Debi and Jack sailing on SV Iroquois

Vessel Name: Iroquois
Vessel Make/Model: Ohlson38
Crew: Jack Markin, Debi Dennis
25 February 2018 | 19 0.75'N:067 14.1'W
23 February 2018 | Charlotte Amalie St Thomas USVI
18 February 2018
15 February 2018
09 February 2018 | St Thomas USVI
05 February 2018
29 January 2018 | Prickly Pear Island Virgin Gorda
26 January 2018 | Virgin Gorda
24 January 2018 | Sint Maarten
23 January 2018 | Simpsons Bay St Maarten
20 January 2018 | Basseterre St Kitts
18 January 2018 | Nevis
14 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
10 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
09 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
08 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
02 January 2018 | 17 0.9'N:049 39.3'W
01 January 2018 | 16 59.072'N:047 57.288'W
31 December 2017 | 18 13.02'N:046 19.3'W
30 December 2017 | 19 01.661'N:041 58.3'W
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25 February 2018 | 19 0.75'N:067 14.1'W

Passage to Bahamas

Alls well. Day 1 was about as we expected, 3-4m swell, 20-25kt wind, occasional squalls only one of which required all hands on deck. We've been sailing with double or triple reefed main and full jib. We expect more of the same for the next day or so. Near Puerto Rico we passed a container ship and a cruise ship otherwise haven't seen anything. The radio is quiet.

23 February 2018 | Charlotte Amalie St Thomas USVI

Leaving the virgins

We came back to St Thomas to reprovision yesterday. The plan is to leave tomorrow morning for the Bahamas, probably Georgetown. It's a 4-6 day trip depending on which forecast you believe. We will try to blog daily.

18 February 2018

Maho Bay, St John USVI

Every evening and every morning here I listen to the birdsong from the nearby forest. I wonder if these are the same birds I listen to at home in Wisconsin. Do songbirds migrate this far? The sound comforts me as do the smells of the forest. Even though you can see the hurricane damage there is a lot [...]

15 February 2018

St John USVI

After studying the weather for the next 10 days we decided to go back to the BVI for a while and hope the Christmas winds will moderate soon. But after motoring upwind a couple of hours we couldn't help but notice the empty mooring fields along the north shore of St John, so we pulled in and picked one [...]

09 February 2018 | St Thomas USVI

St Thomas

We would have stayed at Nanny Cay for a week but they needed the space for catamarans. They have only a few slips open but were feverishly installing new pontoons while we were there. We learned about 'boat vultures ' there. We had seen these people before who buy up damaged yachts then flip them for [...]

05 February 2018


We spent a week on Virgin Gorda that went by very quickly. The North Sound is beautiful and practically empty. We moored off of Prickly Pear Island for free, not sure who the moorings belong to but I think it's the beach bar, which a few people were working on-- sifting through rubble, stacking and burning [...]


27 December 2017 | 20 38.5'N:38 48.3'W
We figure that with 1344 of 2606 nautical miles left to go we are close to halfway. The wind is definitely slacking off so we'll soon be raising more sail. But the sun is out and it is definitely getting much warmer. We went through the foodstuffs this morning and threw overboard one squash, one sweet potato, one banana. We are feeling quite happy with our provisioning and haven't wasted much food at all. Next up for consumption are zucchini. We have one green tomato left and three mangos which aren't quite ripe, lots of oranges and grapefruits, cucumbers, carrots and apples as well as potatoes and squash and a few more bananas. We're loving the canned tuna from Spain and Portugal. It's hard to believe there can be such a difference, but it's really good. We don't love the canned squid in tomato sauce quite as much. We are just about to finish the bread we bought at the Saturday market in San Sebastian. It's super dense baltic type and has been long lasting and delicious. The bird came back again but no more fish have jumped aboard. We are surprised at how few animals we've seen.
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