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Different Drum Sailing Adventures
Educational sailing adventures for teens and young adults "Changing lives one adventure at a time"
First day
Capt. Jeff
02/16/2013, Coral Harbour

Good evening, from the Bahamas, we are are having a whole bunch of fun and we haven't even started the best part of the Bahamas. If you are reading this you should pack your bags and get to the best part of the Bahamas. My crew captain is the best captain you can have because he is absolutely hilarious and he teaches us the most important things about sailing, snorkeling, and how to conserve water and at the longest we could live on the boat for 6 months! When we got here we went kayaking and saw the most beautiful octopuses ever. The sigh the nature is amazing here in the Bahamas so please come and see the and talk to the nicest people. The bananas and fruit tastes extremely fresh and yummy. So if you want a lot of fun and beauty than this is the best place to go for that. Thank you for reading my little summary for the first day here. By: Joel Thompkins

Hey everyone, Capt. Jeff here! Looks like we have a great group on board and the week is guaranteed to be full of laughter! We have an early 6am start tomorrow with a long travel day to get to the Exuma islands where we'll spend the rest of the week. The group should have lots to write tomorrow night. All for now...Capt. Jeff

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02/17/2013 | Todd
So happy to hear that th FRA group has made it safely to the Bahamas. I can assure you that it will be a week of laughs with that group. Good night and safe sailing in the days that follow. Enjoy the moment, take it all in, and embrace this adventure.
02/17/2013 | Paula Abrinko
I am so happy to hear from you and that all is well, I knew it would be. I wish with all my heart that I was there!!!!! Tell Jenny I am watching Revenge and it is a good one and tell Audrey I love her and I hope she got sun screen. Have fun, learn a lot and be safe!!! Thanks Capt. Jeff for teaching my kids!!! Thanks Mrs. Stanford for taking them. I love the Bahamas!!!! There is no better shade of blue!!!! I love you Jenny and Audrey... Mom!
Upload test
Capt. Jeff
02/16/2013, Coral Harbour

Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've updated my sailblog site so, I'm sending a test message to see if everything's working. I'm on Boundless in the Bahamas, Coral Harbour, waiting for a group from Forest Ridge Academy to arrive tomorrow! Should be a great trip and I'm looking forward to having students aboard! All for now...Capt. Jeff

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02/17/2013 | Todd Stanford
It's up and working. Good deal. The FRA group is getting on the plane from Texas as I write this message. Safe travels to all. Keep us all up to date on all of your adventures. God bless, and safe sailing.
02/17/2013 | Jeff
Great Todd! I'll be leaving the boat shortly to meet them at the airport. Can't wait to have everyone on board and begin our adventure! We'll do our best doing daily blogs...
Offshore from Nassau to Morehead, NC
04/28/2012, Underway

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to do updates along the way but have been busy running Boundless and keeping a watch for big ships! All is well and it's been a fairly smooth passage thus far. I should be in Morehead, NC around 0730 Sunday morning. Message for Courtney::::Your mom and dad say 'hi" and are doing well although they're lacking in some sleep these days! We will be in cell phone range early tomorrow morning and will most likely call. We may be back at the Coan River Marina by Wednesday or Thursday if the weather holds for us. Everyone else...our next trips aboard Boundless will be Virginia to NYC, NYC to Maine and Maine trips through August. If you or your school is interested in one of our summer trips, get in touch now to reserve a bunk on Boundless! Later...Capt. Jeff

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CELC has left :(
04/21/2012, Nassau

Welcome home CELC! Boundless seems and feels awfully empty without you! What a great trip we all had and what great adventures we shared. I hope you're enjoying unlimited water usage and a long, hot shower now that you're in the land of plenty. I will be emailing you once I get an internet connection when I go ashore tomorrow. I've stayed on Boundless most of the day due the storms that came into the anchorage early this afternoon. I think I may have worked out the blog reply issue we had during the week and if someone can respond to this blog entry, I'll know if I've gotten it fixed or not. Thank you parents for sending your sons/daughters to us and allowing them to experience life aboard Boundless in the Bahamas. We appreciate your trust. All for now. Take care everyone and remember...stay with your snorkel buddy! Capt. Jeff

