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Drapers gone cruising on Cunard Queen Victoria
Southhampton to San Francisco
Halfway to San Francisco

About halfway to San Francisco, temperature is starting to drop.

Got quite chilly on the balcony just before sun down whilst we were looking for whales only saw a couple in the distance.

Nearly time to start packing and pay the bar bill!!!

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29/01/2013, Mexico

Tuesday 29th


Arrived Huatulco 7:00am and berthed at Santa Cruz.

Off the ship at 9:15am and have until 5:00pm to get back on board.

Made the most of the day snorkelling in caves and then back to the ship for a quick change, and then a taxi ride into the town to take in the atmosphere of a bustling Mexican town $3 and no tips required.
I really liked Santa Cruz, nice beaches and town with local markets. It's been built from scratch and there are strict building and Eco friendly rules to make sure it is not spoilt by property developers

Hautulco is our last port of call until we reach San Francisco which is the end of our cruise.

We stay in San Francisco for three days before heading back to the UK.

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03/02/2013 | Lynn Inkley
sorry to hear about the sore throat. Hope it will soon be much better.You have certainly used the shore excursions to see the local areas which is great I'm sure you will have some fabulous pictures. Enjoy the remaining trip love mum Lynn
News Update
28/01/2013, On route to Hautulco

Just a quick catch up as the Satellite Internet connection has not been good.

Friday 25th

Cartagena arrival time 8:00am. Have to be back on board by 3:00pm sailing at 5:00pm
Spent the morning doing a horse and carriage tour around the city. We were fitted out with earphone and radio so that the tour guide could talk about the the sites of interest as the tour progressed.
We picked a good tour as other tours were just walk about, we bumped into loads of profusely sweating passengers doing walkabout in the 39 degree heat. :-)

Saturday 26th

Panama Canal

Up at 5:00am to watch the approach to the Panama Canal.

What an experience! The transit of the canal took about 12 hours going through the various locks and inter lock passages amazing!
After the transit of the canal we are on south-south-westerly course across the Gulf of Panama and around Punto Mala and the we head north for Hautulco a 2 day passage and our next stop.

Sunday 27th

At sea

Monday 28th

At sea

Both went to the Royal court theatre for a really funny talk by Jane Ashers husband none other than Gerald Scarfe the satirical cartoonist. He was talking about 50 years of his career - brilliant and made my day.
It can get a little boring listening to people harping on about how many cruises they've been on and what privalidge level they are at. And "did you go to the captains cocktail party" well no as I'm not doing the world tour. We are still savouring our renewal of marriage vows during our last cruise performed by the same female captain, it's nice as she still remembers us and stops by at dinner.
Quite frankly we have both agreed that a world tour is too long. If the opportunity arises we would split the journey have a break then do the other half.

Some of the passengers we have become friendly with are on their second world cruise within 2 years and will be going to the same places!!!! Personally I would have to go to new places the worlds a big place with lots more interesting places to go.

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Montego Bay

Today we berthed in Montego Bay.
Up early for a 4x4 safari to a river and waterfall.
Back by 13:15 temperature around 27 degrees C, ate oranges straight off the tree and had Jerk chicken and hush puppies a sort of corn fritter.
Ship leaving at 17:00 for the next port of Cartagena where we have a coach trip and pony ride planned around the town.

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27/01/2013 | lynn inkley
The trip sounds great so pleased to hear about the different extra activities. The carriage drive sounds very elegant. Was it comfortable? The Panama Canal transit must have been really impressive.Carry on having fun love Lynn /Mum

As we thought trying to keep the blog updated is hard work due to slow connections whilst at sea.
Looks like the precautions being taken by the ships management are working as we haven't had any problems with the Noro Virus as far as we know!

Right now we are on a 24 hour passage to Cartagena.

After Cartagena we will be transiting the Panama Canal.

Hopefully we can can keep this up to date.

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New York here we come

17th Jan

We dock in New York tomorrow 06:00 ish and leave at 21:00.

This will mark the end of a trip for two couples at our dinner table so we will be seeing some new faces for dinner when we resume the voyage to San Francisco.

Was hoping to hookup with our friends Dickie and Lana in New York, unfortunately they have to visit their mother in Watkins Glen due to unforeseen circumstances.

