27 October 2009 | 36 50.48'N:76 17.93'W, Tidewater Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA
A relatively short, but very grey, trip from last nights anchorage in Mobjack Bay into the Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton Roads harbor area. Almost got engaged to an outbound freighter that loomed out of the fog and seemed to be heading right for me, although I was hugging the edge of the channel. He was turning, however, and passed about 50 yards off my port side. Too busy to take a picture. The picture I did take was on the approach to the harbor, and shortly after I took it, the fog really closed in. The chartplotter and radar came in very, very handy. On this trip I have really become very confidant in the chartplotter, and am comfortable now that it does show me exactly where DAYDREAMER is in relationship to channels, markers, and the hard stuff around the edges. The AIS shows me exactly where all the commercial traffic is, along with the name of the vessel, its speed and course, and how close it will come to me. Amazing technology, and just a short will ago it was limited to commercial vessels only, but now has been made available to recreational boaters at dramatically reduced prices. Of course, all this high tech stuff doesn't mean diddly if the skipper does something stupid, but I'll try to avoid that. Planning to spend Wed right here, provisioning, cleaning and organizing boat stuff, and doing laundry. I guess I'll probably have to find a bar to watch the first game of the World Series. Oh darn.
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