Cruising on Destiny

02 January 2014 | Bantry Bay
31 December 2013 | Careening Cove, Sydney
18 December 2012 | Sydney
18 September 2012 | Coffs Harbour
14 September 2012 | Rivergate Marina, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
12 September 2012 | Coral Sea
10 September 2012 | Coral Sea
31 August 2012 | Noumea
26 August 2012
22 August 2012 | Port Moselle
19 August 2012 | Port Moselle
17 August 2012 | West Coast, New Caledonia
12 August 2012 | Anse Vata
10 August 2012 | Port Moselle, Noumea, NC
10 August 2012 | Port Moselle
30 July 2012 | The seawall, Vila Harbour
25 July 2012 | Back in Port Vila
17 July 2012 | Port Vila
08 July 2012 | Ashore with Sea Fever
24 June 2012

Northward again

06 May 2012 | Coaster's Retreat
Full moon and no wind!
We have been feeling a little like we did all those years ago when Shauna was 2 weeks overdue to deliver our first son – people were constantly calling and asking: “Haven’t you had it yet?”. So it has been these last two weeks prior to leaving Sydney. We had intended being away before now, but several things delayed us.
Most importantly, goodbyes to our two sons and their girls – Tom and Amanda in Canberra, and Matt and Jane in Sydney.
John has had to deal with some upheavals at the Foundation – this has been a real strain emotionally and did consume a couple of days with unproductive activity. In the end, he just decided to leave it. Good call!
A couple of last minute boat tasks added a day or two, in particular getting a cover made for our new liferaft (we have bought a new “Great Circle” raft from Brisbane – great service from a very motivated agent). People ask “Are you happy with it?” Well, let’s hope we never get the opportunity to form an opinion!
Then, the weather! Finally we got a forecast of good strength Southerlies to carry us up the coast. Today, we set off from the Squadron with a predicted 15 to 20 knots from the South. What we got was 5 to 8 knots from the North – on the nose! So we did what any self-respecting cruisers would do – we motor-sailed to Barrenjoey Head and ducked into Coaster’s Retreat for the night, and we hope for something more suitable in the morning. We have a full moon at present and this will be nice to have for the rest of the two days to Coffs Harbour.
Vessel Name: Destiny V
Vessel Make/Model: 45' round chine steel cruising cutter - a Joe Adams design and a very sea-kindly crew-friendly vessel
Hailing Port: Sydney, Australia
Crew: John and Shauna
People ask us: "Are you semi-retired?". Well no, we're semi-working. We love cruising, but the problem is we also quite like what we do in our civilian lives. So, for the last few years, we have been cruising over the southern Winter and Spring. [...]
Our last severalyears of cruising have been spent exploring New Caledonia and the beautiful islands of Vanuatu, an entrancing country with wonderful, uncomplicated, happy and generous people. This winter we are at home doing some upgrades - navigation, rigid cockpit cover, watermaker and sundry [...]
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Closing the circle on the cruising season, 2012
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Heading southwards again
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Port Vila and beyond
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Destiny sets off North again
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Off again
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Created 14 February 2012
Family matters keep us at home - spending money!
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This is becoming a habit!
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Created 14 February 2012
Return to Simple Sanity
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Our first year cruising "Destiny V"
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Created 14 February 2012

Destiny's Crew

Who: John and Shauna
Port: Sydney, Australia
Sunshine on blue water, twelve knots on the beam.... The trades are blowing gently and we're sailing like a dream..... Sipping from the cup of life and getting mostly cream....
"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats" - Ratty to Mole in "Wind in the Willows"