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Great Adventure
07/23/2010, We're in Bora Bora

Hi everyone, I know that a lot of time has passed since my last entry into the blog, but here goes.
We're anchored off Bora Bora Yacht Club. Right now it's blowing about 10 knots and has been pretty windy all day with periods of showers (nearly every day).
We have visited 4 of the Marquesas' Islands (Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata and Nuka Hiva), only one atoll in the Tuamotu's (Rangaroia) and 5 of the Tahitian Islands (Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Tahaa, Raiatea and Bora Bora). All of the places were very beautiful (each in their own way).
The Marquesas were not as green as the others, but it was very relieving to finally spot Hiva Oa after 28 days at sea. The anchorage there was very calm and sheltered (and shallow), we used both bow and stern anchors there. See previous blog entry.
Tahuata was very nice on the Northerly coast, but windy on the Westerly coast. Tahuata is very close to Hiva Oa, only about 5 miles away. We went to two different anchorages here. The first was off the West coast of the island. The anchorage was shallow but very windy. We had anchored here the shore, but just below a "major" pass in the island. The wind blew so bad that we thought we would capsize the boat. We stuck out the night and then moved to a spot on the Northerly side of the island. It was a very nice spot with a white sand beach. Judy, Rob & Svein went ashore. There was only one building on the beach. It was a copra-drying shed and hadn't been used for a while. They found some "wild" limes there and Rob also brought back a couple of coconuts. After wandering round for a while, they came back to the boat. I had just napped and read while they were gone. We left the anchorage the next morning for Fatu Hiva.
Fatu Hiva has a very deep (and narrow) anchorage; we anchored in 90 feet of water. The anchorage is in the "Bay of Virgins". It is a spectacular sight as you come into the bay. It is said that this entrance is the most photographed in the islands. We wet ashore and explored the very small settlement here. We spent 2 nights here and left foe Nuka Hiva.
Nuka Hiva (the largest island in the group) was just OK. We spent 4 days here, getting some supplies and using the Internet. We found out that we could buy a card at the Post Office and use the Internet there. We went to 5 bays around this island, each was a "little' different then the other. The first bay we went into was Baie Comptrolier. It was a very long bay and got shallow fairly far out. We took a loooong hike there to some ruins (4 hours round trip). After this trip, I vowed to NOT go to anymore ruins, unless they were very accessible. They were having some sort of holiday (every Monday, it seemed like). They were having a bocce ball tournament, bingo and outrigger canoe races. We sat and watched the bocce ball and recouped our strength. After Baie Comptrolier, we went to Baie D'Anaho. It is around on the Northerly side of the island and is a very quiet anchorage. We spent 2 days here. Svein and Rob snorkeled with the people from Sea Flyer (the boat that almost lost their mast on the crossing from Mexico) while Judy and I went ashore and explored the small (again) settlement there. After this bay, we moved around the corner to Baie D'Hatiheu. There was only one other boat there. The boat's name is "Puppy". We had met the people aboard in La Cruz, before we left Mexico (we have become very close to them since). They came from LA and are both Russian. He is was born in Russia and raised in Germany. She was born in Russia also, but moved to La in the early 90's. Their boat is small, 36' and about 25 years old. They worked on the boat for a year and then left for Mexico. They weren't going to make the crossing into the South Pacific until next ear, but decided to go now. We will be "buddy boating" with them from Bora Bora to Samoa. Anyway, after leaving this anchorage (after a couple of days) we returned to the main bay (Taiohae Bay) before departing for the Tuamoto's. It was a 4-day sail from Nuka Hiva to Rangaroia.

Land Ho
06/25/2010, Hiva Oa, Marquesas

We pulled into Baie Tahuku, it is on the Southerly side of the island. After resting up for the day, we all headed for the only town near where we had landed Atuona. We had to anchor outside the bay because there was no room for us, too many other boats in the small harbor. We finally made it into the main anchorage a couple of days later when some boats had left.

06/29/2010 | allan
good to see that you found the blog again. you must be near a wifi site. more pictures would be nice for us vicarious travelers. belwell and safe
07/12/2010 | the dinghy Diane
Don't know if you get this, but here it goes.Your latest BLOG is dated 6-25 and it is now 7-12. Where are you?? I'm off next week to New Mexico for a week. After that I will be home a whole month before the next excursion. Who is traveling on water or me on land??? Love, the dinghy
07/22/2010 | Lucy Lowe
We loved seeing the shot of Marquesas and think of you often...everytime I see an iguana here in P.V. and there are lots. Keep in touch. Enjoy that happy for YOU! hugs,
On the way
06/25/2010, The High Seas

This is a picture of one of the sunrises. There were many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and some that weren't.
Well, after 28 days on the water we reached the Marquesas, Hiva Oa to be exact. It was a welcome sight and we were all glad that we had made it. The batteries didn't get any worse and we did all we could to conserve power. We only ran the motor about an hour a day to build up the charge (that they would hold) and we had found out the problem battery. We disconnected the bad one and worked with the other 2. We had bought a small 12volt battery for the hookah and had to use it a few times to start the motor (and then we recharged it).
With all of the trials of the batteries, we had also had to endure squalls, no wind and confused seas for the entire crossing. BUT, WE MADE IT, 2700 miles of open ocean.

I will add additional information later.

Goodbye Mexico
06/25/2010, Punta de Mita, Mexico

This is a picture of Punta de Mita, our jumping off place.
Well a lot has happened since my last entry into this blog. We left Mexico on April 7th and headed for the Marquesas.
About 500 miles out we started to have problems with our batteries. We all had a discussion about turning back. The problem with turning back was where were we going to hit Mexico (?), how long would it take (?), how long would it take to get new batteries (?) and when would we be able to get going again (?). We all new that if we turned back that Big Rob (our son) would have to leave and return home and wouldn't be able to make the crossing. We all reached the decision to continue on and if it got worse, we would deal with it then.

04/04/2010, Mexico

This is a shot of the park, after the planning for the Presidential visit, and still prior to the boat show. There is about a month between this picture and the previous one. They repainted all of the buildings on the main street (that leads to the marina). They did this all before the boat show opened. The entire area around the marina was being filled in (with dirt) out to the ocean (bay) during the month and a half that we had been there. It was an amaxing transformation of the town. I'm sure that this was done to impress the President. He came for the first MexOrc race and then again to open the boat show. It also had something to do with the 200th anniversary of Mexico.

04/03/2010, Mexico

This is the park just outside of the marina entrance. This is before the festivities of the boat races and boat show within the marina.

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