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04/21/2012 | Julia Farquharson
Hey capt. We miss you too. I still dont have my land legs yet.
04/21/2012 | Adriana
I miss u 2! when I close my eyes I feel that I am still on the boat. took a nice shower but didn't waste much water capt. it's going to take me a while to readjust. thanks a lot for your companionship. love, a. :-)
CELC Day 5
04/17/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard Boundless! Day 5 19 April 2012

Jody: Today was a great day. We snorkeled in Octopus's Garden, which is a ironic name because there weren't any octopi... During the time snorkeling, I saw a huge barracuda and it freaked out Julia. Then we went to an amazing beach where we played frisbee. We then ventured back to Boundless, and I jumped off the bow this many times (you can't see my hands , but they are changing numbers constantly...). When I was in the water, a shark swam under me, and I named it Sharky. It was a very good day and I can't wait to sleep (dot, dot, dot ----> ... ) The End.

Julia: Today was an amazing day. I saw a 3 foot barracuda and totally freaked me out. I almost tore off Jody's arm, who was my snorkel buddy, because I got scared. The barracuda was called a great barracuda. We brought the dingy to the top of the reef, and the current pulled us to the end of it. Then reef was very alive - there were lots of different corals. One looked like a brain, another was purple. I found barrel coral - it was deep blue and barrel-shaped. Jeff let us get hoisted up on the mast while sitting in a harness. I could see everything below me from up there. I got to swing from one end of the mast the other, between the rigging lines. It was fun, but scary. We are having pizza for dinner. Cant wait!

Kyle: 4/19/12 Today we slept in and I woke up with a bad cough. First we took part in a navigation class, and then sailed to an island that looked exactly like Allen"s Cay, the place with the iguanas. We did a drift dive at a reef called "octopus garden reef". A drift dive is when you are dropped off at the top of the reef and the current carries you downstream, where the dingy picks you up again. It was the most alive coral we have seen all week. There were tons of vibrant colors, fan corals, and thousands of fish. We went to a long beach, where we played frisbee. I just ate my first spiny lobster (that we caught yesterday), and it was delicious. We are making pizza for dinner, and I am hungry. Julia just caught her first fish while fishing off the boat - it was a conch shell!

Jared: Today I was very tired. I was tired because Jody kicked me out of my bed and made me sleep on the couch. Jeff gave us a very interesting lesson on sea navigation, using parallel rules and lots of complicated numbers, and maps, and what-not. We learned how to chart a course using said devices. I saw a nurse shark that swam underneath the boat. First I thought it was a ray, but then Jeff confirmed that it was a nurse shark. We snorkeled on a pretty reef. There was a barracuda that yawned at me - it had lots of teeth.

CELC crew is taking on more and more responsibility on the boat. Students are steering, navigating, raising and lowering anchor, raisng and lowering sails, cooking, and taking on their boat chores each day. We would like to continue on, yet tomorrow we make our way back to Nassau, and then homeward bound. After being out in these remote islands, with tropical breezes, white sand beaches, blue waters everywhere we look, undersea worlds of colorful and exotic marine life, and brilliant night skies that are filled with stars, we are hesitant to re-enter the land-lubbers way-of-life! Yet - with new skills, perspective, and suntans, traveling and adventure are gifts that expand our life's journey's. HAZAH!

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04/19/2012 | Susan Brown
Sounds lile this life agrees with the whole lot of you. Have a great last day at sea!
04/19/2012 | Patrice
Julia we are glad to hear you are doing chores!
Enjoy your last day on the water tomorrow. Auntie Jean called to see how you are doing. Everyone is hoping you are having a great time.
Love, Mommy
04/19/2012 | lucy smith
jody, youre crazy. dad read about "Sharky" and he was terrified. haha. he says, "lets send our daughter who weighs 80 pounds into an ocean with sharky! haha, but really, it was funny. i hope everyones having fun. love you.
04/19/2012 | Patpat
Dear Jody, Sharky and Eegwee, huh... How about Barry the Baracuda just for good measure?! Remember the baracuda we saw in St. John? What is it with you and predatory fish anyway. We'll, at least you're having fun! Lol, Dadski,
PS. Lucy and I went to Titanic, no fish on that boat...!
04/20/2012 | Lois Alcosser
Reading your messages about the trip is more exciting than an action movie! Nurse sharks and toothsome great barracudas! Are there Doctor sharks as well?The descriptions of coral are splendid. Good nature writing! Have a safe, happy trip home. And leave the sharks in the Bahamas!
Much love, Melinda's Mom & Jody's Grandma
04/20/2012 | Patpat
RRRrrrrrr, it'll be Greaat to see ya soooon, RRRrrrr. lol, kiss the riing, from sea to sky. RRRrrrrrr!!
CELC at Normans Cay
04/17/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard Boundless! Day 4 18 April 2012

