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SV DreamCatcher
Marsh Harbour

It's appetizer potluck Thursday at the Jib Room! Bruce spent the day doing business on the internet and made marinated mozzarella cubes for the gathering. We always enjoy meeting new cruisers and visiting with old friends. Bruce said he was feeling weak (Samson) - I (Delilah) gave him a short haircut today!

Marsh Harbour

OK, for all who are anxiously awaiting my baking adventures, I did test my yeast and it was bad. WHEW! I was starting to doubt my culinary skills (yea right!). We bought more yeast, and I will try again. Anita (s/v Why Knot) and I walked over to the famous castle that the "Out Island Doctor" built. In the 1960s, American Evans Cottman traveled to the Bahamas, where he settled on Abaco and through his desire and the needs of the people he became the "out island doctor". While Cottman had no formal training as a doctor, he took basic first aid courses and was able to make a big difference in the lives of the island people. The book he wrote is a classic account of his life in the Bahamas, including experiences boating in the clear blue waters, meeting his Bahamian wife, and building his "castle" on the island of Abaco. Bill and Anita (s/v Why Knot) joined us for dinner on DreamCatcher - they brought Texas steaks and we supplied the appetizer and sides. Bill would have liked more Crown Royal, but on a prior visit my dad had polished off most of the bottle! At least we are left with the purple bag to stow stuff in!

02/13/2012 | Eagle's Wings
Hi Gina, You are definitely having a good time. The doctor got more than just first aid training and he first "reached" the out islands late forties, early fifties according to the book. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in what the Bahamas were back then.

Wish I were there - I mean now, not then!
Marsh Harbour

Laundry day. UGH! Loaded up all our laundry and headed into town - the laundromat is big, busy, dirty and about a third of the machines are out of order (there was only one machine available when I arrived - had to do single loads). Oh well. Bruce ran errands while I washed. Always nice to sit and visit with people while you wait. Good news is Abaco Pizza is located next door, so we had pizza after the dirty deed was done. Woohoo! Thank you Lord! Above is a pic of a dinghy parking lot - we're still in civilization!

02/13/2012 | Elaine Snowden
Nice dinghy dock and ladder! : )
Guana Cay to Marsh Harbour

Overcast skies, easy 1.5 hour sail to Marsh Harbour. Loaded up the dink with trash, propane tank and our cart to do town chores. I'm sure the locals are used to cruisers schlepping their stuff down the streets - what a hoot! We ate at a new restaurant (for us), JuNovias - great food and Christian music. We were able to find a new macerator pump (over twice the US$ price) so we will be installing it in the next couple of days

Guana Cay

Super Bowl Sunday!! We attended Church this morning, then headed back to the boat to rest up for the big game (you know how crazy we retirees get!). We met Bill and Anita (s/v Why Knot) and Mike and Sandy (s/v Second Spree) at Nippers to watch it. I think we were more interested in the commercials than the game!

Guana Cay

More boat chores. We dinked in to Grabbers for more flat bread pizza (I know I need help!) and Bill and Anita (s/v Why Knot) joined us. Spent the afternoon visiting with them and they told the story of the 2:00 a.m. dismasting (chainplate failure) of their Island Packet 37 boat in 2009 (with grandkids aboard) on their way to the Dry Tortugas! God was good - no injuries and they were able to return to Bradenton, FL. for repairs.

Guana Cay

Interesting day. Big Dog tackled one of his FAVORITE projects - a stinky head! We weren't sure what was going on, but after unloading a bilge compartment we discovered a full holding tank (we weren't even supposed to be pumping to it!) and a broken macerator pump, plus once again waste going into the bilge! YUK! The joys of boat ownership! SO, we are not using the forward head and will now buy a replacement pump (Bruce took the pump apart and determined it is not repairable). I once again failed in bread making (roasted garlic bread) - it didn't rise! Tasted great, but very flat. Oh well. Bruce said it wasn't really a failure, but an opportunity for improvement. Sigh. We enjoyed cocktails with new friends Lisa and Craig on s/v Second Spree - always fun to share life stories.

02/04/2012 | Renne Siewers
Wish we could catch up with you. My daughter is in the hospital and I'm in Columbia, SC. Jon took the boat out and the shaft came out again. Marathon Boat Yard apparently did not put it in correctly. Sigh. I don't know when it will end. i need to be out cruising.
02/06/2012 | John & Sabrina Shannon
Working on boats in exotic places!
02/06/2012 | little sister
just bought our dink and greg going to get boat in may. hopefully we'll be there by 2013. love you guys!
No Name Cay to Guana Cay

No groundhogs today! 2.5 hour motor through Whale Cut into Guana Cay. It's always a challenge finding good holding here, but the second try worked! We dinked in and had lunch at Grabbers with Linda and Rick from s/v Sojourner, and enjoyed catching up with them (conch chowder for Bruce, flatbread pizza for me!).

No Name Cay

Today we went exploring in the dink (really rough, not very good for snorkeling the reef) looking for lobster and conch - no success! We did have fun tying up to the mangroves and taking a short hike across the island to the Atlantic side. Bruce found and cleaned a coconut, but unfortunately the meat was spoiled! He did pick up some big snails for an escargot appetizer.

Green Turtle Cay to No Name Cay

We left around 10:30 to head out to No Name Cay, but as we were motoring out the channel the engine temperature light came on! We quickly anchored just outside New Plymouth and started the search for what was causing the problem. After giving the engine time to cool down, we found antifreeze under it and a hose that had worn through at the hose clamp - thank you Lord, we love easy fixes! To celebrate we dinked into town to the Crazy Love Coffee Shop and had a frapp, then pulled up anchor for an easy one hour motor over to No Name Cay. No Name Cay is under consideration for part of the Bahamas National Park System and we shared the anchorage with only one other boat - YAY!

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