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Cruising on Diomedea
Diomedea is a Van de Stadt Tasman 48. The name is the species name of the Wandering Albatross of the Southern Ocean.
While you sleep in your bed at home
April5,2008, 33 41.1S 156 22.9E

Its dark. Black. 3 am. The moon is days away from its rebirth. The stars are faint and disguised by atmospheric vapour. Towering black shapes roving the inky sky come bearing down us. They are oppressive and seem to linger overhead. The stars are blotted out one by one. Its dark. I can barely see the horizon line. With each looming cumulus comes new wind. Sometimes its favourable but more often it heads us. The cockpit is a vague collection of angles lit by the green LED instrument panel. As I sit here bathed in this ethereal glow I watch millions of tiny sea creatures flash their signature sparkles in our bow wave. There is some light. We are bounding across the Tasman sea in a thankfully moderate seaway. Diomedea shoulders aside the ocean to leave her stamp on each wave. She is on her way to New Zealand and is anxious to get there. 300 miles behind lies Sydney and now there is 795 to go. You sleep on.

02. Crossing the Ditch
April5,2008, 33 58.1S 152 58E

The night was an extraordinary passage along the milky way but the wind was very light forcing us to turn on the engine. About 4am the breeze came in nicely from the south and we are now reaching at 8.5kts. Some showery cumulus ahead but hopefully we will dodge this. Geoff has been prowling around exploring different features of the boat. Jen and Charles are exploring different features of sleep and Andrea has not budged in some hours.

02. Crossing the Ditch
Champagne Sailing
April4,2008, 33 57.1S 154 22.9E

The breeze has been a bit up and down but around 10-14 SE currently. We are sailing very nicely, doing around 8 knots. We have started into the nibbles packet so kindly donated by Ian and Wendy. Thank you. We have almost enough sea legs to read the books donated by others. The fishing gear has been dusted off and so far has not supplemented our larder. At morning tea Andrea activated the Nespresso machine and we all had cappuccinos. At lunch we had the remainder of last nights quiche and a glass of Hunter Valley semillon. Doing it tough.

02. Crossing the Ditch
David. Wind SE8-10
April4,2008, Off Sydney

After extended consultations with many weather gurus we have finally cast off and are sailing slowly in a vaguely easterly direction. It is absolutely glorious out here but not much breeze. Also from the wrong direction. Everyone is really tired and trying to get a little sleep before sunset. Andrea is propped up on her bean bag in the sunfilled cockpit and Jen is reading "Afloat" magazine.
Our first pod of dolphins passed by some time ago. Looks like a beautiful star filled night coming.

02. Crossing the Ditch

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