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Different Drum Sailing Adventures
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Waiting for KCD students!
01/13/2011, Nassau, Bahamas

Boundless is in Nassau Harbor waiting the arrival of 5 students from the Kentucky Day School in Louisville, KY along with their amazing teacher Megan!!! They will be here for 5 days and tomorrow we will leave Nassau and sail to the Exumas. Sailing, snorkeling, lobsters spearing (I hope!), and putting our feet in a sandy beach are all scheduled.
The wind should be NNE at 15-20kts for the next couple of days which is perfect sailing wind for Boundless!
Conch and lobsters here we come...

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01/13/2011 | Mara
have a wonderful trip! Wish i was there to put my feet in the sand with you!
lets catch up when you get back into the harbor.
01/13/2011 | Glenda (Leah's Mom)
Have a wonderful time Kentucky Country Day girls! Catch a lobster for me!

Glenda (Leah's Mom)
01/13/2011 | AMy Lavin
You lucky girls! Here's to smooth seas, brisk winds, sun and sand!!! Have the time of your life! Love to you all, the Lavins
01/13/2011 | Kathy Friedman
Very lucky indeed! Soak up the sun and every minute of your adventure - full sails ahead! Love, The Friedman family
01/13/2011 | Tricia Gill
Can't wait to hear about your wonderful trip! Hope everyone is well and having a grand time. Miss you all!!! FYI--KCD's 7th grade girls basketball team won tonight against Anchorage 24-5!!!!!! Kelsey missed her teammates! You will play them again a week from Monday in the tournament, so relax now and bring your renewed energy and a terrific tan for your hoops tournament!

Have a blast in the warm weather. Please don't bring home any FROGS!--You know who you are!

Love, Mrs. G. & Kelsey
01/15/2011 | Vicky, David and Yunker Family
We hope you girls are still having a lot of fun. There is still snow on the ground here, so really enjoy all that sun and beach.
Hey Doll, cant wait to hear about your big sailing adventure. Take lots of pictures! Love Dad
Bahamas bound!
01/09/2011, Richmond Airport

4 am in the Richmond airport and on my way back to Boundless! :) Snowed a bit here yesterday so, a nice contrast awaits me. A group arrives Thursday so hope to send updates as we sail the Exuma island chain. Watch out lobsters and I come!

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01/09/2011 | Lori Lenz
Happy New Year and hope that safe and fun new adventures await you.
12/28/2010, Nassau

Can't believe I'm in a Starbucks in Nassau! I've been stuck on Boundless for two days in Nassau Harbor due to high winds and waves. It blew 30 kts with gusts to 40 kts for two days. Boats were dragging their anchors all over Nassau Harbor and some crashed into one another in the middle of the night. Boundless and crew were safe as I anchored at the head of the pack of anchored boats so, no one was in front of us should their anchor let go. At 30-40 kts though we couldn't even get off the boat as the wind would have flipped our inflatable over with us in it! One of my favorite quotes is "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" I guess you have to live your quotes! :)
It's good to be in the islands even with bad weather. I especially love the Bahamian people and even in the few days we've been here there have been so many acts of kindness shown to us by everyone around. I feel more at home here than at "home".
Today the winds finally dropped to 15 kts and I took the chance to get off Boundless. Hope everyone one stateside is well and looking forward to a new year ahead...

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Ever seen the Perfect Storm?
12/24/2010, 13,000 feet of water beneath our keel

Ok, this is a little hard to explain unless you've seen it yourself but...remember the scene in The Perfect Storm where the boat is going straight up a 100' wave? 2 hours ago we went through an inlet or narrow cut out of the Abaco island group in the Bahamas into the ocean and it was just like that scene! There was what locals call a "rage" going on. A rage is when steep, breaking waves close off an inlet due to their height and intensity making the inlet impassable. Well, Boundless and crew just went through a rage! The waves were an average of 8-10 feet but there were two monster waves of 12' or more that were breaking at their tops due to their steepness. Boundless went up and up, crashed through the top of the wave and down the other side! Thank goodness for Boundless's 40,000 lbs as we took it like a surfer having a great time! My daughter Jennifer wanted to do it over and over! :) No wonder she gets bored at amusement parks! Normally, I would have waited a day or so for things to die down but there's a storm coming tomorrow night and we needed to get out of the Abacos to get somewhere safer. Winds are supposed to be around 40kts for several hours out of several different directions as the storm passes through. The winds will be a bit lighter the farther south we go and the protection from the islands a bit better as well. Tomorrow Santa will find us where ever we are and I'm wishing some of my past student crew members were here to celebrate Christmas with us! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Jeff

