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Different Drum Sailing Adventures
Educational sailing adventures for teens and young adults "Changing lives one adventure at a time"
CELC in the Bahamas!
04/15/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard Boundless! DAY ONE 15 April 2012 Please note - as there will be no internet connection for most of our time aboard, we will be blogging through a radio signal, and will not upload photos until we get back to Nassau on Saturday. Jeff has described some of the week's events: a visit to Allen's Key, home to iguanas that may greet us as we come ashore; snorkeling at a sunken airplane on Norman's Key; and exploring the Exumas. Jeff describes that he is still in awe of these islands, even though he has traveled there for over 15 years.

Below are some first impressions of the CELC crew of students:

Julia: Today we landed of the Boundless! It was so amazing to fly over the ocean and to be able to see the bright blue ocean. I loved walking on the toe rail on the outside of the lifelines. I did it once without getting off and made it all the way around. It is almost bedtime and good night.

Jared: The boat much larger than I thought and there is plenty of food. :)

Jody: After landing, we saw many cool sights when driving to meet Captain Jeff. After going through a list of rules on the Boundless, we had a rather awkward experience talking about the bathroom, and how to use the toilet properly. So far, it has been really fun walking around the boat and seeing a little bit of the Bahamas. I can't wait to sail tomorrow!

Kyle: Today we went through the Nassau, or the land portion anyway. We flew on jet Blue flight 723 and the flight was relatively uneventful. I have yet to fish and am definitely looking forward to fishing and swimming tomorrow. Highlight of the day was getting back into captain Jeff's little dinghy. That was the first day, plus the first night on the boat again should be fun. ,

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04/16/2012 | Patrice
Hi Julia and everyone. I read your comments on the blog. I am glad you had a safe and fun trip so far. Have a wonderful day exploring.
04/16/2012 | Patpat
I just sent an email to boundless. Perhaps this is the better way to communicate?! Lucy fine. 80 degrees in Guilford. Watch out for Nemojj?!

love, pat
04/19/2012 | Auntie Virginia
Sounds like great fun. Wish I was there. I can't wait to see the video. Will you make some conch fritters for me, when you get home?
CBGS in the Bahamas!
04/04/2012, Shroud Cay

Sarah Eacho- King William Hi! This week as been amazing, it is truly a breathtaking experience. We have snorkeled everyday, been captains of the boat, and even played with iguanas. Oh and today I totally climbed up an anchor chain!

Emmanuel Valdez- W&L I have done many once in a live time opportunities. We've snorkeled coral reefs and mangroves, swung around the mast of the boat, and even eaten Bohemian viagra!

Karsten Coates - W&L Underwater camera -- not so waterproof. I'm making memories not photographs :) We've done/seen far too many things to count: sharks, rays, sea turtles, coral reefs, swinging from the main mast, caught and cooked our own dinner (conch), sunsets, sunrises, snorkling, learning to man the boat ourselves, etc. etc. etc. Amazing!

Dr. McGrath We have seen over 25 families of fishes..and have consumed one.

Mrs. Dr. McGrath Beautiful weather, blue calm seas, no where else i would rather be.

Sarah Ipson- Essex this week has been more than amazing. it's been more like a dream. the water is clear and blue and it looks picture perfect from any angle . We've visited and snorkeled at 3 or 4 different coral reefs and they were all beautiful. We've eaten our own dinner straight from the water! (conch and lion fish...yumm), ummmmm i hurt my knee by attempting to get into the dingy on day 4 but its all good :) we've found a new way to shower by jumping off the side of a boat and also using a fresh water well which was pretty cool

Patrick Francis- Essex this week started off with a bang... literally! Since then i have hit my head a total of 44... check that 45. we have bets to see who can guess the total number of times i will hit my head. Other than smacking my head all over the boat, i have had an awesome time snorkeling and catching conch and eaten Bohemian viagra. So far the captain has taken us to 4 dive sites where we have snorkeled reefs. This is only day 4 and there is still lots more fun to have!

