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SV DreamCatcher
Longboat to Venice, FL

Wonderful downwind sail to Venice - anchored with both bow and stern anchors. Loving this lifestyle!

01/13/2011 | Terri McGee Lovett
Gina, I'm so happy that your life is so exciting and you're with the love of your life. On a boat cruising around to exciting places and still have some comforts of home. Who would have ever thought? Be safe. I will be praying for you and Bruce to have calm waters and perfect winds (whatever that is) until you're land lubbers again.
The Great Blessings Cruise has begun!

The first day of the Great Blessings Cruise! We headed out of Clearwater Channel at 10:30 am, excited to start this new chapter in our lives. It has been a crazy week - Bruce retired on Tuesday, and after a busy week of selling his car, provisioning, stowing and re-stowing, with final chores done on DreamCatcher (and one last run to the yogurt shop!) we were ready to cast off lines and set sail. The wind was from the east 15-18, sunny skies and a cool 65 degrees. We had a gorgeous seven hour sail to Long Boat Key. We are planning on staying here till Tuesday, then head south again. Enjoying the wonderful diesel heater Bruce installed - yay for a warm boat after getting out of the shower! Hope to finish the wind generator project tomorrow and rest up (read take a nap!). We celebrated our two year anniversary yesterday and are thankful for this time in our lives and for the blessings God has given us - much love to all.

01/10/2011 | Gary & Juli
You are so worthy of all these blessings. Enjoy the ride!
01/10/2011 | Sonia MelÚndez
What a Blessing! I will keep you both in my prayers for a happy journey and a safe sail back home. Congrats on the wonderful two years together and best wishes for a lifetime full of joy!
With love always,

01/10/2011 | scotty sanders
Wow! It is really happening. God bless you as you shine the light of Jesus in all kinds of places. My prayers are with you and can't wait to hear from you again. Much love,
01/10/2011 | Rachelle
Gina and Bruce,

I am so happy for you guys! Be safe and we wish you wonderful adventures. Hope we can meet up with you somewhere along the way.
01/10/2011 | Elaine
WhooHoo! God is Good!
01/10/2011 | Jesse Cancelmo
So exciting and very happy for you! Be careful!
01/10/2011 | Karlin Daniel -Windflower - 37 PSC
Congratulations on your journey, and, lifetime adventure. I will be leaving in February on the start of my voyage and maybe we can connect up along the way.
01/10/2011 | Devin & Liz
Congratulations to you both! We wish you fair winds and calm seas. Just remember the heater means your in the wrong place and the wrong time!
Love to you both Devin & Liz, s/v Moosetracks
01/10/2011 | Vickie Parrish
Wishing you fair winds, calm seas, and a lifetime of happiness. Blessings to you both.
01/10/2011 | Joe Cardone
This was only your first day, and I excited to hear more. Have a safe, fun, and enjoyable journery.
01/10/2011 | Lindsay
DreamCatcher looks good!
01/11/2011 | Sue Holzhauser
Yeah for you-we might have lost touch, but we are so glad to hear that life is treating you both so well! You would be so proud of Clark-he finished school got a good job with World Fuels and then also went to work for the Katy Volunteer fire Dept. He was named Firemena of the year! God Bless both of you!
01/12/2011 | Jason and Erica
As we say back in New Yawk: "You go girl!"

Bon voyage to you and Bruce. We'll be following your adventures with great anticipation!
01/12/2011 | Suzy Cash
Hi Gina and Bruce. That picture with the boat and the palm trees is great. Ya'll are really moving right along. Miss you!
Thanksgiving in Destin
11/27/2010, Destin, FL

We are blessed once again to be spending this Thanksgiving holiday in Destin, FL, with our dear friends Don & Suzy. Bruce cooked a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and have been enjoying the sun and beach. We have much to be thankful for!

12/04/2010 | Devin & Liz
What a lovely photo, great to see you two still having so much fun now your married!

We reluctantly headed home to Clearwater (a three hour sail) - back to the real world! Bruce enjoyed 2-1/2 weeks aboard DreamCatcher, and Gina ten days - we always love sailing her and look forward to more adventures.

12/16/2010 | Devin & Liz
We know you'll both enjoy many more weeks of sailing, I can see it in your very near future... nope we don't have a crystal ball we're just good listeners :-)
Heading Home

We departed the Dry Tortugas at 9:00 am with 4-6' seas and ENE winds at 18-22 - DreamCatcher is always steady and sure in these conditions - unfortunately Gina is not! After an initial bout of mal de mer, she felt better and gradually got her sea legs. We arrived in John's Pass 33 hours later, anchoring in our favorite cove and getting some much needed sleep.

Dry Tortugas

We spent the next five days enjoying the gorgeous turquoise water, exploring Fort Jefferson and visiting with all the "birders" that take the ferry boats from Key West. We had originally planned to leave after a couple of days, but the Lord had a different plan. The winds were a consistent 22-30 knots - one night the park rangers clocked winds at a steady 45 knots, with gusts to 53! Yeeehhhaaaawwww!!

Dry Tortugas

We departed for the Dry Tortugas Sunday morning with light winds behind us - arrived at Garden Key around 7:00 pm, anchoring just outside the fort along with eight other boats. It's amazing that the US built this huge brick fort with 6 million bricks 65 miles west of Key West!

Key West bound

Gina departed St. Pete in Rob's Jeep for the eight hour drive to Key West - haven't driven this route in quite a few years - arrived at dinner time - Bruce had fixed goat stew!! Obviously he did not think I would be there this early! It wasn't bad - but determined that I would probably skip it next time - Bruce made up for it by taking me to get key lime pie on a stick - YUM!! For you key lime pie on a stick aficionados, we think the Blond Giraffe's is the best - I love Key West!
Monday, April 5, 2010

Heading south!

Bruce set sail for Key West - departed 8:00 am - motored to Venice, sailed south with light winds. After an overnight passage, arrived in Key West at 4:30 pm. Blessed to have a slip at Conch Harbor Marina (thank you Rob!!) - Urology conference started Wednesday, gorgeous weather - summer has finally arrived!

Easter Weekend
04/01/2010, Sarasota, FL

It's Easter weekend! We're celebrating the risen Lord! Bruce headed for Sarasota from Clearwater today - 8.5 hour passage, anchored near downtown Sarasota - I drove from work and met him for the holiday weekend. Friday we visited the Ringling museum (art/house/rose gardens/circus museums), Saturday morning we browsed the farmers market - bought purple potatoes! Easter morning we attended a sunrise service on the beach - I love Easter! I drove home to Clearwater Sunday evening - Bruce will set sail tomorrow for Key West.

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