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Deep Blue
Living The Dream
Sunny Brighton

Left Ramsgate yesterday at 5am in order to catch the tides and favourable winds to take us to Eastbourne. Whilst 5am is not a usual time for us to see the world, as you will know, it was magic with the sun rising and colouring the sky. We did better than we thought and had reached our turning point for Eastbourne by 11.30am. With the sun shining and the sea calm and the rest of the day ahead still we decided to crack on and re-planned our course for Brighton. Having made this decision, the tide then turned against us and the wind changed direction. The engine was switched on as we had to make a move. The sea then decided to turn too and became quite bumpy. We had water over the front as the boat dived into the waves and we had to duck down many times as the spray came over our heads. Yes, we have seen the Perfect Storm and no, it wasn't as bad as that. The sun was still shining and it was warm even though we felt as if we were inside a washing machine on super spin! Arrived in Brighton at 8pm having completed our longest journey together of 95 miles. Quick shower and bite to eat and then our heads hit the pillows.

Today, we woke to a beautiful day in Brighton. We washed off the layer of salt that had encrusted Deep Blue, did a bit of shopping and then had lunch at a Spanish tapas bar overlooking the marina. This is the life....

However, Chris has just announced that he is considering planning a 24hr journey for us tomorrow in preparation for crossing the Bay of Biscay. Off to get a large gin and tonic!

Slipped the lines at last!

We waved goodbye to Shotley Marina at 7.30 this morning for the next destination - Ramsgate! It was a lovely calm morning and we had the wind in our favour to enable us to do lots of sailing. Then, the tide changed and the wind changed so we switched the motor on and completed a bumpy ride into Ramsgate. If you haven't visited Ramsgate, we can certainly recommend it. A lovely harbour, seaside town with some great restaurants. To celebrate our arrival, we went to Bon Appetit tel: 01943 852750 overlooking the marina where we had a delicious meal cooked by chef/owner Mark. It was carnival in Ramsgate on Sunday and, whilst we couldn't see the procession, we could hear the music from the various floats as they made their way along the harbour road.

Wet & Windy!

We have been ready to go for a few days now but the weather is not being kind and we are still sat in Shotley Marina waiting for a break in the weather. The met office is predicting gales and rough seas over the next couple of days so you know where we will be...........

Waved goodbye to our car last night so it's now just the three of us - me, Chris and Deep Blue!

Keep your fingers crossed for some good departure weather for us.

Welcome to our adventure

We will shortly be departing blighty and hope that all of our family and friends will follow us on our journey with the help of this site, Skype, mobile phone and messenger pigeon.

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you and to seeing you aboard soon to share it with us.

Living on board at last!
07/17/2007, 51 57.5'N:001 16.5'E

After spending four weeks (thought it would be only two) living with Terry and Sue, the time has finally arrived for us to move on board. There are a couple more jobs to be done but it looks like we will be on our way this week. Hooray!

Bon Voyage barbecue

Even though the weather was not as it should have been in June, it did not stop our friends Rosemary and Roy from arranging a Bon Voyage barbecue for family and friends in Attleborough. Shirley found the lighthouse and sailing boat to go on top of the cake and we all had a lot of fun singing along to Rod Stewart's "We Are Sailing" as it arrived. A fun day. Check out the album in the Photo Gallery for more photos.

Steptoe & Son watch out!

We are feeling really pleased with ourselves today after our attempt to sell our remaining worldly possessions. Luckily, we chose the least raining day of the Bank Holiday weekend to hold our House Clearance Sale.

Just before 9am we had the first punter turn up. After a few, 'I'll take that, and that, and that' he was off with a smile on his face, a van load of bits and we were very optimistic working out our hourly rate of 60 p/hr if things continued in the same way.

It didn't, thanks to the rain, but it did keep us fit running in and out trying to keep things dry and we were very resouceful ripping up bin bags to provide as quick rainproof covers for everything.

After a couple of hours and several buyers, we had made a good profit but the pile of stuff didn't seem to look any different from the start. Eventually, our previous life corporate selling skills kicked in and the coffers were ringing.

By the end of the day, we had enough to buy a folding bike each for the boat (which was our objective) and to pay for the van to take the furniture to Debra's.

All our worldly possessions

It didn't look a like a lot of stuff as we gathered things together over the past week but, once we had put together our 'sales display' there was obviously more than we thought!


This is the interior living/galley area. Yes it it quite big and yes it is lovely.


This is what the interior layout is like. As you can see, there is plenty of room for family and friends to visit. You will even have your own bathroom!

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