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Day 33 - Last Day in Charleston, SC

04 May 2012 | Docked at Ashley Marina, Charleston, SC
Thu 3 May 2012
Docked at Ashley Marina, Charleston, SC

[photo: Rather than show yet another very interesting historic home, this is a shot of King St. where many very ritzy shops are located. To my amazement, Diane did not even want to window shop.]

With sunrise becoming earlier, Duane is now sleeping until it is light, although still not past sunrise. It was another great night of sleep, and we had a relaxed morning until meeting Vern and Rose, who took us to the Lost Dog for a nice breakfast on Jolly Beach. Upon return to the marina, we returned Vern's tools and then got ready for a biking excursion.

Biking from the Ashley Marina to the Battery Park and historic areas seems like a problem until you actually try it; then it is not so bad. We found a few too many streets with cobblestones, bricks, or very uneven flagstone, which made the ride tough, but overall, it was a pretty neat biking experience. We rode south along the waterfront, which eventually became the Battery area with a half-decent sidewalk. One of the things that many old cities have in common is very narrow streets (and sidewalks).

We rode back and forth through the many small streets with a large number of beautiful, historic homes. Some were very large and others smaller, but all were interesting in their own way. We next made our way into the French Quarter and liked that very much, as well. Last of the touristy stuff was some time on Market Street, where Diane strolled through the long brick market buildings while Duane walked the bikes outside parallel to her. In addition to the bikes, I offered to carry the little knapsack with our wallets and credit cards, but she said I didn't have to worry.

After that, we found a nice little southern bistro called Sticky Fingers and had a nice cold beer in the air conditioning; it was surprisingly hot, but locals said it was normal for this time in May. The route back was mostly quiet neighborhoods, and we soon had the bikes stowed away. We know it is always better to get that out of the way before you stop to relax. Later, it seems like such a chore.

There were things that could be done, like polishing stainless that is now stained, but a nap seemed like a better idea. Before long it was time to wander over to Roam-a-Lot and join Vern and Rose for a happy hour.

Dinner was at Fleet Landing, near the battery. It may not look like much, since it is an old concrete building, but we had some of the best restaurant food in a long time. Our Seafood Pasta was out of this world, with lots of fresh, perfectly-cooked seafood with a minimal amount of pasta in a very tasty cream-based sauce. For the record, the entrees were fairly priced for the quality, but they gouge you on beverages and dessert. It was our first dessert of the cruise, so we don't feel too guilty.

It was an early night after saying our goodbyes.
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