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Day 39 - Wrightsville Beach, NC

09 May 2012 | Anchored in Wrightsville Beach, NC
Wed 9 May 2012
Anchored in Wrightsville Beach, NC

[photo: Riverboat cruise at N. Myrtle Beach. SC]

It was an interesting night in that Diane fell asleep in the main saloon after I struggled into bed, so I didn't notice her MIA in the v-berth until I awoke at 0300 needing to get up. It was a difficult process to move without causing the back to spasm in pain, but I managed after a while.

Diane took that opportunity to switch to the v-berth, and there was no way I wanted to try to crawl back in there, so I took some more ibuprofen (Mike, you mentioned anti-inflammatories; I generally take 800 mg per day for my leg pain, but it is now temporarily up to 2000 mg). As of early this morning, the pain was worse, but as I type this at 1500, it is considerably better and perhaps better than yesterday.

The diver, Justin, called at 0740 from Wilmington to report his progress. He arrived at the boat just after 0900 and got to work. I asked Diane to help me ready the boat for departure if all went well and by 1000 Justin was paid and on his way with a nice tip. His level of service was hard to beat.

We got underway at 1020, over an hour past the optimal time I had computed to take advantage of the fierce tidal currents. The slight gamble paid off fine, however, as we rode the back half of the flood tide up the Cape Fear River and through the Snows cut into the ICW on the far eastern side. Not only did we have a favorable current for 80% of the time, but we had good winds to help about 80% of the time, too. We saw speeds of 8.3 knots at the maximum, and only had to endure a short section of 4.6 knots.

With the ICW not winding around like in Georgia and much of South Carolina, we could trim the sail and not have to touch it for 10-20 minutes at a time. As before, Diane was a trooper and did all that was asked of her. We arrived under bright blue skies and anchored with about 6 other sailboats. There is plenty of room here, which is comforting.

Diane enjoyed a well-deserved rest in her lounging chair on the deck, reading her book and sipping a beverage before dinner, which was all the leftovers from our meal at Umberto's at Barefoot Landing. It was fabulous a second time, as well. We ate a little earlier than usual so we could be done and cleaned up before the large line of thunderstorms hit near 1800. Having the ability to watch weather radar via a smartphone's internet connection is a great thing. When out of range of shore-based Internet signals, there is always the satellite weather solution.

As of 2100, we have experienced the first wave of storm/rain and I am very happy to report it was a non-event - moderate rain with wnds less than 15 knots. A second band is approaching but RADAR shows it to be even less intense.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane
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Who: Duane and Diane
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