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Delia Rosa
Look out!!
05/03/2009, Great Bay Marine, Portsmouth

We launched on Friday... and spent Saturday and early Sunday working on various projects on the boat. Well, Great Bay Marine is a popular place and another boat decided to dock in front of us. The currents here are tricky... and the captain of this boat obviously didn't understand them.. we watched him come closer and quickly realized that he was way too close to us! We tried to call him off..but he jammed us... we had the fenders out to try and stop him, but he was just too big... slammed into our port side... then pushed forward and snagged our pulpit... what could we do... the New Hampshire Marine Patrol were watching but unable to help.... Eventually we managed to push the other cruiser off - and suggested he dock elsewhere! To be fair, the captain was apologetic and promised to make everything right..
So, our first weekend in the water, not even off the dock and we have had some excitement!

05/01/2009, Great Bay Marine, Portsmouth N.H.

After a two day delay, we finally launched today. It is great to see Delia Rosa in the water.

06/05/2009 | Michael and Barbara Turney
Congrats! Post pictures, please.
Departure for Portsmouth
04/26/2009, St. Catharines ON

Finally, the car was packed and we were off to Great Bay Marine, New Hampshire. After a ten hour drive and a late arrival into Portsmouth, we checked into The Anchorage Inn until Delia Rosa can be launched.

Lots of stuff still to be done before launch... but can't wait!

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Delia Rosa
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