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Day 101 - Provincetown, MA

10 July 2012 | On mooring at Provincetown, MA
Tue 10 Jul 2012
On mooring at Provincetown, MA

[photo: famous bench on the wharf with lobster pot buoys representing all the lobsterman in P'town]

It was another gorgeous night with comfortable temperatures, although it warmed rapidly after about 0800 when the sun was already fairly high in the sky. We researched and then planned this last day in P'town, called for the launch, and then walked to the town center. The trolley was there and we found out from the very congenial driver/tour guide that the reason she never showed up yesterday was that two trucks had blocked traffic from passing on the narrow one-way street and she had to get the police involved to finally get moving after being stuck for 40 minutes.

We sat on the trolley awaiting the 1000 tour and when we were the only passengers, she very apologetically said she can't run the tour with only two. We said we would try to come back later, so Diane rearranged her haircut appointment for 1400 and we strolled quite a ways to the E down Commercial St. We got back in time for the 1100 tour and there were many there, but still good seats available. It was really a worthwhile experience and Duane was more than entertained and impressed by the way the driver negotiated the street poles, signs, traffic, and crazy pedestrians.

We have both been impressed by the number of establishments on the two main streets and all the little streets and alleys in between them and leading to the water a block away. If you elected to eat one meal a day at every eatery, it might take you 2 months. After the tour, we had to retrace our steps back E to the print gallery where we bought our souvenir for the trip.

Next, we went another block to Pepe's, recommended by our friends Gwen and Norma, and dined on the covered patio overlooking the water. Diane had the best lobster roll of her life (for $20 it had more lobster meat than the 1.5 pound whole lobster she had the other night). Duane's fish and chips platter was delicious cod, and hand-cut fries. We were both very happy, stuffed, and therefore so glad we had not ordered our customary cup of chowder.

Back on our feet to the W this time, we took our time checking out shops until we got to the spa for Diane's haircut. I waited inside with the air conditioning until the proprietor said he had a new kid giving chair massages and he could use more practice, so I could have a free massage. Never having had a massage before, I was curious and accepted. Diane suspected it was also good advertising to have someone in the chair. The chair was on the street with people passing by constantly but you didn't really notice with your head buried in the headrest. The young Bulgarian immigrant did a good job as far as I could tell and I gave him a nice tip. He asked lots of questions about Florida; I was surprised that he had never heard of Key West before.

Diane's haircut turned out very nice and we headed W again toward the dock to get the launch back to Diva Di. Too late, we started looking for a jar of peach plum preserves and never found it. Those are the fruits Diane and I had seen growing wild on the dunes during our bike ride and learned about them on the trolley.

Back onboard, we relaxed for a very short while and then got in our beach attire. We took the dinghy over the bay to Long Point, but this time avoided the tip where the ferry wakes would be worst. We were careful to ensure no wakes approaching when the Diva was disembarked at the surf line, and then I anchored the dinghy in 3 feet of water about 25 feet from shore. I am rarely comfortable lying on a beach and we had brought no towel for me to lie upon, so I elected to stand in waist deep water next to the dinghy with my arms and book resting on the rubber tube. Diane enjoyed her time on the beach in the bright sun and comfortable temperatures.

Just like yesterday, I felt something scratching lightly at my toes and this time I saw that it was a small crab (maybe 3 inches across). While it wasn't using the claws, it wasn't something I wanted to continue, so I kicked him away. Sure enough, he came scrambling back to check out my toes. Maybe they are territorial and I was in "his spot," so I decided to move.

While at the beach, we saw 2 tall ships come into the harbor. They appeared to be some of the same ships we saw in Newport. After about 90 minutes in gorgeous weather, we came back to Diva Di. The wind picked up after a while and we closed most of the hatches to keep from getting too cool. That is far better than sweltering, to be sure.

Our plans keep changing with events, so now we are skipping Boston on the way up and will get there on the way back. Tomorrow will be Scituate as a convenient place to lay over for the evening. Next will be Marblehead, and then to Gloucester on Fri. Our friends, Steve and Penny, will be visiting Gloucester on Sat and our hosts, Bruce and Anne (also in the same cruising club in Punta Gorda) have graciously invited them to join us for dinner. It will be a nice reunion.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
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Crew: Duane and Diane
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