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Different Drum Sailing Adventures
Educational sailing adventures for teens and young adults "Changing lives one adventure at a time"
Test from Green Parrot
02/17/2012, Nassau

COMMAND1: COMMAND2: DATE: 2/19/2012 TITLE: This is a test remote post LOCATION: My Office AUTHOR: Tim Harincar BODY: This is a test of the remote processor. If all goes well, this message will appear in my weblog very shortly.

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02/20/2012 | Rick Kahler
I have posted a link to your blog on the MiniMester page. Have a great trip.
02/21/2012 | Sue Gibian
Captain Jeff and SMS Crew,
Have a fabulous adventure!
SMS arrives tomorrow!
02/17/2012, Nassau

Boundless is stocked with ten days of food! The freezer is packed, fruit is hanging from nets and all I need now is 6 students. It's going to be a great week!

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One more test...
02/17/2012, Nassau

I'm testing this link to Sailblogs to see if it shows up on my Facebook page...

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02/17/2012, Nassau

Sitting at the Green Parrot restaurant in Nassau watching the sun go down over the harbor. Time to dinghy back to Boundless before dark. Last night a band played the loudest, worst music I've ever heard until 4 am! I couldn't sleep even with headphones on listening to better music. It will be nice to get out of Nassau tomorrow with the group from SMS on board!!!

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MMA Day 7
08/06/2011, Point Judith, RI

Coach here. Day 7 is here and we are currently anchored along the water breaks outside of Point Judith, Rhode Island. We've been sailing and touring the coast pretty hard the past few days, so we're anchored here remaining on the boat just to relax and recharge. Chili is being made right now so I'm personally rather excited. We had left Woods Hole, RI after a big day of touring the oceanographic research facilities there yesterday evening. Pretty fascinating place. The Woods Hole Institute are the people responsible for finding the wreckage of the Titanic, as well as further developing deep sea exploration in addition to leading and researching ocean conservation efforts. If you're looking to donate to make the world a better place, the institute at Woods Hole is a good way to go. The kids got to see and learn more about what it takes to make sure that the animals and creatures that inhabit the ocean as well as the sea itself will be here on the Earth for decades and centuries after we all are gone. Today was not without its challenges though. We finally got our first patch of rougher weather with some pretty good choppy waves for the 8 hours we were at sea today. There is some heavier rain on the horizon which is why we are docked and anchored. We are fine and the kids are doing amazing so worry not. We are in good hands out here and are pretty confident that we can take care of ourselves too. We've put so much ocean behind us and yet, it didn't feel like a lot at all! I can see why some people marry themselves to the sea. It can be invigorating to say the least. Well, dinner is ready so I must be going. I'll write more soon and before we know it, we'll be in NYC. It's going by so fast! Wish you all were here!

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08/07/2011 | Jacob Pang
Hi Ben, we have tried to contact you. Only today we saw this blog. Nice to know you all enjoyed the trip and are safe. Keep in touch!
08/07/2011 | Linda Crawford
Hi Jack and all of your ship mates. Sounds like the fun continues. Hopefully today's weather is not such a downer. The chili should keep all of you warm inside and a happy glow. Will there ever be photos of the voyage? Talk with you soon. Let me know about being a land lubber again while in NY. Love, Mom
MMA Day 7
08/05/2011, Woods Hole

Hi everyone, Capt. Jeff here1 We have been doing so incredibly much everyday it's been hard to keep up with the blog! I will try to get the group to write more but by the end of the day we're all pretty tired. We're all pretty excited about sailing into New York City sometime in the next 4-5 days!

MMA Maine to NYC Sailing Adventure Day 6:
This is Jack again and so far we are on day six. Yesterday, underway, we saw a couple whales. It was an amazing sight to see. On the way, we also seat boarded, which was fun. Then we anchored in Province town Cape Cod where we went to the beach. There, we saw crabs, hermit crabs, fish, and ducks. Now we're underway through to Cape Cod Canal and to Onset, MA. Hopefully we get to see more whales on the way there.