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12/24/2010 | Banjo Bud
Sounds umm, a litle dicey? Be safe and keep in touch. Merry Christmas all!!
In the Bahamas!!!!
12/22/2010, Little Bahama Bank

Arrived on the Little Bahamas Banks at Mantilla Shoal this morning around 5 am! Water depth went from over 2000' to 30' all of a sudden! I stayed on watch all night last night accompanied by my 8 year old daughter Jennifer. She was great company and with her young eyes she spotted ships before I ever did! We're traveling across the banks now with little wind headed toward Marsh Harbor where we'll clear in with customs and immigration sometime tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting the anchor down just around dark tonight and getting a good nights sleep. Once again, the water here is gorgeous and it always takes me by surprise. Even though I've been coming to the Bahamas for nearly 15 years now it's beauty has never grown old on me. Not sure where we'll be on Christmas yet but Santa has always found Boundless even in the most out of the way places! More later....Jeff

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12/22/2010 | Niece Elise
This blog is neat!! Glad ya'll made it! Merry (almost) Christmas!!!

Elise & Jer
Jujmping offshore!
12/21/2010, Cape Canaveral

Quick and short update...waiting for the bridge to open at 0830 at Port Canaveral, then a lock and then out into the Atlantic finally headed for the Bahamas! Woo hoo! Very short weather window before some strong winds come our way but if we don't go today we'll get stuck here for several days waiting. Planning to do one or two overnights. We should be on the Bahama banks by sometime tomorrow but still a long way from habited islands. There have been strong northerly winds and high seas in the Gulf Stream for the past few days and things have just died down late last night. So, I imagine it's still a bit rough out there until the waves have a chance to die down, usually takes about 24 hours or so.
Ok, the next update will come from the Atlantic Ocean somewhere or from the Bahamas. Have a great Christams everyone!!!!

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12/21/2010 | Mara
have a great trip! I'm bouncing around in 15-20 from the NW. Wish i could be there!
Happy holidays!
Cold to warm...I hope!
12/17/2010, Tappahannock, VA

After nearly a month in Virginia (there's snow here now), tomorrow I drive to Florida to board Boundless and take her the rest of the way to the Bahamas. I can't wait to get on board again and feel her decks beneath my feet once again. A month is about as long as I can be off her and off the water before I start feeling like an alien visiting "land".
Updates will be forthcoming. Boundless will be in the Bahamas until June and anyone or any group wanting/needing to spend time on board should contact me so we can schedule a trip. The lobsters and conch are waiting!!! :)

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Rest at last
11/23/2010, Daytona Beach, Florida

Yesterday I arrived at the 7 Seas Marina in Daytona Beach for a long break before the final push to the Bahamas. During the past 15 days of travel I traveled every day except one. Other than standing on a fuel dock a couple of times I also only went ashore one day and have been on board the rest of the time. A VERY long trip and it's great to stop for awhile! :) Boundless ran great and it's nice to have a good boat to do long passages in. It was a great trip of dicsovery as well as I was able to go in and out of several inlets from offshore that I have never explored before and that has added to my navigation knowledge of the East Coast.
Despite being tied in a slip at a marina with no travel plans today, I still woke up at 5am feeling like I should be getting underway! For the past 2 weeks I've gotten the anchor up in the dark and traveled the first hour or so in the dark just to get as much mileage in as possible for the day. Funny too that while it's great to stop and take a break even on this first morning of rest, part of me wants to push on, see new places, and experience the constant navigation challenges every day brings. Crazy right? Adventure is addictive...
The plan now is to spend Thanksgiving with my dad here in Daytona, leave the boat for a few weeks and return around Christmas to take Boundless the rest of the way to the Bahamas. I can't think of the last time "plan A" actually worked out so, we'll see what really happens in a few weeks!
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving enjoying friends and family. They're more important than adventure....Jeff

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11/23/2010 | Susan
Crazy is relative, right?! Enjoy the time you have with your Dad and your girls (yes, Liz also!). Missed all of you today, but glad you're together. Happy Thanksgiving, Armor family.
More shoals
11/19/2010, Georgia!

