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Diva Di's Cruising Adventures
Day 69 - Worton Creek, MD
06/09/2012, Anchored at Worton Creek, MD

Fri 8 Jun 2012
Anchored at Worton Creek, MD

We enjoyed a good sleep despite the loud music and revelry 75 feet across the narrow fairway. What started out as a rather hot late afternoon and then a pleasant evening turned quite cool by morning. Not a bad thing, really.

The chilly morning made it easy to stay in bed until late (almost 0630), so we didn't get underway until 0730. With that relatively early departure, we enjoyed a half to full knot of fair current all the way up the bay to the entrance to Worton Creek. Not only was the current in our favor, but we could use the wind to our advantage for most of the run, as well.

We had misinterpreted what our friend Bill had told us, so we anchored near the entrance to Worton Creek for lunch to see if the tall ships would pass on their way to Norfolk, VA. Only after checking the Internet did we realize that the ships were already south of us, so we weighed anchor (with a working windlass!) and motored up the creek to anchor right off the Worton Creek Marina.

The cell signal is poor here, but I was able to call the marina to discover the both the bad and good news. The parts are not likely to be here until Tue (hopefully Wed at the latest) and that means we will be "stuck" here at least until Thursday. The good news is that they invited us to come and dock for free and use all their shower/pool facilities until we are done with the repairs, since it is not our fault that the parts are not here yet. That is quite a generous offer that I doubt most marinas would extend. We will stay at anchor in our relative solitude tonight and hope that the evening cools off since it is quite warm, although not too bad as of 1500. Tomorrow (Sat) we will move to the dock and easy access to whatever is ashore that we care to do.

Our friend, Harvey (husband of Diane's cousin Sara) will be back down to get on his boat (with Sara) Sun afternoon, so we will visit with them both then until they move their boat to Oxford, MD where they like to hang out for the summer as they can.

Our afternoon was relaxing after Duane figured out the problem with the auto-pilot and made an adjustment we hope will fix it. Diane finally found a good opportunity to sun herself on the deck while Duane studied the charts for the passages north from here later next week. In the mid-afternoon heat, a nap was in order for both of us and it felt great.

Even though it was still on the warm side close to 1800, we elected to get a lot of the cooking done so that we could concentrate on other things over the next few days. For the benefit of neophyte shipboard cooks, a little pre-planning goes a long way to making life easier. For example, we did the following all in one large, deep pot in a series of stages: sautéed onions for two meals, sautéed mushrooms for the chicken Marsala, browned the chicken medallions, prepared the Marsala wine sauce, browned the pork sausage and ground beef for the future lasagna, pre-cooked two sausage patties, cooked the penne pasta, and then heated the chicken with the penne for dinner tonight.

There was only one pot and one set of utensils to clean, and we now have the makings for 8 or more meals. The key is to have the right music playing, a soothing beverage of choice, and love in your heart.

Eating topside right after sundown at 2015 was very pleasant as the temperature had moderated and the light breeze was delightful. Clyde thought it was quite peaceful and demonstrated it by spending much time topside in various places. At least 5 boats have joined us in the anchorage but no one is the least bit crowded. At low tide, we registered 5.2 feet and we draw 4.6 feet, so we are very close to the bottom, but with no wave action in this protected area, we will be fine.

06/09/2012 | Anne
Bruce and I have really enjoyed reading about your adventures! Glad you are still planning to make it to Gloucester. Bruce plans to put our boat on a mooring so you can tie up to our dock! Looking forward to it!
Day 67, 68 - Boat and Crew re-united in Annapolis

We enjoyed a great visit and lunch with Diane's cousin Sara, and then we drove to Quakertown, PA, to visit with Diane's step-father. We dined at a nice restaurant and had an early night to bed.

After breakfast, it was a 3.5 hour drive to Annapolis where we parked the car in the expensive short-term lot by the city dock and Duane took Clyde via water taxi back to the boat. The boat was prepped for the short ride through the draw bridge and then to a slip at the city dock where Diane was waiting to assist.

Following a take-out lunch from Pip's, we took the car to reprovision and spent quite a bit, not to mention all the heavy loads to carry from the parking lot to the boat. While Diane unpacked and stowed everything to her liking, Duane returned the car and then got a ride back from the Enterprise employee.