Coach here, folks. Wow. So much to say over the last few days. This has been the trip of a lifetime and a trip I myself have needed for my own experiencing of life's lessons and journeys. The highlights you ask? The thing that really got me going was when we headed out to the open Atlantic for the first time. The morning was foggy. Very foggy. Zero percent visibility foggy. I had to sit on the bow keeping an eye peeled for possible obstacles in the way for about 40 minutes as the Boundless motored through the murk at a snail's pace until the fog cleared. To be responsible for success or failure just sitting on the bow and being vigilant was an amazing experience that I could not possibly put into words. I also got to see live whales for the first time in my life which is something I have dreamt of seeing since I was a little boy. The brief glimpses of water thrown through the blowholes of these gorgeous animals took my breath away. I have felt freedom out here. True freedom. The freedom to know that you are doing something meaningful and are truly alive on the planet. The freedom that one can wake up every day excited for what lay ahead and that every singular day is a miracle of nature. It can make a man feel so small and yet so strong and clearheaded all at once. I hope beyond hope that the cadets understand this kind of freedom and the understanding of what is truly and unequivocally important in life. They are helping this ship to run with great enthusiasm and vigor, and we're having a barrel of laughs in the process. Be proud of these. I am. We'll write more very soon. Me and the guys are going to go live some more.

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MMA on the seas!
08/02/2011, Underway from Maine

Ahoy everyone! Capt. Jeff here on board the S/V Boundless! On board with me is a group of students from MMA (Massanutten Military Academy) from Woodstock, Virginia. The group arrived Sunday after a very long day and night of train travel from Virginia to Portland, Maine. After two days of training on board we set off this morning in thick, heavy fog down the Maine coast on our way to New York City. We hope to arrive in NYC in about 7 days from now and spend 3-4 days exploring the city. Along the way we'll make many stops and we hope to be in Cape Ann, Massachusetts this evening. We'll anchor for the night there and all on board are looking forward to the barbecue chicken dinner later this evening. And now, from the rest of the crew...
Greetings from the North Atlantic. This is Coach Wymer and I have to tell you the kids are having the time of their lives so far, even during the training. They've seemed to really take to being a part of the crew and learning what it takes to manage and tame the sea. We've gotten to watch some seals in the past few days, but they've been watching us in return mostly. They were curious of us and a delight to watch how they regarded us. We've even seen a few dolphins but they haven't been seen long so I sadly I couldn't get some pictures of them. We're in whale territory and everyone's keeping watch because seeing a whale is something we are all hopeful for. Plenty of time though. I'll write more later and let the cadets write a bit to you while I stand on the bow and marvel at the expanse in front of us. Wish you all were here!
This is Jack Crawford. So far the trip has been good. In our first destination, Goslings, there were an excessive amount of seals. All of us were taking pictures and since my camera was water proof, I started taking pictures under water. As I lifted my hand out of water I felt my camera snatch off the cord that was around my wrist. I believe that it was a seal that snatched it off. Either that or it just ripped off itself. Next we went to Cliff Island. There, we went to an ice cream shop. In the morning at Cliff Island, it was really foggy, but we still set sail. Now we are underway. Meaning we're on our way to our next destination. I'm really looking forward to going to New York and going to the Broadway show. Until then!
Good evening people! This is Ben Pang on Captain Jeff's Ship! So far it's been pretty fun we saw many creatures that live in the ocean, including seals, dolphins and I am looking forward to see whales in the later days on this ship. Because I am a crippled it was pretty hard for me to walk around the ship and do all other things and try to keep up with others. Except for that, until now it's been quite fine. If you are a male I think you need to look at this, because boys need to sit down while they release nasty stuff which is quite interesting if you have never been on a smaller ship before! If you are planning to come on board with Captain Jeff, I will recommend you to bring lots of sunscreen, as you can tell it has been sunny all day!
Good evening, this is Li. In this morning, we sailed in fog. It's very hard to sail. We began at low speed, and I was a lookout point to help other people find the right way. It should not be left unsaid, the weather is very cold. During the voyage we saw whales for three times, and caught by a storm. Totality be going to says, today's voyage is very successfully. This is the first time I sailed in the sea, is a very exciting trip, and I have learned a lot of things.