To make up for the above we have booked a site seeing trip around New York which right now is at a temperature of zero degrees!!!
We have to be on the dockside by 06:45 and go through customs then on to our trip so it's an 05:00 early morning call!!!

Due to customs regulations all ongoing passengers have to get off the ship in New York go through immigration checks and then get back on.

Hope the weather warms up as we continue our journey the whole trip across the Atlantic was overcast, damp and cold.

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21/01/2013 | Robin
It looks like you guys are having fun! Hope you got to see a bit of New York. Cold weather is headed our way.

You guys are looking good and traveling in style!

You just missed the Inauguration Day celebration in DC by a few days. It's going to be a cold one!

Take care and hope the weather is better for you in Ft Lauderdale.
Close second

Here we go again!

New York
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17/01/2013 | Gabrielle
Looking good guys . All Sounds like so much fun. Cabin looks great
Ready for the ball

Ready to go

New York
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Halfway to New York
Rob and Patsy

Not updated the blog for a couple of days as there's not much going on of real interest.

Patsy attended a talk by an expert on Carl Faberge and his eggs!

Last night went to the Theatre to see Roy Walker the comedian
Of "Catch phrase" fame quite funny at times.

Up early today Patsy hooking up with the Gym coach.
Had a quick workout and then off to the Lido restaurant for breakfast.

Jane Asher back on the stage again in the Royal court theatre talking about her cake making business and then a book signing session.

Lunch in the Lido again nice salads.

Off for a couple of hours in the Spa fitness centre - steam room, hydro therapy pool and then the thermal beds followed by a smoothie :-)

Whoopy just saw the sun for the first time this trip and the sea is calming down.

Getting ready for dinner and the masked ball tonight.

Rob went to see the on board acupuncturist for a consultation he says he can fix his Tinnitus with seven treatments some herbal tablets and $1000!!!!!!

New York
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First day at sea
Rob and Patsy Weather raining

Rocky old night with the wind howling around our balcony French doors didn't affect me to much as it was like having stereo tinnitus!

We have to adjust our timepieces back by an hour a day as we cross the Atlantic, well we did it on the wrong day and missed breakfast!!
Not all was lost as there is the Lido restaurant on the top deck that serves food all day so we did get breakfast after all.

We attended a very interesting talk by "Jane Asher" about her acting career accompanied by lots of pictures and video. I didn't realise that she was in the film "The Quatermass experiment" which I saw as a young lad at the Odeon cinema in Kingswood scared the hell out of me then but peanuts by today's standards!

14:00 Went to the theatre again to watch a movie followed by cream teas. Ship still rocking and rolling but not too unpleasant.

Catering doesn't seem to be as slick as the last time we sailed on this ship but they are having to cope with a lot of changes to combat the spread of the Noro virus. We have to careful about touching our mouths or food and there is obligatory hand wash as you enter the restaurants. Now do I wash my hands before or after I press the lift button?
But really isn't to much hassle, generally after the first 48 hours after we sail some of the restrictions are eased as that's the incubation period for the virus.

Looking forward to dinner tonight in the Britannia restaurant, we are on a table of eight - you get to meet an interesting cross section of people that way.

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Leaving Southampton England

Well we arrived at Southampton in good time but check in at the docks was sooooo long. We had to shuffle along in a zig zag queue for 30 minutes and were nearly at the check when a fire alarm went off so they evacuated everyone across the road whilst they investigated!!!! Needless to say it was a false alarm and so we went through the whole thing again.
We are now under way having left Southhampton to nice little fireworks display as this ship is starting a world cruise.

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10/01/2013 | Gabrielle
Hi, Great to see that you are on your way. Luv that we can follow the cruise with you. Just the thought of boarding in Southhampton as so many voyagers have before you -it must have been so exciting!!!
Ships WiFi

Well here's hoping we can keep this blog updated during our voyage.

Unfortunately ships WiFi uses a satellite to access the Internet which wasn't the most reliable last time I used it on a previous cruise. By the time you have logged into the ships wifi and got an Internet connection it's cost you a quid! then it's like walking through mud as far as speed is concerned and all the time it's costing you money.
Hopefully we might be able to pick up shore side wifi when we are in port.

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10/01/2013 | Robin
Happy New Year! and what a way to start off the new year. Maybe you can throw us a tow line from the ship to the Wicked Witch when you pass the entrance of the Cheseapeake Bay so we can hitch a ride. Looking forward to reading your posts!


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