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Fulton School Group
03/25/2012, Norman's Cay

Hello everyone, Capt. Jeff here! We've had a great week so far with an awesome crew on board Boundless! The group has seen stingrays, barracuda's, and today we collected 20 conch! We had 5 of the conch for dinner tonight. Good weather, blue skies, able crew and crystal clear's a good trip!

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03/15/2012, Nassau

This is a test from my Airmail email account to see if it gets posted on my sailblog and FB page. Sent 8pm 3/15

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2nd test
03/15/2012, Nassau

2nd and final test from Airmail to Sailblog page and FB page

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SMS in the Bahamas
02/21/2012, Nassau

(Josephine- Sophomore at St. Margaret's- Sailing on Boundless) After leaving Virginia with two feet of snow on the ground at 4:30 Monday morning, the six of us, plus Mrs. Armor and her daughter, flew out of Richmond to Atlanta. In Atlanta we had a three or four hour layover which we spent traveling the concourses, eating, people watching and desperately fighting to stay awake. The flight from Atlanta to Nassau was around an hour and a half, and twenty minutes prior to landing we began to spot islands surrounded by bright blue water. Upon arrival, we were directed through the shockingly simple security procedures of the Nassau airport. Apart from the lighted resort billboards, and moving baggage claim, the airport is absent of the invasive technologies and machines that fill American airports. Instead of sliding our bags through a machine programmed to detect any weapons or items prohibited from entering the country, we were asked the simple question; "Are you carrying any tobacco, weapons, or fresh fruit?" and with that we were sent on our way. Much to the native limousine driver's dismay we took a taxicab to where Mr. Armor had parked the "dingy", the small launch that would take us to the anchored 46 foot sailboat. The taxi driver took us through the streets of Nassau which despite the Hilton resort and the luxury retailers quite resembles a third world country. We met Mr. Armor at the launch and from there piled our bags and sailed out to the middle of the harbor where the boat was anchored. After boarding, we set down our bags and had lunch, while going over some of the basics of the boat. We then unanchored ourselves, pulled up the dingy and set sail out of the harbor to a less crowded location. After about an hour of sailing we anchored across from Rose island. After much needed power naps, and a dinner of hamburgers, macaroni and cheese and fruit we played "the envelope game" (a typical getting to know each game involving basic questions) and settled down for bed at around eight. As for sleeping locations, no one seemed to be feeling the crowded "V birth" so Caroline and Abbie packed into the corner cushions along the table with Hannah across from them on the cushioned bench and Grace, Thea and I opted for the cockpit. After a 7 o'clock wakeup call, we all changed, put away pillows, sheets, sleepbags, and our luggage and sat down to a breakfast of cereal and instant hot chocolate. We then had our morning cockpit meeting, going over statistics for the day such as wind conditions and battery usage. Shortly after we checked the oil, started the engine and set sail. As of now, we are sailing to the Exumas with Hannah steering, Thea and Abbie preparing lunch and Caroline and Grace on Deck.

Capt. Jeff here! The group arrived excited but VERY tired after going to bed at 1am and up at 4am to catch the plane. We are on one of our longer passages for the week heading for Norman's Cay. There we'll snorkel on a coral reef and a sunken airplane! I think everyone's looking forward to another great night of sleep and hopefully, by tomorrow, everyone will be feeling like themselves again. I'm hoping to spear some fish and lobster while at Normans's to supplement dinner! The weather looks great for this week although some light winds may have us motoring more than sailing. All for now....Capt. Jeff

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Day 5
02/21/2012, Nassau

Hey I'm Grace Berling from St. Margarets School in Tappahannock Virginia. We are in the Exumas right now heading towards Normans Key, and its really hot. The plans for the day is we are snorkeling through a sunken airplane owned by Carlos Lator.

Hey I'm Caroline King also from St. Margarets School. Right now were sailing in the Exumas, heading to Normans Key. When we get there were going to snorkel through a sunken airplane owned by the drug lord, Carlos Lator. Last night we ate out a the Stanel Cay Yacht Club for dinner.

