Debi and Jack sailing on SV Iroquois

Vessel Name: Iroquois
Vessel Make/Model: Ohlson38
Crew: Jack Markin, Debi Dennis
18 February 2018
15 February 2018
09 February 2018 | St Thomas USVI
05 February 2018
29 January 2018 | Prickly Pear Island Virgin Gorda
26 January 2018 | Virgin Gorda
24 January 2018 | Sint Maarten
23 January 2018 | Simpsons Bay St Maarten
20 January 2018 | Basseterre St Kitts
18 January 2018 | Nevis
14 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
10 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
09 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
08 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
02 January 2018 | 17 0.9'N:049 39.3'W
01 January 2018 | 16 59.072'N:047 57.288'W
31 December 2017 | 18 13.02'N:046 19.3'W
30 December 2017 | 19 01.661'N:041 58.3'W
29 December 2017 | 19 01.661'N:041 58.3'W
28 December 2017 | 19 55.955'N:040 34.978'W
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18 February 2018

Maho Bay, St John USVI

Every evening and every morning here I listen to the birdsong from the nearby forest. I wonder if these are the same birds I listen to at home in Wisconsin. Do songbirds migrate this far? The sound comforts me as do the smells of the forest. Even though you can see the hurricane damage there is a lot [...]

15 February 2018

St John USVI

After studying the weather for the next 10 days we decided to go back to the BVI for a while and hope the Christmas winds will moderate soon. But after motoring upwind a couple of hours we couldn't help but notice the empty mooring fields along the north shore of St John, so we pulled in and picked one [...]

09 February 2018 | St Thomas USVI

St Thomas

We would have stayed at Nanny Cay for a week but they needed the space for catamarans. They have only a few slips open but were feverishly installing new pontoons while we were there. We learned about 'boat vultures ' there. We had seen these people before who buy up damaged yachts then flip them for [...]

05 February 2018


We spent a week on Virgin Gorda that went by very quickly. The North Sound is beautiful and practically empty. We moored off of Prickly Pear Island for free, not sure who the moorings belong to but I think it's the beach bar, which a few people were working on-- sifting through rubble, stacking and burning [...]

29 January 2018 | Prickly Pear Island Virgin Gorda

Three Day Blow

We are still on a mooring here off of Prickly Pear Island in the north sound of Virgin Gorda. There used to be a beach bar here and apparently the moorings were for it, so until it's rebuilt they seem to be available. We went in to the small beach yesterday and picnicked with our friends from Snowstar. The beach ends in a steep very rough hillside on one end and a short ways down at the wreckage of the bar/restaurant so you can't walk far but there are quite a few plastic chairs that are in good enough condition that you can sit in them. Someone has made piles here and there of burnable trash like roof beams and such and other piles of plastic. There's also a full trash bag which can hopefully get picked up before it blows or washes away. We picked up some plastic and coke cans we found on the way and added them to the trash bag. We had a nice picnic lunch and went for a refreshing swim then came back to the boat for some reading, guitar playing and drawing time. It's still very windy (20-30kts) but we're pretty well protected here--as long as the mooring holds we're good.  Jack has been reminding me of a Hemingway story, The Three Day Blow. The first time we hunkered down for a three day blow was in Nova Scotia while we waited out the after effects of a tropical storm. It prompted us to think we should have days like that where we did nothing at home but hunker down, read, play music etc. Slowing down is sometimes as difficult as charging forward. We are just starting day three. The forecast is for the wind to go down by tomorrow morning. Then we'll probably do some exploring on Virgin Gorda proper. Some people anchored near us went over yesterday but coming back is against wind and waves for a little more than a mile. In our dinghy we would be completely soaked by the time we got back to the boat, so I let Jack go alone to look for ice. He made it back safely and  quickly but got very wet.

26 January 2018 | Virgin Gorda

British Virgin Islands

Note to Anna: on our way out of St Martin we sailed past La Samana but we were too far away to assess any damage. The beach still looks nice.


14 January 2018 | Jolly Harbour, Antigua
I am suffering from reverse culture shock. It really hit me in the supermarket -- everything is from the US and Mexico and super expensive compared to Spain and Portugal. Brands I haven't seen for a long time suddenly familiar again. I wonder how the people here are able to live on the 4 month season service industry wages. Also, socializing with Americans -- they, I mean we, are different and familiar at the same time. There are a bunch of boats here from the Salty Dawg Rally, which leaves from Virginia and usually goes to Bitter End in Virgin Gorda but this year went to Antigua because of the hurricanes. We were invited to a happy hour with them and got some advice on sailing back. Most of them are still heading south before going back, if at all. But they've done it multiple times. We are almost done fixing and cleaning. Yesterday  Jack worked at cleaning the topsides while I tried to clean the rust and salt off the metal. There was so much salt encrusted on the sides that he had to make several passes with straight vinegar to get it off. While we worked we watched a drama unfold across the fairway where a small fishing boat had sunk while tied to shore(there's been a ton of rain). For a long time the one guy worked to free and raise it alone. Then he recruited a guy to help pull and finally a couple of cruisers came over in their dinghy and pulled from the water until eventually they got the gunwales above water and he could bail it out. Sadly it looks like a pretty new engine on the back of it. Hopefully he can get it going again. Most every night we enjoy live music from one of the bars nearby. Tonight it's a little jazzy. The other night was a really good steel drum band. We received our new satellite router. We had to pay a broker $60US to collect it from FedEx at the airport, but we got it and it works. We are still waiting for our boat registration from the US coast guard. It's also Fedex, but they say that an envelope will be delivered to the marina. Once we get that we will head out to an anchorage and then off to Nevis. Today we walked a half hour to a really nice beach. The beach is next door to a very high end resort that is surrounded by a fence topped with both barbed wire and razor wire. The least expensive room is about 1500 US per night, the guy who told us about the beach thinks the villas highest on the hill of the place are in the 5000 range. There is a beach close to us, but it’s pretty crowded probably because it has a bar/restaurant. Anyway walking is good for us after so long on the boat. There was a nice little (5 vendors) farmers market here yesterday where we stocked up on vegetables, got some homemade yogurt and a tropical fruit which neither of us remembers the name of, but we do know it is something apple or vise versa. It was very tart and had an extreme peach like pit. The skin was like a very dry lemon. I think the lady selling it said the besides eating fresh it is used to make chutney. If any one says good wifi is a luxury they are either a luddite or a butt head, and you are not a luddite if you are wearing a suit. The last 9 months have been an exercise in learning to live with poor Internet access. I know that throughout history mariners have been cut off from family and friends, hence the note in a bottle. But it is still frustrating when there is Internet in theory but not in practice. God forbid this is not what the new net neutrality reality will be like.
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