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John delivers new catamarans mostly from Cape Town, South Africa, to various destinations around the world - follow his next trip from London, United Kingdom to Fort Lauderdale, USA.

11 December 2012 | North Atlantic
08 December 2012 | North Atlantic
01 December 2012 | North Atlantic
23 November 2012 | North Atlantic
14 November 2012 | North Atlantic
05 November 2012 | North Atlantic
03 November 2012 | North Atlantic
29 October 2012 | North Atlantic
26 October 2012 | North Atlantic
23 October 2012 | Sines, Portugal
06 October 2012 | Brighton, UK
26 September 2012 | London
13 September 2012 | Cape Town
21 August 2012 | Indian Ocean
15 August 2012 | Indian Ocean
07 August 2012 | Nosi Be, Madagascar
29 July 2012 | Mozambique Chanel
27 July 2012 | Richards Bay, South Africa
05 June 2012 | St George's Harbour, Bermuda
28 May 2012 | North Atlantic

Slow Progress

26 April 2011 | South Atlantic
Since crossing the equator, we first experienced the thundershowers and lightning storms associated with the ITCZ. The only good thing about the ITCZ is that we were able to catch a lot of fresh water to do washing in - both ourselves and our clothes We have now broken out of the "zone" and are once again in favourable weather, but not the winds we need. So, we are doing some sailing when the wind angle allows it, but mostly either straight motoring or motor-sailing.

So, what do we do when motoring - simple, try and catch supper! As can be seen in the above photo, Josh and Mathys had some fun landing last nights dinner. I must admit, I have caught quite a few sailfish before on deliveries, but this one took the cake for size. And what a lovely dinner we had! Now we have our freezer near full and should not have to do any further fishing for some time.

Our next port of call should be Cadiz, Spain. However, we are consuming a lot more diesel at the moment than I had planned for, for this section of the delivery and if our wind angle does not improve in the next day or two, we will most likely have to stop briefly in the port of Mindelo in the Cape Verde Islands. Not something I really want to have to do. I will fire off another blog report in a few days to let you know what progress we are having and what our decision is regarding a Mindelo stop.

So, whilst you savour the above photograph, we will continue savouring the actual fish. Regards from all aboard, John.
Vessel Name: Ultima Life
Vessel Make/Model: Majestic 53
Hailing Port: Cape Town
Crew: John
John Titterton has sailed over 350 000 nm in the years he has been delivering sailing vessels. He has sailed the Mediterranean Sea, South and North Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and Pacific with a bit of the Indian Ocean thrown in for luck! This blog follows his deliveries as they occur. [...]
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Who: John
Port: Cape Town