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08/05/2011 | Jenny and Liz
Have a great day at Woods Hole today MMA and company. Have fun--but no fair using your new reel in the acquarium, Ben! We miss you--let the adventures continue!
08/06/2011 | Linda Crawford
Sounds like everyone is having a great time. How lucky my Jack is to have had this adventure. The invitation is still open for you all to set sail for Tanzania. There is lots of life in the Indian Ocean also. Enjoy the Atlantic for now!
Last day...
07/18/2011, Portland, ME

Hi its Georgia. Today is our last day so we have to do a big clean and Olivia and I had to clean under the floor and that was full of all of our scraps from the last week and it was really gross, but by far I had an amazing time and I will never forget this TOOTALOO!.. I LOVE MY BEEFAGE BUDDY. ( that's Olivia) Georgia.

Heyy its Olivia again... I had the best time ever on this sailing trip!!!! It was absoulutly positivily the best time of my summer!!! I had an amazing time especially with Abby and Georgia and Mia! I love guys. I can't wait to see my family esp my baby sister Amelia! Ttyl peace and blessings I LOVE YOU MY FAVORTIE BEEFAGE BUDDY:)) (that's Georgia)
Yola its abby again, today was the last day on boundless I really don't want to go. A whole week has gone by and its only felt like a day. Its weird leaving again, but I hope to be back soon. I will miss the boat and everyone on the boat. Bye for now
Another successful adventure on Boundless. The seals at The Gosslings are a high point of any trip to Maine. Great weather with sunny, clear skies followed the boat all week. We are safely anchored in Portland at the Portland Yacht Services Marina. We will be home in our own beds in less than 8 hours and all that will remain from the trip is a lifetime of memories. Thanks Jeff, Liz, and Jenny for everything...see you in the future!

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Fulton School
07/14/2011, Snow Island, Maine

Hi my name is Georgia and I am from the Fulton School at St. Albans, MO. My classmates and I are sailing for a week on Boundless. This is my first time sailing with Different Drum Sailing and having a great time. I LOVE BEEFAGE!!!!!
Hey it's Olivia, and I am having the best time on Boundless!! I wish my family could share this amazing experience with me, because I miss them so so much especially my baby sister!!! I love you guys:)
Hi its Abby, this is my second time on Boundless and am having a great time. I miss my family though, I wish they could come on this adventure with me they would really enjoy this. Bye for now
Hi my name is Robert and I am having a great time on this sailing adventure. I miss my family but I would kinda wish they were here too. TTYL.
Was up it's Jack, I'm having fun on the sailing adventure. I miss my family and wish they were here. Bye forever
Hi my name is Mia; I am one of the sailors in Maine!!! I am having a great time sailing, learning about the boat, cooking, exploring islands, and even sleeping! We have been having some bad storms like last night we had tons of rain!!!! But other than that it has been great outside. Sailing so far has been awesome! And I can't wait till the rest of the week!!! - Mia Schroeder!!! P.S. I miss my mommy, daddy, and Pinga, Emma, Taco & Nacho, and Oliver and Winston (all pets).
We have enjoyed the cool Maine coastal breeze for comfort and cold salty water for swimming. I liked hiking on Jewel Island to the WWII submarine lookout towers. We have made plans each evening for the next day and have made adjustments depending upon the direction of the wind and the time of high or low tides. Places we have visited include Cundy Harbor, Quahog Bay, Cliff Island, Snow Island, Harpswell, a Mica Mine, picked blueberries, dined with lobsters, spaghetti, hamburgers, and birthday cake. Jennifer turned 9 years old yesterday.
I have had a great time on the boat so far. The temperatures have been in the 60's at night and 70's during the day. Jewel Is. was my favorite place because I got to climb up WWII towers that reached above the trees. I could see Halfway Rock and all the islands along the Maine coast. The swimming is cold, but fun. We had kayak races today. I miss you mom and dad! Ryan
Hi the sailing trip has been phenomenal so far but I do miss my family. I have learned so much and I am having a great time toodaloo for now. Elliott

