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Delia Rosa
Scituate to Provincetown

left Scituate this morning for a short 4 hour run to Provincetown across Cape Cod Bay... easy access to a mooring and hope for a good run to Cape Cod Canal entrance tomorrow morning!

onwards from Gloucester Harbor to Scituate

We had a long, but good voyage to Scituate yesterday ... picked up a mooring in the harbor... the weather deteriorated so we stayed an extra day...

On our way home

A beautiful morning... 08:00 am slack high tide and we were on our way....quietly slipping away from E dock at Great Bay Marine in Newington. It's wonderful to be heading out on our trip home, but we will really miss the people here. An easy cruise down to Portsmouth ... meeting up with new friends Eric and Jeanne on Far Point at the first bridge as we waited for it to be raised. Soon we were past both bridges, then New Castle Island and on into the Atlantic. The weather was cooperating and although there was a fair swell and some chop, it was still a comfortable ride steering from inside the pilothouse. All systems were working well. A little extra excitement.... about 90 minutes outside of Gloucester Harbor we were boarded by the US Coast Guard for a safety check - we passed with flying colours. A little while later, on into the harbor, we picked up a mooring and relaxed... a glass of wine and time to watch the rest of the world go by.

Still here!

Well, we didn't leave yesterday... Wednesday is now our tentative time to leave here... only six weeks behind schedule! I must admit though... Great Bay Marine is a wonderful place to be.

06/21/2009 | Michael and Barbara Turney
You guys need a comment. The photo accompanying this post is superb! It's ready for a magazine or something. By the way did you know that you can take your better shots into a place like Staples and they will make postcards out of them for you that you can use to mail to you non internet friends?
In Portsmouth again

We drove back to Great Bay Marine yesterday. It is great to be back on the boat.. we are hoping to leave on Thursday, but the weather forcast is not very promising.. in the meantime... I do enjoy time spent on our "back porch"

Back in Canada....
05/27/2009, St. Catharines, ON

Cruising 101... always be careful of where you walk... well I wasn't and fell through an open hatch yesterday... lots of bruises, but no broken bones. I won't be much use as first mate on the boat for a few days, so Captain Dan decided that we would drive home today. I will spend the next week or so recuperating and catching up on stuff at home.... including rescuing Zoe from the kennel...
Now, if I can make sure not to fall down any more open hatches... we will soon be all set!

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