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Wanderer's Desire
Our day musings, night dreams and what keeps us working everyday...until we can escape!!
Sailing Lessons/certified keel boat sailors
03/14/2009, San Diego CA

Well we finally made it for our first lesson. We arrived and were greeted by cold cloudy weather. Not the tropical kind we hoped for. The weather cleared and the wind picked up to about 12 knot winds and we had a great time. So much to learn, so much room for error. Do we tack, where is the wind? Oh crap, here comes the boom...accidental jibe. Luckily our instructor was forgiving. Thanks Paul. Charlie Smith from Yuma was part of our class. The 3 of us made a great team.

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04/09/2009 | Rick
Hello, It's great to see you got out there and enjoyed the wind in your face and sound of sails flapping. The weather is getting better to add new adventures. We'll see you out there
Here in San Diego
01/10/2009, SD, CA

Well, we're finally here for our first sailing experience and the San Diego boat show. We are staying on the marina with the boat show and can gaze at the boats on display right out our balcony. We spent the first morning touring the boats, asking lots of questions and gathering much information. Our favorite so far, a Catalina 49 foot beauty. We then hopped aboard a Hunter 27 ft for our Sunset Cruise. As we were the only crew members, we were able to actually spend the time learning and putting into practice what we have been studying. Because it was so warm, in the 70's, and the Santa Anas were prevailing, we didn't have much wind. But no worries, it was so much fun to be onboard finally, we really didn't mind. Ray took the helm right away and it was a perfect fit.

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