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Adventures with Janice and Andy

18 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
16 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
12 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
12 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Amerloq Fjord
05 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut - Destiny's Winter Home
04 October 2017 | Sisimiut - photo shows it in good weather
01 October 2017 | Sisimiut
30 September 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut - Destiny's Winter Home
24 September 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut, West Greenland
19 September 2017 | 65 53.0'N:52 48.5'W, Eternal Fjord
14 September 2017 | 65 39.5'N:52 36.1'W, Hamborgerland (Sermersut)
10 September 2017 | 65 26.8'N:52 55.9'W, Maniitsoq
06 September 2017 | Maniitsoq
05 September 2017 | West Coast of Greenland
03 September 2017 | Nuuk, West Greenland
27 August 2017 | Nuuk, West Greenland
26 August 2017 | F├Žringehavn, West Greenland
21 August 2017 | 60 49.613'N:47 49.155'W, Kap Desolation
16 August 2017 | 60 08.413'N:45 14.273'W, Nanortalik, West Greenland
15 August 2017 | 60 05.2'N:43 447.42'W, Sangmissiq Island, South Greenland

Change of Plans

18 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
Janice : Overcast, cold, snowed overnight
Picture: Janice relaxing in one of many Greenlandic picnic areas ashore, abandoned for the winter

Well how apt ´┐Ż... my last title was ´┐Ż'Winter Is Coming´┐Ż' and just as the first real snow appears, we have found out that we are not able to stay in Greenland for the winter by the Danish Immigration Service. Yesterday after getting their email we visited the ship yard and have arranged for Destiny to be lifted out on 31 October. This will hopefully give us one day to finish winterising her before we fly back to the UK on 2 November. We plan to return to Greenland end of March, which gives us 90 days visa allowance provided we do not visit the following Scandic countries ie. Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland within 180 days prior to returning to Greenland.

So we have to leave our home (Destiny) behind and return to the UK for the winter. If anyone has friends that need a couple to house-sit for them during December, January and February please let us know or pass on our details to them. Likewise if anyone knows of a car we could hire cheaply for a few months, it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, our plans are developing day by day.

┬'Winter Is Coming┬'

16 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
Janice : Cool -3┬░C, clear
We are really enjoying the weather here in Sisimiut, despite it going colder in the last few days. The lowest was early hours Sunday 15th with -9┬░C. On waking we had -6┬░C in the doghouse, the workshop was 11┬░C, the engine space 10┬░C and the rest of Destiny was 12┬░C as the heater had gone out during the night; normally the boat is 17┬░C with the Reflek stove running at its lowest setting. The water temperature is 3┬░C. We have had clear, starry nights with northern lights but 5 minutes outside watching the strobing incandescence is quite long enough.

Sunday was another fabulous day so we rowed ashore and followed the road out of town towards the airport, spurring off North to follow a hiking route to summit Palasip Qaqqa at 544m. Fabulous views all round of the town, the frozen small boat harbour Ulkebugten, local snow capped mountains, the coastal skerries and out to sea. We watched at least 10 Ravens playing in the light thermals off the summit with loud, abrupt, echoing crronk, prruk or metallic tonk to each other while barrel rolling, flying upside down and diving. These are spectacular big birds that make the most amazing tuneful noises. The North face had good snow so we traversed along the ridge to come out at a river and a large frozen lake; plenty of human foot prints on the lakes surface already. The mountains are well covered with Arctic Hare foot prints but we´┐Ż've yet to see one. This is a popular hiking route and well visited by the local Greenlanders, like us, enjoying being out in nature. The ground i s now hard and we were out for 5 glorious hours with the air temperature never rising above zero.

So the sun is getting lower and has only a small bit of heat compared to 2 weeks ago. 9 am it is still a twilight. By 5.30 pm it is getting twilight again with full darkness by 6.30 pm. However, with the snow and/or frosted ground it is still easy to pick out features in the bay even at night.

Website Re-direction

12 October 2017 | 65 56.5'N:53 40.69'W, Sisimiut
If you have been re-directed from our website, it is because we are doing a major overhaul. Please bear with us; limited and expensive internet is not helping this process.
Vessel Name: Yacht Destiny
Vessel Make/Model: Van de Stadt |Samoa 47
Hailing Port: Stornoway, UK
Crew: Andy and Janice Fennymore-White
About: We built Destiny from scratch in a barn over 8 years and have lived aboard her full time since 2013. We are on a journey to explore our limits without time constraints anywhere the wind may take us. We have spent the last 3 years in the Arctic enjoying endless summer days and long Northern lights.
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