I left Port Royal Sound in the dark (again!) this morning. Anchored last night along side Parris Island where the marines do training and had brilliant night flares and helicopters to entertain me in the evening! My reward for leaving in the dark was yet another incredible sunrise as I headed out to the ocean. Beautiful!
I wanted to sail the coast today and come in at Sapelp Inlet in Georgia but none of my cruising friends had ever used it or even heard of it. I was still within internet range off the coast and did some "Googling" and found out that it had some treacherous shoals, was not used by "pleasure" boaters but only used by shrimpers. Well, I like shrimp so I thought, why not? Definitely a "fair weather" inlet as I saw breakers and shoals on either side of me as I came in! That said, as long as I followed the chart (which I did) and navigated properly (must have or I wouldn't be writing this) I had plenty of water in the channel and it was quite a good entrance. I would not use it in bad weather as I can see how the waves and swells could get steep and intense with the shallows all around and it would be quite a wild ride getting in if you made it!
So, tonight I'm anchored in Wahoo Creek and dolphins have already been by to say hello. Tomorrow I'll do another before dawn exit and follow a track I laid down electronically on my way in through the shoals this afternoon. That track will guide me out into the Atlantic again for my push into Florida! I'll come in at Fernandina Beach.
Ok, all for now. Time to fix some dinner and watch the sunset....

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11/19/2010 | Don Godwin
Shoals, shrimp and shallows. Sounds really SWELL, buddy. All kidding side, wish I were there. Please tell your dad I said 'hey.' Miss ya friend...
Sunny, clear skies, wind N at 8 kts.
11/18/2010, Off the coast of SC

After a couple days rest in Charleston I got underway again at 5 am this morning! In the dark, motoring out a major shipping channel is....well...exciting! :) Big container ship came through the channel just as I was entering it and we past port to port. Plus, all the shrimp boats seemed to be heading out at that time as well. Plenty of company!
There still is no weather window to get to the Bahamas. I've had a couple of windows that would get me across the Gulf Stream but then I would be hit with strong, 20-25kt headwinds at least a full 24 hours before getting in. So, plan B all along has been to make Daytona Beach and spend Thanksgiving with my 87 year old dad. Not a bad 2nd choice! :) I have reservations at the 7 Seas Marina, a small, funky, cruiser friendly marina I've frequented for many years now. Good people and a place devoid of "yachties" and folks with shiney, hardly used boats! Cruising boats from around the world end up there and it's the first marina I stayed at after crossing the Atlantic 16 years ago. Good memories...
I will be making short, daily, 50-70 mile jumps offshore down along the coast until I get to Florida and hope to be in Daytona on Monday. Fair winds!

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11/19/2010 | Jax
Daytona for Thanksgiving eh? I fly into Miami on the 30th... if you're still around and want some help, it might be a possibility! :)
11/21/2010 | Larry Foulk
Just checking out the blog (thanks Liz!)...and wishing you fair and steady winds along with peaceful ports of call. Given clear skies, I bet the full moon these last couple of days has been a sight. What's that bright star rising to the east in the morning?
Anchor down!
11/15/2010, Charleston Harbor

It's 4:30 pm and I've just dropped anchor in Charleston Harbor after a 36 hour offshore run with no sleep! Woo hoo! It's good to stop! Dolphins all around the boat today and even now in the harbor.
I slept off and on for minutes at a time throughout the night but had to keep a watch for ships. One ship can ruin your whole night! :) Dead tired doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I'm fixing some dinner now, hope to shower, and be in dream land within the hour.
Too tired to write more but it was a good offshore run that brought me much closer to my destination. Good night all...sleep well! Jeff

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11/15/2010 | Sarah Taliaferro
sweet dreams my friend!
Across the shoals!
11/14/2010, Past Frying Pan

Just made it across Frying Pan Shoals at 10:30 pm! The shoals run out from shore about 30 miles and in bad weather can be treacherous. The water depths go from 100' or more down to 5 feet in places. Luckily, with a half moon and clear sky it was easy to navigate through the shoals using GPS and I never saw less than 35' of water. I've now turned course for Charleston and if I can keep my present speed I'll be there in daylight tomorrow. It's a large, well marked entrance that I've done before in the dark but it's always less hairy when you can see! I really wish all of you could experience this some day. The stars are incredible. The shine on the water from the moon is indescribable. When the astronauts that went to the moon were asked "What's the closest experience on earth to what you've done?", their reply was "sailing across an ocean at night". It really is something that has to be experienced and not just read about in a book. I will take small naps through the night but I'm expecting to feel pretty bad by tomorrow. Even with radar alarms set I still need to keep a watch as I travel. It will be good to sleep tomorrow night in Charleston Harbor! Jeff

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11/15/2010 | Liz Armor
Enjoy that sunrise! It looks like there might be an upload lag with the SSB update (the time sequence is off in how they appear on the blog), but it is there--amazing technology!
11/15/2010 | Susan Foulk
Thanks to Liz for passing your blog link our way! I once read a piece from Rachel Carson where she described experiencing the moon illuminating the endless waters as a feeling of infinite exclamation points with no words worthy of being placed before them.

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