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The Delivery Guy
John delivers new catamarans mostly from Cape Town, South Africa, to various destinations around the world - follow his next trip from London, United Kingdom to Fort Lauderdale, USA.
Departure Delay

Due to the boat being launched a few days late and work still being undertaken (at a frustratingly slow rate), we have delayed our departure from Cape Town for a few days. We hope to hit the route to St Helena on Monday 12 or Tuesday 13 November.

At the moment my lounge at home looks like a spaza shop with all our provisions boxed and "ready to go". We just need to get our perishables at the last minute.

Whilst the workmen have been working on the interior of the boat, the crew and I have been getting the small jobs on the exterior finished. We have wrapped the turnbuckles, moused all the shackles, checked all the rigging, gone for a test sail, flushed the water tanks, collected and stowed spare drums for fuel, been up the mast a few times, attached our radar reflector and a multitude of other small jobs. Terry is seen above fastening our anchor bridle and putting a lanyard on the chain hook release.

So, now everybody knows why there is no position report for us indicating an off-shore position - we are still in Cape Town!


The next boat, aptly named "Moorings 46#26", was craned into the water on Wednesday morning (31 October). During the morning the mast was stepped and the boat underwent a full QC inspection by the factory. The factory staff are working on board to get the boat ready for handover to me on Tuesday 6 November.

In the mean time Terry, a crew member from "Down Under", is staying at my home and we are undertaking daily trips to the supermarket and getting our basic provisions purchased to cut out a last minute mad scramble to get the 1001 things done that need to be completed before departure from Cape Town on our voyage. I am looking at a departure on next Saturday, 10 November.

The 1st Mate is Shaun and the second crew member is his wife, Shaheda. They will be joining the boat during next week to help with the final preparation and provisioning.

As we progress, I will post some updates to the blog and try to keep everybody updated as to our progress with the occasional photograph thrown in to paint a better picture.

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