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Trogir & Split

18 September 2009
Trogir has been a popular spot for us recently as it is only 10 minutes from Split International Airport and therefore an ideal pick-up and drop-off location for visitors. The town itself is well worth a visit too. The old town, built on a small island between the mainland and Otok Ciovo, stands on the foundations of a Greek colony. Under the Romans, it was an important port. It was almost completely destroyed by the Saracens in 1123 but managed to survive and later came under Venetian rule. There are many medieval houses and churches and the cobblestone streets are like ice from centuries of feet trampling over them. The carved doorway of the cathedral is a fabulous example of medieval sculputre, carved in 1240. The town quay is a great place to people watch with lots of restaurants and cafes and music in the summer.

On the last day of Audra & Gavin's stay with us, we decided to take a bus trip into Split rather than go there with Deep Blue. After a 45 minute trip, we quickly made our way to Diocletians Palace, the fortified palace which was constructed for the Roman Emperor Diocletian and in which the city of Split was built. The Palace itself was begun around 298AD, a combination between a Roman country villa and a garrison, complete with an aqueduct which is still in use. It is typically Roman, rectangular in shape, 705' x 590' and has two main streets that run N-S and E-W creating four quarters. Each quarter has its own main gate, located in the centre of each outside wall. We spent the afternoon wandering around the streets and taking in the sights. Our visit was only short but well worth it and made a fine end to Audra and Gavin's trip.

Trogir - anchor in bay just outside town. Good holding mud. (150kn p/n 14m boat Aug '09). Or go on town quay if there is space (400kn pn) or in ACI Marina which has a great view of town. Dinghy down canal between Trogir and mainland to Konzum supermarket, market, bus station. DIY washing machine & dryer in ACI Marina. 14 euros for both. Buy token from reception. Water from fuel quay, 5 kn pieces are needed to operate & your own hosepipe. Lidl supermarket just opened 3km from town, behind airport.
Airport - take 37 bus, every 20 mins for 10 min ride to airport. At bus stop on way back, you may be hassled by local guy who will tell you that the bus will not arrive for another hour and he will do a special price to take you into town. Ignore him. Bus tickets work on duration not destination. Each driver seems to have his own ideas on how long a journey will take so don't be surprised if you are given different zone tickes for the same journey!
Gaz refill - take 37 bus to Kastela Marina (about 30mins). Walk towards marina and take a right. You will come across a private house with an unused engine shop on the ground floor and a bar on the first floor. Inside the bar, there is a small chandlers that does gaz exchange for 80kns. We were also advised to speak to fuel quay in Trogir, though we didn't need to.
Split - didn't take boat but were told that there is a coin-operated launderette there and that anchoring off town can be rolly due to ferry traffic.
Vessel Name: Deep Blue
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2
Hailing Port: Shotley, UK
Crew: Chris & Sandra Mennem
We have realised a long held dream to 'Sell Up & Sail'. Having sailed in the Mediterranean and Caribbean on holiday, we have taken the plunge, waved goodbye to corporate life and want to see where the wind blows us. [...]
Extra: Contact details:- Tel: 07937 061051 (from a UK landline) +44 7937 061051 (from a mobile)
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Who: Chris & Sandra Mennem
Port: Shotley, UK