Julia: Today we woke up in Allen's Cay. I sleep in the cockpit and so when I wake up I see the sea. When we see the sea it had multiple shades of blue. Its nothing like the water in CT, it's much bluer. We sailed to Norman's Cay. There was a plane wreck off of Norman's Cay about 30 yrs ago. We swam in and out of the wreckage plane. It was covered in coral and a bunch of fish live in it now. Groups of fish were following us and coming close enough for us to touch. We went to a coral reef, and while me and Jody were swimming, we found us face to face to a baby great barracuda and I got really scarred!

Kyle: 4/18/12 today we sailed to Norman's Cay and immediately got in the dingy. I drove the dingy a mile or two to a reef called "the refrigerator". the "fridge" is called that because it has tons of great eating fish. The conch shell grounds were only 400 yards away, and we dove for them for an hour or so. We skinned them and ate conch fritters for dinner. We also dove on a sunken DC 3 with scrap metal all around.

Jody: After arriving at Norman's Cay, we took the dingy to a reef called "the refrigerator". I was swam right next to a barracuda. We where looking for conch shells and we found almost 20. The coral was absolutely amazing, There where many colors and the fish were bright and colorful. After seeing the reefs and looking for conch shells, we went to a sunken airplane, and I was swimming around and through it. It was very fun.

Jared: I saw lots of things today. For example, several vary large barracuda. It was silver with blue dots. We found a total of 19 conch and Jeff showed us how to clean and prepare them, we ate them for dinner. They were goooood. I brought my video camera so everything is on tape.

A grand day ... everyone is doing an amazing job as crew, trying new things, and taking it all in. We are seeing uninhabited islands, snorkeling o'plenty, and having a glorious adventure. We will now have some more food - tacos and music night tonight. M- please let Duncan know that we are 'keeping our halyards tight' and sending LOTS of love.

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04/18/2012 | Patrice
Hi Julia. Swimming with the barracudas and exploring the sunken plane must have been so cool. Have a good night sleep. Enjoy every minute! Love, Mommy
04/18/2012 | Patrice
Hi Julia. Swimming with the barracudas and exploring the sunken plane must have been so cool. Have a good night sleep. Enjoy every minute! Love, Mommy
04/18/2012 | Lois Alcosser
Well, conch fritters sound better than sushi!
Am so glad you're all having such a wonderful outdoor-on-the-sea adventure. I'm a landlubber, I guess because today I planted an herb garden in a container. Much love,
04/18/2012 | Elena
Hi Julia its Elena. I miss you a little. Hope you had fun seeing the iguanas. Were they slimey?Here in CT, Toni came over yesterday and she slept in the tent with me in the backyard. She stayed all day today even till rehearsal. But when mommy brought PJ's dinner mommy had to take her home. Rehearsal was fun today because Lara got an assistant director named Kristina. I get to carry you in the play with PJ it's so fun. Me and daddy went bike riding yeterday and today. From the parking lot next to Bradley Point to Chicks. And when we got to Chicks we went on the skate park and went up and down the ramps on our bikes. I go to Caroles but sometimes i dont. Pj is in the play. He is Jack. He's my best friend in the play!
From Elena
04/19/2012 | Robin Pesapane
Hi Julia, It sounds like your having a great time.It looks beautiful there ,I hope you are taking alot of pictures to show me.Stacy said hi. I miss you Ican not wait to hear all about your trip,See you soon Robin
04/19/2012 | Elena Farquharson
Hi Julia,
Whats up . I'm at mommy's work. I hope your having a good time. Stacey said hi too.
04/19/2012 | Susan Brown
Hi Jared,
I stopped at Mimi and Grampi's last night and showed them a copy of the blog. They were very impressed and excited for you. Conch fritters sound delicious. Don't upset the barracudas, they have sharp teeth. :)
Love, Mom
CELC Day 4
04/17/2012, Shroud Cay

