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30 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
30 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
22 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
20 September 2017 | Siracusa anchorage (position: 37 03.612'N 15 16.811'E)
13 September 2017 | Siracusa anchorage (position: 37 03.612'N 15 16.811'E)
12 September 2017 | Circolo Nautico, Catania (position: 37 30.017’N 15 05.893’E)
07 September 2017 | Catania, Circolo Nautico (position: 37 30.017’N 15 05.893’E)
06 September 2017 | Scilla (position: 38 15.344’N 15 43.073’E)
05 September 2017 | Porto di Tropea (position: 38 40.797'N 15 54.218'E)
05 September 2017 | Porto di Tropea (position: 38 40.797'N 15 54.218'E)
30 August 2017 | Marina Stella del Sud (position: 38 43.041'N 16 07.686'E)
28 August 2017 | Cetraro (position: 39 31.632'N 15 55.122'E)
27 August 2017 | Palinuro (position: 40 01.607'N 15 17.767'E)
26 August 2017 | Salerno (40 40.493'N 14 45.446'E)
25 August 2017 | Amalfi (position: 40 37.921'N 14 36.273'E)
24 August 2017 | Positano mooring field (position: 40 37.483'N 14 29.047'E)
23 August 2017 | Marina Piccola, Capri (position: 40 32.699'N 14 14.593'E)
21 August 2017 | Marina di Stabia (position: 40 43.231'N 14 28.382'E)
17 August 2017 | Porto Miseno (position: 40 47.497'N 14 05.147'E)

international rescue: thunderbirds are go!

30 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
Bruce & Caroline
"Brains" Responsible for the conception and development of most of the Thunderbirds craft.

A previous blog Siracusa and Ortigia is attracting some interest....

Despite the close family resemblance, we'll leave it with you to decide what role they should fill in the Tracy family ;-)

Send us your suggestions and we'll publish them here.

Marina di Ragusa (MdiR)

30 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
Bruce & Caroline
the very long and wide pontoon otherwise known as the landing strip!

It's early days yet but our first impressions of Marina di Ragusa is that it is safe, secure and going to be a good choice for the winter. In the past two weeks we've heard thunder, seen lightening, dodged torrential rain, endured gusts well over 40 knots and Flirtie has barely moved. We've even seen our first waterspout!

it's blurred as I was shaking with excitement at the time, sorry!

The staff are friendly and speak excellent English (Bruce is happy because the girls are good looking too) and they are more than happy to receive the post and parcels. Recycling is encouraged with several sets of bins that are emptied daily located opposite the gated entrance. Yacht fouling is reported to be minimal as there are natural springs in the marina basin so with any luck we won't have to employ a diver to remove crustaceans from below the waterline at the start of next season... watch this space.

There are a couple of onsite shops selling gifts and clothes plus a gym, small bakery, lounge bar, beach side restaurant and self-serve laundrette (at €3.50 to wash and €3.50 to dry). The laundrette doubles up as the place to exchange books/DVD's/magazines/manuals etc. Immediately behind the marina is a bike hire shop, a pharmacy and the 'Bar Stella Marina' offering 'happy hour' twice a week.

Shower/toilet facilities are clean albeit a bit of a trek being located to the east and west of the entrance that is accessible by an electronic key fob. In additional there is a night security warden or two.

There's a good size live aboard community developing comprising of all nationalities so naturally we have access to a wealth of experience and knowledgeable cruisers that have come from all corners of the world. Needless to say that we're looking forward to hearing about places that we've yet to explore and catching up with our Lisbon friends, Clare and Vic off 'Njord' who are also wintering here. A daily VHF net is due to start from the first Saturday in October which we look forward to tuning in too.

Marina di Ragusa isn't just a marina per say, it's actually a small seaside resort. An extremely popular destination during the summer with 60,000 visitors and barely 4,000 residents during the winter. Despite the lack of numbers in the winter it has a very relaxed feel and the locals are very friendly. Several beach bars and restaurants have closed for the season but plenty remain open including the geleterias to satisfy the winter audience.

The resort is structured in a grid-like formation with one-way roads so we really can't get lost here as all roads lead down to the sea front that opens up to a long tree-lined promenade with a beautiful golden sandy beach. There's a cycle path (yet to be explored) together with buses that run daily to the main town of Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superior, 25km inland.

We have a good choice of supermarkets with the largest, a EuroSpar and two smaller discount supermarkets MD and ARD plus a weekly market selling fruit, veg, meat, cheese, fish, clothes and bric-a-brac. We've found a couple of DIY shops and 'Vela Latina' chandlers who will happily order items if not in stock.

What more could we ask for and all accessible just a short walk or bicycle ride away - we think we're going to like it here.

Siracusa to Ragusa (via Porto Palo) log

22 September 2017 | Marina di Ragusa (position: 36 46.869’N 14 32.705’E)
Bruce & Caroline
Newsflash... we've had a cracking sail, lasting 2 glorious hours!!!

Although a week earlier than planned we feel ready to move onto Marina di Ragusa (MdiR) for the winter, to settle into a place that we can call 'home' for the next 6-7 months. We've actually reached a point where we don't want to have to check the weather forecast daily, to decide whether or not to stay or move on or to go ashore. The search for supermarkets, laundrette, fuel etc has also become exhausting and surprisingly there is only so much 'culture' and 'sightseeing' that we can do before the head becomes all fuzzy. After obtaining permission from Siracusa Harbour Master to leave we departed from the anchorage bringing quite a chunk of the seabed onboard. Each chain link was solid with mud - a really messy job this time but there's no doubt that it's very secure holding.

With 60 miles to go until we reach Marina di Ragusa we scheduled an overnight stop at Porto Palo, 30 miles along the coast as good shelter can be found behind two moles but in places the ground is reported to be foul. "Wilson" (our anchor buoy/trip line) was ready to be deployed but after a quick check of the area we managed to find a sandy spot clear of any debris so he wasn't needed after all... and no need to shout "where's Wilson" the following morning! ;-). One night at Porto Palo was enough as the swell found its way in so we departed early to find a decent wind on our beam and we were able to sit back to enjoy two hours of sailing with both the genoa and mainsail out before we ended up motoring.

The entrance to MdiR is badly silted so it was necessary for us to radio in once we neared the marina. A dory came out to meet us and provided instructions to stay as close as possible to the port-side breakwater before he guided us to our berth and assisted with the rope work.

Total distance this season: 1096.13 nautical miles
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