet.

I took a bunch of pictures and will put them in the Mexico gallery for all to view.

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Julie, sunny and hot
12/15/2012, Nuevo Vallarta, MX

We went to a new Saturday open market today. It's located on the other side of the entrance to Nuevo Vallarta so we took the dingy over and tied up to a dock. The market is only 5 weeks old so it was a little small but there were still about 25 vendors there. We bought a necklace for me, some spicy cheese, some tortillas, and a 1/2 liter of sunflower honey, which is unlike any honey that I've ever tried before. We can't find real maple syrup here so we'll use the honey on our pancakes instead.

We bought lunch from a vendor and also bought a shave ice. There was a good mix of vendors but there wasn't any fresh fruits and vegis. Sigh.

I spent yesterday sewing covers for our spare diesel and gas cans. No more yellow and red cans on deck! Ken wants me to cover the propane tanks next. We'll see.

I bought some smoked tuna at the market too. Now I have to figure out what to do to make it into dinner.

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Rain in Nuevo Vallarta
Julie, rain
12/13/2012, Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

We woke up early to the sound of rain. RAIN! Quick, shut the hatches! We haven't seen more than about 16 drops of rain since leaving Seattle in July. Once the hatches were closed I made tea and got myself comfortable in the covered cockpit to watch the rain fall into the harbor. The ever present floating coconuts are drifting by and local fishermen are heading out in their pangas for a day of work on the Pacific.

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Crocs and a show
Julie, hot and humid
12/09/2012, Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

We are in a marina in Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallara, Mexico and really like it here. The grounds are beautiful, there are several pools, and medium sized grocery store that is over priced but carries American and Canadian goods.

This morning we took the dinghy up the estuary for a 4 hour tour. There are mangroves that line the sides and lots of birds. What we were really looking for though was the crocodiles. We found 3! A little foot long one that scrambled for the water then a 12 footer that at first I thought was fake. I thought it was fake until we got too close and the thing ran like a bat out of hell for the water! 0-60 in 2 seconds flat! The third was another big one swimming alongside the dinghy. I won't be swimming here.

We also saw the most beautiful iguana. He was the biggest we have ever seen and he had beautiful colors. A blue head, green body and yellowy striped tail. He had to have been well over 4 feet long.

This evening we went to the free 'welcome' show that Paradise Village offers. It was fun watching Mayan dances and comedy routines. Dinner was Domino's Pizza.

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Julie, warm but cloudy
12/07/2012, La Cruz, Mexico

We took the dinghy to town and did a little shopping. There is an open air fish market called Mercado del Mar where the local fisherman sell their catch. They had fresh tuna for sale and people have promised me that I'd like it so we bought a large slab of it. I cut it into 6 steaks (two for me, two for Ken and two for the cats) I grilled 3 of the steaks for dinner tonight and WOW, they were actually good! Elliot likes his raw, Monty likes his grilled. (We like ours grilled too.)

We stopped at a couple of vegetable stores and bought green beans, a melon, garlic, carrots, an avacado, bananas and some limes. The melon was the most expensive but the whole lot came to around $5 US.

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