Capt. Jeff here! We're all having a great time and everything, including weather is wonderful. It does seem though that our blogs are getting to CELC families but for some reason we are unable to read your comments :( This may be an issue we'll be unable to fix until we're back in the land of internet! (These messages are being sent over a long distance SSB radio. While we can send/receive email, we cannot surf the net or view web pages). We will be able to read your comments once we arrive back in Nassau sometime Friday. Until then, you can email your comments to [email protected] and we will get them! Please send text only messages and do not include pictures as we will not be able to receive them over our radio connection...thanks. Yesterday we snorkeled coral reefs, saw fish, a shark sucker (Ramora)), barracuda, and had barbecue chicken for dinner. No sunburn so far and everyone's healthy and happy! Today we're snorkeling a sunken airplane and collecting conch for dinner. All the best....Jeff

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04/18/2012 | Libby Wilson
"Sailing, sailing over the bounding (boundless?) main..." Has there been any talk of mutiny and staying forever in the Bahamas? Henry tied himself to the ship last year and refused to leave!

Sounds like another AMAZING CELC adventure.

CELC Day 3
04/17/2012, Shroud Cay

Today's quote of the day: We are not out here to rough it. We're here to smooth it. Things are rough enough in town. - Nessmuk

Julia: This morning Kyle put the fishing line into the water, and 2 seconds later a a sucker fish latched on. We all thought it was shark. A sucker fish is a fish that cleans sharks and Iooks like a shark too. We also went to an island where there were, it seemed like, a hundred iguanas. We snorkeled before we fished, and I almost swam right into the coral. The coral was very tall, fuzzy, and came in a variety of shapes. I also found a really pretty rainbow fish that was blue on top, and dim colors all over the body, a very sharp tail, and pink lips. Today was an amazing day.

Kyle: 4/17/12 at 7:15 in the morning a remora lached itself onto the boat. I then tested out my green shrimp lure and did not know that the remora was there. In less than 30 seconds, I had my first bite. It took three bites for the remora to get hooked. The two and a half foot long fish fought for about 7 or 8 minutes before Jeff swung him aboard, I took out the hook and tossed him back in the water and he swam away freely. Cool start to the day.

Jared: We went to this island with some vary friendly iguanas. As soon as we got onto the island, many, many iguanas came out of the scrub grasses to greet us. Jeff said if we got a coconut from the one and only coconut tree on this island, he would buy us dinner. Kyle was very determined and got one with a rock. Jeff then denied ever saying anything. I saw a barracuda in a reef while snorkeling .It was long and had a big mouth. I did not see the teeth. Kyle caught a sucker fish off of the boat and then we let it go. This was an exciting day.

Jody: This morning started out very exciting when Kyle caught a sucker fish. When we where snorkeling, I saw so many colorful fish and coral. I never wanted to leave the water. We went to an island that was inhabited by iguanas and one coconut tree. The iguanas where very interesting looking. They had long tails, were fat, and had green and brown bodies. One of them kept following me but Jeff showed me a way to make it go away without hurting it or scaring it too much, by walking towards it quickly. Even thought we weren't there for that long, I found a favorite iguana that I named Eegwee.

Capt. Jeff here! Great group and a great trip! We are unsure if our "blog" is getting out as we've not had any responses from parents. If you have responded to the blog during the past few days, could you also send us an email at [email protected]? We don't know if there's an issue with the blog site and don't know if some of you have written responses we haven't received. Also, let us know if you're able to see out location on the Google Map on the blog site...thanks!

