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Sat 12 Oct 2013 - Dunedin City Marina

12 October 2013 | Dunedin City Marina
[photo: there were many pretty scenes but none of the pics captured the reality, so this was a mural on one shop wall]

I admit I was fooled. After an early bedtime and a sound sleep, I awoke to see a yellowish light coming in one of the ports facing east. I figured it was sunrise and got up. Then I realized it was only 0430 and it was the yellow light from the shore power pedestal. It was even too early for Clyde to come up on deck and enjoy the cool air, so I went back to bed for another hour or so.

The coffee was great this morning, and it was very nice not to be worrying about bugs. Clyde was now very interested in his surroundings and looked like he was methodically checking for a way off the boat. A younger and more nimble cat could easily have jumped the 4 feet to the seawall, but at least Clyde is too wary for that.

By 0815, we had the bikes off the boat and headed to the adjacent park to use our special code for the marina bath/showers co-located with the public restrooms. They were old, but functional and clean enough. It is a bit of a distance from our slip so you can't let the coffee kick in too long before you start walking.

The downtown is a block away and very nicely done. The street lamps, signage, bike racks, walkways, etc. are all attractive, as are most of the storefronts and eateries. After checking out Main Street with practically no one else there at that hour, we circled back and took the Pinellas Trail north a few miles. The trail is for bikes and pedestrians and runs fairly straight N and S at this point. When we had cycled enough N, we meandered back to the S and E trying to find the grocery and liquor stores. We did a good job, and got to see some of the different neighborhoods and nice parks along the way.

Leaving the stores, we rode directly back along Main Street and back through the downtown checking out place for a possible meal out, and then back to Diva Di. There was little time for rest, as next we walked back to the park and then the marina office where we paid for 2 nights. Back through the downtown on foot, we decided to have lunch at Flanagan's Irish Pub. Diane went with a craving and got a Philly Cheesesteak; I had the lamb stew and it was incredibly savory and delicious. We each had a pint, of course, as it is the proper thing to do. The walk back to the boat seemed longer for some reason, yet we stopped and bought a steak of fresh-caught wahoo at the fish market right at the marina for a meal in the near future.

Back aboard, the naps that we have foregone for quite a few days needed attention. With that chore done, I set about planning for tomorrow's journey. We hope to enter an anchorage near Treasure Island and see if dinghy access ashore is available.

Our last bike ride for this stop was N along the water on a crushed shell road with pretty homes and private docks. After a few miles we turned E for a block and got back on the Pinellas Trail to head back. We have quite a practiced system for folding the bikes and then getting them aboard and stowed below. We are so glad we have them and bring them whenever we feel there is need. We have seen so much more by using them, than just relying on our pedestrian power.

It was 1730 and cocktail time, so we had one aboard and then cleaned up to stroll over to Bon Appetit, the adjacent restaurant, where we sat at the bar and had one drink and shared an appetizer. We had some interesting chats with a few patrons and walked back happy and feeling fortunate to be enjoying as we are.

Clyde was not the same as the first night. He was apparently frustrated with not being able to get ashore this time and decided he wanted no part of his time topside. We could have put him in his harness and lead, but there were so many distractions that we feared he would balk and possibly slip out and escape.

A fishing charter came in late from 40 miles offshore with a good catch. During the long cleaning process, we were kibitzing. I mentioned that I got some wahoo and only had to walk 200 feet to the fish market. We all laughed, but for most fishermen that legally keep what they catch, the cost per pound is mighty high.

The evening temperature and light N breeze was, again, delightful. We got below around 2100 and plan to leave tomorrow near 0830.
Vessel Name: Diva Di
Vessel Make/Model: PDQ MV34 Power Cat
Hailing Port: Punta Gorda, FL
Crew: Duane and Diane
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Who: Duane and Diane
Port: Punta Gorda, FL