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20 March 2010 | San Diego
02 February 2010 | San Diego
10 January 2010 | Mesa AZ
18 September 2009 | Mesa AZ
27 May 2009 | San Diego Harbor
14 March 2009 | San Diego CA
11 January 2009 | SD, CA
10 January 2009 | SD, CA
05 January 2009 | Mesa AZ
30 December 2008 | Mesa, AZ

Sailing alone for the first time

27 May 2009 | San Diego Harbor
Well, we decided to be brave and charter a boat with our kids on the first day of vacation. It was gray May, but the sun broke through the clouds and made it a fine afternoon. We sailed under the Coronado bridge and caught great 12-15 knot winds that made the day so worth it. We just had such a great sail!!
Vessel Name: Wanderer's Desire
Vessel Make/Model: still searching for the perfect escape vessel
Hailing Port: San Diego
Crew: Capt. Ray, First Mate Merrie
We are a family of 9. We seek adventure in many future ports of call and on many anchorages We long for warm gentle breezes, clear blue seas and sunrises and sunsets that astound us each day. [...]
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Created 4 April 2010
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Created 2 February 2010
Here are a few shots of Dad and Gael watching us practice our newfound sailing skills from the deck of their cruiseship just before departure
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Created 30 March 2009
Here are pictures of our trip to San Diego to test for our Keel Boat certification
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Created 21 March 2009
Here you will find our first sailing experience. We spent about 6 hours total practicing some of what we have been studying.
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Created 14 January 2009

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Who: Capt. Ray, First Mate Merrie
Port: San Diego