Hey, I'm Hannah Gibian from St. Margaret's School sailing on Boundless through the Exumas. Today the weather is absolutely beautiful and we are headed to Norman's Key. We are planning on snorkeling and catching conch and lobsters for dinner.

Hey I'm Abbie Pearce from St. Margaret's School in Tappahannock, Virginia. We are heading to Norman's Key today and the weather is amazing. We are going to snorkel through a sunken plane and catch lobsters.

Hey, i'm Thea Suttle from St.Margarets School in Tappahannock Virginia it is so hot today we have spent half of the day chilling in the boat,not tanning as we would be on cooler days.

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02/27/2012 | Sherry Nist
So, may I go next time?! Awesome girls! Hope no one has become a lobster but hope you all are eating LOTS of lobsters!
Test from Green Parrot
02/17/2012, Nassau

COMMAND1: COMMAND2: DATE: 2/19/2012 TITLE: This is a test remote post LOCATION: My Office AUTHOR: Tim Harincar BODY: This is a test of the remote processor. If all goes well, this message will appear in my weblog very shortly.

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02/20/2012 | Rick Kahler
I have posted a link to your blog on the MiniMester page. Have a great trip.
02/21/2012 | Sue Gibian
Captain Jeff and SMS Crew,
Have a fabulous adventure!
SMS arrives tomorrow!
02/17/2012, Nassau

Boundless is stocked with ten days of food! The freezer is packed, fruit is hanging from nets and all I need now is 6 students. It's going to be a great week!

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One more test...
02/17/2012, Nassau

I'm testing this link to Sailblogs to see if it shows up on my Facebook page...

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02/17/2012, Nassau

Sitting at the Green Parrot restaurant in Nassau watching the sun go down over the harbor. Time to dinghy back to Boundless before dark. Last night a band played the loudest, worst music I've ever heard until 4 am! I couldn't sleep even with headphones on listening to better music. It will be nice to get out of Nassau tomorrow with the group from SMS on board!!!

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MMA Day 7
08/06/2011, Point Judith, RI

Coach here. Day 7 is here and we are currently anchored along the water breaks outside of Point Judith, Rhode Island. We've been sailing and touring the coast pretty hard the past few days, so we're anchored here remaining on the boat just to relax and recharge. Chili is being made right now so I'm personally rather excited. We had left Woods Hole, RI after a big day of touring the oceanographic research facilities there yesterday evening. Pretty fascinating place. The Woods Hole Institute are the people responsible for finding the wreckage of the Titanic, as well as further developing deep sea exploration in addition to leading and researching ocean conservation efforts. If you're looking to donate to make the world a better place, the institute at Woods Hole is a good way to go. The kids got to see and learn more about what it takes to make sure that the animals and creatures that inhabit the ocean as well as the sea itself will be here on the Earth for decades and centuries after we all are gone. Today was not without its challenges though. We finally got our first patch of rougher weather with some pretty good choppy waves for the 8 hours we were at sea today. There is some heavier rain on the horizon which is why we are docked and anchored. We are fine and the kids are doing amazing so worry not. We are in good hands out here and are pretty confident that we can take care of ourselves too. We've put so much ocean behind us and yet, it didn't feel like a lot at all! I can see why some people marry themselves to the sea. It can be invigorating to say the least. Well, dinner is ready so I must be going. I'll write more soon and before we know it, we'll be in NYC. It's going by so fast! Wish you all were here!

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08/07/2011 | Jacob Pang
Hi Ben, we have tried to contact you. Only today we saw this blog. Nice to know you all enjoyed the trip and are safe. Keep in touch!
08/07/2011 | Linda Crawford
Hi Jack and all of your ship mates. Sounds like the fun continues. Hopefully today's weather is not such a downer. The chili should keep all of you warm inside and a happy glow. Will there ever be photos of the voyage? Talk with you soon. Let me know about being a land lubber again while in NY. Love, Mom

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