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04/17/2012 | Patrice
Hello Everyone. Thank you for sharing your exciting day. Julia, Mike is tracking your locations and we have looked up the information. I can picture you on the island with the Iguanas. Mike said you cannot take one home! Everyone says hello. Have a good nights sleep. Love, Mommy
04/18/2012 | Irmgard
Hi Everyone!
Makes me want to be there with you. Kyle, you must have been thrilled with your early morning catch! The last two days in CT felt like July - very hot but not humid. Take lots of pictures and enjoy every moment of your amazing trip!
Love, Mom
04/18/2012 | Bruce
Hi Jared,
Sounds like everyone is having a great time. Hope the weather stays good and don't let the barracuda bite. You'll have to show me the video when you get back.
Uncle Bruce
CELC Day 2
04/16/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard BOUNDLESS! Day 2 16 April, 2012

Quote of the day (as read by Captain Jeff):

If once you've slept on a boat You'll never be quite the same You may look as you looked the day before And go by the same old name. You may bustle about in street and shop You may sit at home and sew But you see blue water and wheeling gulls Wherever you feet may go. You may chat with the neighbors of this and that And close to your fire keep But you'll hear the ship whistle and lighthouse bell And tides beat through your sleep. Oh, you won't know why, and you can't say how Such a change upon you came But once you've slept on a boat You'll never be quite the same.

A travel day. Sailing about 6 hours out of Nassau to Ship Channel Key in the Exumas. The wind was coming from the east, toward us the whole while. Lots of wind, waves, and more wind and waves ... and then we snorkeled! All had a chance to steer the boat today and are learning all that is needed to pilot this fine vessel! Some notes from the crew:

Julia: Wow! Today was an amazing day. We went traveling for over six hours on waves 6 feet each. Jared and I fell asleep downstairs during the traveling. We went snorkeling and speared a lion fish. Lion fish are extremely venomous and are not native to the Bahamas and can kill a coral reef in 3 weeks tops. I enjoyed snorkeling so much and the water here is beautiful. I really miss my family.

Jody: Today was absolutely amazing. Our 7 hour trip to get here was worth it. During that trip, it was like a game. When the coral heads where near us, they where like the "danger zones" and if we touched them it would probably be the end of the trip...or game. My first time steering the boat Around the coral heads was challenging, but after we knew how to spot them, it was fun. Snorkeling was amazing. I love swimming over the coral and seeing all the fish. I can't wait for the next island we go to.

Jared: The water is warmer than most pools. I love the fish; the whole thing looks like a aquarium. Jeff speared a lion fish, it was pretty cool.

Kyle: Today we set sail at 7 in the morning and sailed for 7 and a half hours. When we got to our destination, we swam and snorkeled for two hours. If was very fun to snorkel and wear my wet suit for the first time. Jeff also introduced his spear gun to a loin fish and killed this invasive and highly venomous fish.

please do comment back to the CELC crew - they'd love to hear from you as you read of these adventures.

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04/16/2012 | Patrice
So glad to hear you had a great day. Your adventure sounds terrific. PJ has joined the cast of our play. Jacob says hello and everyone misses you Julia. Get a great night's sleep.
PS. Elena set up the tent in the backyard. She wants to feel like she is on vacation too!
Love, Mommy
04/16/2012 | Lois Alcosser
Hello, everyone! It's exciting to read your comments. Makes me feel I'm with you. Just continue being happy, learniung all about sailing and enjoying sky, sun & sea!
Much love to you all.
Jody's Grandma/Melinda's Mom
04/16/2012 | Chris
Hi, It all sounds fantastic! Have a wonderful time and a safe trip. With love to all, Chris
04/16/2012 | Eric & Susan Brown
That does sound pretty cool! So what happens to the Lion fish once it's speared? Was it dinner for the crew or thrown back into the ocean as dinner for the other fish? Snorkeling sounds wonderful. Stay safe and enjoy. Love from all!
04/16/2012 | Brenda Payne
So glad you get to go snorkeling! One of our favorite pastimes in warm waters! Such an amazing adventure and opportunity. Enjoy!
Love Brenda
04/17/2012 | Lucy Smith
Hey guys! I miss you Jody and Mom. I'm so jealous of what you've seen! it sounds amazing. Take lots of pictures and stay safe everybody. Love you Jody and Mommy.
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CELC in the Bahamas!
04/15/2012, Shroud Cay

CELC Aboard Boundless! DAY ONE 15 April 2012 Please note - as there will be no internet connection for most of our time aboard, we will be blogging through a radio signal, and will not upload photos until we get back to Nassau on Saturday. Jeff has described some of the week's events: a visit to Allen's Key, home to iguanas that may greet us as we come ashore; snorkeling at a sunken airplane on Norman's Key; and exploring the Exumas. Jeff describes that he is still in awe of these islands, even though he has traveled there for over 15 years.

