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The adventures of Flirtie
the best laid plans ...
Bruce & Caroline
17/04/2012, Treguier (position 48 47.186'N 03 13.104'W)

Sometimes the best laid plans just don't fall into place do they! We like to be as organised as we can so we decided that Monday would be the day to catch the local bus to Lezardrieux. We visited the bus stand on Sunday afternoon to take note of the time table so all we had to do was to turn up on time - easy .... wrong.

We turned up in plenty of time and waited for the bus to turn up, and one did, showing Bus number 7 to Lannion. We both confidently noted that this was the bus that we would need for the return journey back to Treguier so we smugly continued to wait the remaining 3 minutes that was the difference between the bus going to Paimpol and the bus returning back from Lannion. What we didn't appreciate that the waiting bus (that waited the 3 minutes difference) then turned around and started to head down the road that went to Paimpol. This number 7 bus to Lannion was in fact the bus we needed to catch :-(. By the time it had occurred to us, the bus was well gone. We checked to see what time the next bus would be, however it wasn't until early afternoon. Still convinced that we hadn't missed it we waited for another 15 minutes in the cold (3 deg c) just in case the bus was running late as they sometimes do back home, however no other buses appeared. As the excitement of going to Lezardrieux slowly dissipated and with neither of us saying anything to one another we walked back slowly to the boat, still occasionally looking behind at the road to see if by magic our bus would arrive.

Once back on the boat we shrugged off our disappointment and warmed up with a coffee saying that we will try again tomorrow but know exactly what to do now.

Decided to visit the local supermarket to get fresh milk, bread, cheese and pate which we sat and ate at lunchtime. The milk in fact was thin buttermilk which I can categorically report does not work well in tea or coffee but great for cereal - ops.

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welcome to France - Treguier (Cotes d'Armor)
Bruce & Caroline
17/04/2012, Treguier (position 48 47.186'N 03 13.104'W)

Arrived safely at "Port de Plaisance" (aka Treguier Marina) at 10.45 GMT Friday 13th April 2012 absolutely cream crackered so spent the remainder of the day relaxing and getting into the French way of life - actually it took us two days to fully recover and before we felt the urge to do some sightseeing around the town (during the trip we had obviously found our sea legs which was great until we ventured back onto land feeling pretty wobbly - just like being drunk, but without the alcohol).

Treguier is an ancient market town located between two peaceful rivers - the Guindy and the Jaudy. The old town comprises of medieval timbered buildings, which lean together overhead as you wander the cobbled streets and alleys.

St Tugdual cathedral dominates the main square, it is an impressive gothic cathedral constructed from pink granite and the ringing of the bells from the cathedral drift across the river throughout the day otherwise it's a really peaceful unspoilt area.

Photos can be found in the photo gallery 'Treguier'.

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Channel Crossing Log - video clip
Bruce & Caroline

A short video clip....

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