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I’m cool! I’m chewy! I’m fabulous!
07/08/2011, Bath, Maine

Today, we didn't go sailing at all. It was one of the few full days that we ever spend on land. We went to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, Maine and saw the changing of command. Right when we got off the dingy, the band started playing. We thought it was all for us... While at the museum, we took hot showers. HOT SHOWERS. It was great. Leah, Mai, and Myla actually took two hot showers, one in the morning and one at night. For lunch, we went to the Cabin and ate pizza. By the way, Jeff seems to know everyone here. He talked to three people that he knew before we had been on land for five minutes. We all made new friends because of Jeff's social capabilities. We also stocked up on candy at the local candy store and Jenny got on a sugar high. Being with Jenny while she was on a sugar high was a whole new adventure.

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There is just something about spitting cherries over the side…
07/06/2011, Bath, Maine

Hello again from Boundless! Today began with some adventuring around the mainland surrounding the basin. We hiked up to some not-yet-ripe blueberry patches, and found a lot of shiny mica along the way. We headed back to the boat, where we had an early lunch before setting out for Bath. We wanted to reach the mouth of the Kennebec river that Bath is situated on in time for the current to be in our favor, which we did. Our sailing trip consisted of crazy mind games that confused its good share of the crew. And after two long hours of begging for cherries by our youngest member, Jenny, the cherries were brought out and enjoyed by all! It took about two hours to get to that point, and then about another hour to get up the river. We got a good deal of sailing in along the way, which was great, and we even saw a seal as we were getting close to Bath!
Now, we are moored at the city of Bath, Maine. It is a very quaint town and but it has showers! It is raining, though. In a way, we knew it was coming - this morning, we noticed that the barometric pressure had dropped which means a low pressure system is approaching. Tomorrow, we are going to visit the Maritime Museum and take hot showers! Oh how we all cannot wait!

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The Little Girl Who Cried Whale
First Maine group of the summer!
07/05/2011, The Basin

...but more about the whale in a minute. Yesterday, was July 4th, and our first afternoon/evening aboard Boundless. We arrived one by one, first Leah, then Myla, then Mai. Between Myla's flight arriving and Mai's flight arriving, Captain Liz, Jenny, Leah, and Myla had lunch and explored Portland. We went to Mackworth Island, which is home to a host of fairy houses, all made of sticks and stuff. Jenny designed her own, then we had some delicious ice cream before picking Mai up at the airport. Once aboard Boundless, we got accquatinted with the boat and each other, had some delicious hamburgers, and heard some really great fireworks...too bad we never saw them due to Portland's ever present fog. Well, that's a bit of a stretch....
After waking up at a nice and leisurely eight o'clock we ate breakfast and were on the move. We took turns navigating the lobster pot filled water on our way to The Basin. And now... The Whale!! We deviated off course after the spotting of a whale. After setting back on course, being tailed by the coast guard, and nearly running over every lobster pot in Casco Bay we finallt reached The Basin.
Once we reached the Basin, the adventuring begun! Mai and Myla took off to explore the near island. They eventually discovered the island was closed due to an active eagle's nest and went to explore the other shore. Leah chose to stay and relax aboard the Boundless, a rather good idea if I say so myself. Captain Jeff scuba dove in the frigid waters to clean the thousands of barnacles off the bottom of the boat. Jenny and Captain Liz also kayaked to admire Maine's beautiful scenery. After adventuring, we all experienced the trouble of bathing in the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean. We were out of the water in minutes, it was freezing! Our dinner is barbeque chicken tonight and tomorrow night we might have fresh lobster. I think we all have had some new experiences in the last two days...

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