Vessel Make/Model: Gemini 105Mc
Hailing Port: Pelham Manor, NY
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22 May 2010 | 40 53.11'N:73 47.26'W, NYAC Yacht Club, Float 6
Friday; 21-05-10: Round trip completed!! Had an uneventfull overnight motorsail up from Atlantic City. Not much wind, calm seas, clear skies, and stayed just far enough offshore so I didn't have to worry about running into anything, but far enough inside of the commercial lanes so I didn't have to worry about anything running into me. Able to take a number of 45 minute cat naps. Scheduled the time so I would catch the incoming current and flew up the East River and was tied up at the Club by 1430. It's good to be back.
16 May 2010 | 39 22.70'N:74 25.65'W, Farley/Trump Marina, Atlantic City NJ
Sunday; 16-05-10: Uneventful day. Got started at 0830 and was tied up at the Marina by 1500. Had a little current and wind against, which made for a bumpy ride, but that eased up around noon and had a pleasant motor-sail right up to Absecon Inlet. The weather forecast is a little sketchy right now, so I'm not sure how long we will be in AC. More tomorrow.
16 May 2010 | 38 57.06'N:74 54.33'W, Utsch's Marina, Cape May NJ
Sunday; 16-05-10: I finished my last Friday entry a little too soon. Friday evening, as I was getting ready to head for the Tiki Bar (see picture), ominous black clouds started moving into the area. Within minutes, all hell broke loose. Horizontal and vertical lighting, thunder, heavy winds, torrential downpours, and hail. It lasted for hours, and precluded my visit to the Tiki Bar, although it didn't seem to slow down the Friday night revelers who already had a sheltered spot at the bar. Saturday's run down to Cape May was an interesting day. Left Chesapeake City at 0830, and caught the current just right in the C&D Canal, getting a solid three knot push into Delaware Bay. Wind was a solid 15 to 20 all day, but right on my stern, so I was rockin' and rollin' a lot, but no pounding. After a few hours of fighting the incoming tide, it turned, my speed jumped up, and the seas calmed down, and the rest of the ride, under sunny skies, was quite pleasant. Tied up at the Marina at 1700. Today's run will be about 35 NM up to Atlantic City, where it looks like I will have to spend a few days waiting for a front to pass through. Hmmmm. Anyone for Texas Hold'em?
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