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S/V Blue Bay
02/14/2012, Marathon

Waiting for weather windows and watching weather are often cruisers' busiest past-times. We have been waiting for a good weather opportunity to go lobstering and finally decided we would just do it! The winds were expected to pick up in the afternoon and so we decided, along with Jim on Blue Angel, to head out to a nearby location, to do some lobstering. Luckily, Jim decided to come along or we might have had chicken for dinner! Instead we had six lobster! Jim and Sharon came over for dinner and she brought her great recipe of Bahamian baked mac and cheese. What a great addition to lobster and broccoli slaw. We plan to get more gear and go again soon. We have had a lot of fun fishing and lobstering with our great mentors and friends from Blue Angel.
Dick is working on replacing various gauges which have been going on the blink. Today he is working on the stainless, which frequently needs de-rusting and corrosion block applied. I am studying some info, recipes, and regulations on Florida fishing. Also I am taking a class on pine needle basket-making from a local live aboard with questionable results!

02/24/2012 | Nancy
Oh how exciting catching lobster it must be fun and eating it even better. My grandmother use to make pine needle baskets, I wish I knew how to do that. I still have the ones she gave me they must be forty years old.
01/31/2012, Florida Keys

A month at Marathon, FL
Our stay here at the City Marina on a mooring ball has been very nice and we expect to be here another month or so. This time here has made it possible to get more needed work done on the boat before we, at some future time, head back to the Bahamas and beyond. This cruising area has many resources for sailors. Availability of parts, services, and expertise are many. Being here for an extended time makes it possible to tackle a lot of different issues that we have not always been able to, for lack of time. An example is with the alternator that has been a concern from the beginning has finally been resolved. The charge light on the instrument panel was always on and a small wire had showed signs of melting from overheating. That is now fixed but just as satisfying I now know more about some of the wires running through this boat. The depth finder has been working intermittently for years and by disabling the wind indicator it now is working reliably. We now have a spare starter purchased at a good price and installed to assure that it works when and if needed. Our engine hour meter failed recently and has been replaced. Our RPM gauge is erratic and needs more troubleshooting before a solution is found. I have purchased a used watermaker that will take some time to install. Some new snubber lines need to be made. Some leaks have been sealed, some of the safety equipment reviewed and updated, and some bulbs have been replaced with more energy efficient LED bulbs. We have purchased a portable SSB because the receiver we have is just about worthless. That's just some of the things on the list of which there is always one more thing to add. Just today the Link 10 battery monitor display stopped working.

But not every day is filled working on the boat. Usually half days. On the other half we make a trip into town most every day, and sometimes the beach. We get our walk in and do the necessary shopping along with some eating out. Part of our day is spent meeting and talking with cruisers we have met along the way and others we have met here. Lots of talk of places people have been or plans they are making. We are making plans to visit the Dry Tortugas before heading back to Fort Pierce in April. Lots of interesting people and in this mooring field there is just about every kind of cruising boat. We took the bus down to Key West and spent a day there. We made it to a local nautical flea market and purchased some fishing supplies. It's been fun to meet up with the people who sold us our sailboat 6 years ago for the first time. They came in with their trawler about a week ago and we have visited with them a couple of times. They even took us out on their trawler for a day of fishing! It was lots of fun and we hope to do that again sometime. We tried some fishing from the dinghy as well as our boat. From this port we have easy access to the Atlantic and some great fishing areas. There is a nice beach nearby and kayaks are readily available but we haven't tried them yet. We have bikes that have been lent to us and so we get a bike ride in now and then. There is no TV reception so we get some book reading in and find ourselves listening to Garrison Keillor on Saturday nights sometimes.

02/05/2012 | Nancy
Lovely fish, good to see your post. Wow, you have been so busy. Sounds like you are enjoying your time there.
Happy New Year
01/02/2012, Marathon, Fl

Happy New Year All!
We left the Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart on 12-27 and spent an interesting night at Peck Lake on the hook. Weather announcers told us to expect a front during the night so in anticipation of that possibility we arrived early and Captain decided to put out 90 feet of rode in our 12 foot depth of water. Shortly before sunset a rather large motor yacht arrived and anchored very near us and in front of a sailboat which had been carefully anchored a distance from us. So Captain said to the motor yacht captain, "Capn' I have 90 feet of rode out here." To which the other captain said, "What do you need 90 feet of rode in 5 feet of water?" He did move two more times and re-anchored before we turned in. Meanwhile it was getting dark and later the wind piped up and Captain did an anchor watch but all was well. Upon rising in the morning we wondered what happened to the motor yacht and lo and behold it was in the shoal waters and he had dragged his anchor during the night and gone aground. Seatow was there to assist and we headed off south.
From Peck Lake to Lake Worth with the current in our favor we sometimes made 7 knots! It paid to clean and paint the bottom of Blue Bay!
Next day we headed out of Lake Worth inlet before daybreak on 12/29 and motor sailed until the following afternoon when we arrived at Rodriguez Key on the outside. The Atlantic had 2-4 foot rollers and mild winds from the North which helped us along. We had a chance to check out the new auto pilot and all is working well! Next morning before sunrise we were up and away and arrived in Marathon, Florida after three days and one night of motor-sailing, more motoring than sailing, unfortunately. We did sail from 1:00 AM until 7:00 AM one night, which was a great smooth sail and the most fun we had! Waters were smooth and winds were never over 10 knots. It took a bit longer than we expected and we actually did not keep track of the miles, but our Cruising Guide says it would be around 200 nautical miles. Unknown to us was the fact that the City Marina at Boot Key closed on New Years Eve at 3 PM. We arrived after 2:30 in the afternoon! Timing is everything. We headed over to Keys Fisheries for a fantastic grouper sandwich to celebrate New Years!
The plan is to be here for a month or so.
During our sail we spotted several very large loggerhead turtles and several dolphins followed us especially near inlets and fishing areas. Lots of fishing going on and we plan to get in on it soon!
Hope everyone has a peaceful and happy New Year!

01/09/2012 | Nancy
Happy New Year

I hope you enjoy your winter! Especially all the wildlife.

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