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Melbourne to Melbourne Beach

Still raining today - is this really Florida?? For breakfast I made whole wheat blueberry/walnut muffins and we watched the second sermon, "At Capacity" in the series "Time" by Andy Stanley. The main point was that if God first is not your priority, then everything else you try to accomplish in the day will not be realized. "Priority determines capacity". Hummmmmm. After breakfast we pulled up anchor, but only motored a couple of hours and decided to anchor again by 11:00 am. Visibility bad, raining hard (thankful for side windows!) no need to go further. In the afternoon we had time to look for a fresh water leak that has been filling our galley floor compartment - started searching in the quarter berth with no success, but we did find a deck leak that needs repairing - UGH! So, like all good cruisers we ate lunch, read, took naps, and made our afternoon tea. The leak will be there tomorrow. Bruce fixed my favorite dinner - Picadillo and plantains - YUM!

"Pray and let God worry". Martin Luther

Cape Canaveral to Melbourne

Five hour jib sail down intercoastal. Anchored, started raining so we took naps and read. Cruising is tough!!

Cape Canaveral

Another Christmas decoration pic!!

Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral. We woke up to a soft rain, the first one in weeks. We are hoping that it washes the salt and mud (from our anchor) off of the boat. Our anchorage is next to the cruise ship terminal, and since it is Saturday there are four cruise ships at the terminal today. We're really enjoying the wildlife - lots of dolphins and birds feeding in the area. I realized today that Christmas is only two weeks away, so I decorated the boat with the few items we brought (it took longer to dig the decorations out of the locker than to set them out!!). We have three purple sequined cone trees, two small wreaths and two stockings! Thank you Lord for the simple life! We dinked through the locks in the afternoon and ate at Rusty's restaurant on the canal - great gorgonzola bread!!

12/12/2011 | Liz
Love the Decor Gina! , Need I say more, our are Moose, Moose and just a few more Moose, plus a crute Tree!
Titusville to Cape Canaveral

We had a leisurely four hour motor down the intercoastal, entering the Cape Canaveral canal to an anchorage just outside the locks. Enjoyed a manatee sighting and there were dozens of feeding dolphins all around the boat. We spent the afternoon reading - Bruce fixed a wonderful pasta and we watched another free movie on Amazon Prime (before it expires). For my birthday in November Bruce bought me a Kindle Fire with a purple leather case - it included one month of free movies, so we are taking advantage of it!

"A sailor's joys are as simple as a child's". Bernard Moitessier

12/12/2011 | Liz
what's this Bruce? Your wearing PURPLE too!
12/22/2011 | Elaine Snowden
I'm just now reading your blog! Hmmm, Bruce is weakening....purple pullover!!!

The battery was replaced this morning, I did our laundry, dumped the trash and filled the water tank - we're ready to go! BUT, the engine will not start now - UGH! We called the contractor back out - he forgot to connect one of the battery cables! We will now spend another night in the marina, hoping to depart tomorrow for Cape Canaveral. To drown my sorrows (not really) I walked over to "Caffe Chocolat" and had a frapp - YAY!! OK, OK, so I don't need an excuse for a frapp - whatever!!

New Smyrna to Titusville

We motored 4.5 hours down the intercoastal today - in the last few days Bruce has noticed that our batteries are not charging properly, so we decided to take a slip in the Titusville Municipal Marina and have them checked out. We were blessed to find a local boat contractor on our dock and he determined that one of our batteries was dead - and it was only 2.5 years old! He will return in the morning to pick up our old one and replace it - aaaahhhhh, the joys of boat ownership!! We enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant "Chops" with a couple on a catamaran on our dock - they just cruised from Savannah to Cuba, on to Mexico and back. A sad note: they shared that cruising was not for them and the boat is now for sale and they are returning to land life.

Daytona to New Smyrna

Anchored just south of the last bridge in New Smyrna - not many options for cruisers in this area - dinked into town and walked Canal Street. Bruce cooked a big pot of beans in the pressure cooker and I made cornbread - YUM! Watched Monday night's episode of Castle online - we will miss that show!

St. Augustine to Daytona

Motored 9.5 hours to Daytona, anchoring out near the causeway. Most common question we get is where are we headed - we have a general idea of what we would like to do, however we always end our response by saying whatever the Lord wills and "all plans are set in jello" - found this pic of grape jello - perfect!!

Pine Island to St. Augustine

We began the morning with a Big Dog Breakfast (Italian potatoes/eggs/bacon) and started a new DVD sermon series with Andy Stanley, "Time of Your Life". We motored two hours to St. Augustine and picked up a mooring ball at the municipal marina this afternoon. Enjoyed dinner at the Saltwater Cowboy (a locally owned 47 year old restaurant with lots of old time pics, snake skins on walls and a tin roof) with Renne and Jon, aboard s/v JonNe - celebrating an early birthday for Renne (7th) and watched the sun go down over the marshes. Always great to see cruising friends - you are never sure when your wakes will cross again, but it will seem like we just saw them yesterday!

TODAY'S PROVERB: 16:21 The wise man is known by his common sense, and a pleasant teacher is the best.

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