Fri we will sail/motor to Worton Creek where we plan to anchor until Mon when the mechanic will (hopefully) be ready to assist with the camshaft replacement.


Once all that was done, Duane scrubbed the relatively filthy decks and then ambled across the street to the showers reserved for dock patrons. I should have kept a detailed log of all the various pros and cons of all the shower facilities we have seen; they sure have run the gamut from sublime to ridiculous. The only thing particularly good about these showers is the water pressure. I wish our old pressure washer could match it. We surely don't have any loose skin cells left after today.

Relaxing in the cockpit that faces the narrow waterway known as "ego alley," we are taking in the very interesting sights of vessels including: young hard-bodies on paddle boards, dads rowing their toddler daughters around, families on rubber dinghies, sailboats of all kinds, ridiculously expensive power boats, and water taxis and tours with wide-eyed tourists. Add to that the hundreds of people strolling the boardwalk alongside the docks and it is quite a people-watching event. We both said that it is fun to do this once, but probably not again.

The tidal current is not significant, but we hope to be leaving the dock by 0700 or so to catch most of it up the bay on our way to Worton Creek.

06/07/2012 | Jan
Glad all land visits went well. Sorry I missed ya' all. Diane has my schedule for July/Aug, hope we can catch up somewhere along the east coast on your return trip. Love, Jan
06/08/2012 | Pete and Faye
We have enjoyed your blog. We wish you fair winds and great anchorages.

We are currently securing all for hurricane season and on the verge of departure for a multi state "road cruise". We will be on Long Island around Aug 11. In 1953 the home port was North Port. I believe we will check it out to see what the influx of $$$ has done.
06/08/2012 | Duane Ising
Hi, Jan and Pete/Faye. Great ot hear from you.

Good luck with all the travels this summer. We are lucky to have not only such great friends, but those who don't wait for life to pass them by.
Day 66 - boat is in Annapolis, we are in PA

After leaving Shirley's house, we drove to stay with friends Tom and Gina for a night and visit. Following a fantastic lunch, Diane and Gina had a 3-hour spa day complete with massage, manicure and pedicure. Tom and I checked out his latest apartment rehab project and then played some close games of shuffleboard on their really nice wooden set.

Dinner was another wonderful home-cooked meal and then we watched a rather difficult to follow movie before a sound nght's sleep. Poor Clyde the cat keeps getting bounced around to different environments, and this one has three dogs. We managed to get him plenty of time out in the large yard and he seems much braver about exploring now - not necessarily a good thing.

Wed we will visit Diane's cousin and then her step-father.

06/06/2012 | Shirley O
You two have been doing a remarkable job. You look great! Happy to hear you're getting pampered.
Day 65 - boat is in Annapolis, we are in PA

The day dawned to almost cold and definitely wet, but it cleared a bit as we drive the hours to Grey Towers in Milford, PA. It is a historic site operated by the Forestry Service and was the summer home of two-time PA Governor and head of the Forestry Service, Gifford Pinchot. The home and surrounding gardens are impeccably well kept and it was quite a treat to take the guided tour, despite the changeable weather.

After a great lunch a local (historic) hotel, we drove back to relax before the family arrived again for another supper together. Tue we move on to stay with friends Tom and Gina, and then Wed we will visit with Diane's relative, Sara.

Day 64 - boat is in Annapolis, we are in PA

Our trip from NJ to PA only took 2.5 hours in very light traffic on a Sun morning in beautuful weather. We arrived to see Diane's nephew and her sister, Shirley. We went to a lttle league baseball game to watch the niece's youngest boy play and then came back to Shirley's for a great meal. Later, the niece's family all came over and we had a nice visit.

A semi-busy day is planned for Mon.

Day 63 - boat is in Annapolis, we are in NJ

The visitation Sat with the parents was nice, and we got over to see Duane's brother and his wife for a few hours. Then we got a nice treat to a local family restaurant and a night of TV with the folks.

Clyde was allowed numerous supervised excursions on the nice lawn without his harness (which really cramps his style, I am sure). He was skittish about the new environment, but quickly grew to enjoy it.

We leave tomorrow for PA.

06/03/2012 | Lynn Olzacki
Hi you two! It looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful time...mostly. Miss seeing your smiling faces in person. Enjoy the fam visits! xxoo
(from big "F"s) ;))
06/03/2012 | kate jazzercise??? Maybe on the return trip? Kate

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