Below are some first impressions of the CELC crew of students:

Julia: Today we landed of the Boundless! It was so amazing to fly over the ocean and to be able to see the bright blue ocean. I loved walking on the toe rail on the outside of the lifelines. I did it once without getting off and made it all the way around. It is almost bedtime and good night.

Jared: The boat much larger than I thought and there is plenty of food. :)

Jody: After landing, we saw many cool sights when driving to meet Captain Jeff. After going through a list of rules on the Boundless, we had a rather awkward experience talking about the bathroom, and how to use the toilet properly. So far, it has been really fun walking around the boat and seeing a little bit of the Bahamas. I can't wait to sail tomorrow!

Kyle: Today we went through the Nassau, or the land portion anyway. We flew on jet Blue flight 723 and the flight was relatively uneventful. I have yet to fish and am definitely looking forward to fishing and swimming tomorrow. Highlight of the day was getting back into captain Jeff's little dinghy. That was the first day, plus the first night on the boat again should be fun. ,

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04/16/2012 | Patrice
Hi Julia and everyone. I read your comments on the blog. I am glad you had a safe and fun trip so far. Have a wonderful day exploring.
04/16/2012 | Patpat
I just sent an email to boundless. Perhaps this is the better way to communicate?! Lucy fine. 80 degrees in Guilford. Watch out for Nemojj?!

love, pat
04/19/2012 | Auntie Virginia
Sounds like great fun. Wish I was there. I can't wait to see the video. Will you make some conch fritters for me, when you get home?
CBGS in the Bahamas!
04/04/2012, Shroud Cay

Sarah Eacho- King William Hi! This week as been amazing, it is truly a breathtaking experience. We have snorkeled everyday, been captains of the boat, and even played with iguanas. Oh and today I totally climbed up an anchor chain!

Emmanuel Valdez- W&L I have done many once in a live time opportunities. We've snorkeled coral reefs and mangroves, swung around the mast of the boat, and even eaten Bohemian viagra!

Karsten Coates - W&L Underwater camera -- not so waterproof. I'm making memories not photographs :) We've done/seen far too many things to count: sharks, rays, sea turtles, coral reefs, swinging from the main mast, caught and cooked our own dinner (conch), sunsets, sunrises, snorkling, learning to man the boat ourselves, etc. etc. etc. Amazing!

Dr. McGrath We have seen over 25 families of fishes..and have consumed one.

Mrs. Dr. McGrath Beautiful weather, blue calm seas, no where else i would rather be.

Sarah Ipson- Essex this week has been more than amazing. it's been more like a dream. the water is clear and blue and it looks picture perfect from any angle . We've visited and snorkeled at 3 or 4 different coral reefs and they were all beautiful. We've eaten our own dinner straight from the water! (conch and lion fish...yumm), ummmmm i hurt my knee by attempting to get into the dingy on day 4 but its all good :) we've found a new way to shower by jumping off the side of a boat and also using a fresh water well which was pretty cool

Patrick Francis- Essex this week started off with a bang... literally! Since then i have hit my head a total of 44... check that 45. we have bets to see who can guess the total number of times i will hit my head. Other than smacking my head all over the boat, i have had an awesome time snorkeling and catching conch and eaten Bohemian viagra. So far the captain has taken us to 4 dive sites where we have snorkeled reefs. This is only day 4 and there is still lots more fun to have!

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Fulton School Group
03/25/2012, Norman's Cay

Hello everyone, Capt. Jeff here! We've had a great week so far with an awesome crew on board Boundless! The group has seen stingrays, barracuda's, and today we collected 20 conch! We had 5 of the conch for dinner tonight. Good weather, blue skies, able crew and crystal clear's a good trip!

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