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Nassau to Frazers Hog Cay, Berry Islands

Almost a windless day - we started out motoring to Frazers Hog Cay with glassy seas - the wind picked up to 6-7 knots and we were able to sail for 90 minutes until it died again to 2-4 knots. On the way I made pina colada muffins (for breakfast tomorrow) and Bruce fished along the way (no success). Dropped the anchor around 4:30 - restful evening reading and grilling chicken for dinner.


Another day of boat chores - I'm still trying to clean up the mildew inside the boat and Bruce changed the oil. We had Mia's Pizza delivered for dinner - YUM!
Proverbs 18:10 The Lord is a strong fortress. The godly run to him and are safe.


Busy day catching up on landfall errands - laundry (almost six weeks worth), trash, grocery, filling the water tank, finding a frapp - you understand, the basics! Met some new friends, Rick and Candice from s/v Wings and joined them for drinks and conch salad (chicken for me!) at Potters Cay.

Rose Island to Nassau, New Providence Island

Back to civilization! Easy five mile sail to Nassau - docking at the Nassau Harbour Club was an adventure! We crushed one of our new solar panels ($$$$) on a piling - ouch! We now have one more item on the to-do list for Florida!

SW Allens Cay to Rose Island

Minimal wind today (less than five knots), so we motor sailed five hours to Rose Island (just east of Nassau). Very different conditions from our last time here in March with Lindsay and Andrew (25-20 knots of wind - HUGE seas). We're almost back to civilization!

SW Allens Cay

We went snorkeling in the morning, then headed over to Highbourne Cay for lunch. Had a wonderful trip - flat seas (last time we were here we were soaked by the time we arrived!). This is a privately owned island with a new marina, store and restaurant. Lunch at Xumas was wonderful - Caesar salad for me (and key lime cheesecake) and lamb burger for Bruce. We always try to have different foods than what we have on the boat - yay for new tastes! We shared the anchorage with a powerboat from Nassau with a professional photographer and his three models - never had a chance to find out the details of the shoot, but lots of skin was revealed!

SW Allens Cay

The great silver hunter is victorious again! Those conchs don't stand a chance - Bruce chased down six!! No injuries were reported (as you recall, the last hunt his big toe was attacked!). Grilled conch is on the menu for tonight for Bruce and chicken for me.

Normans Cay to SW Allens Cay

We had an easy three hour jib sail to SW Allens Cay - we were blessed to have the small anchorage all to ourselves. It is a U shaped island with Iguanas living on it and two beautiful beaches just across from us. We caught these two iguanas mating - Bruce is thinking of selling the pictures to Playlizard magazine. Today Bruce cleaned the inlet and outlet holes to the outboard engine - seems to be running fine. We'll see.....

Normans Cay

Easy day at anchor. Our dinghy engine is not happy again, so we are stuck on the boat (we were here last year, so no new territory to explore). We think the impeller needs replacing, so the lower unit will need to be dropped - now trying to determine how and where to go about this chore. Too far to shore, seas too lumpy to try onboard. Sigh. We started the morning with Big Dog breakfast and a new series by Andy Stanley, "Twisting the Truth". This study is to help us discover the ways God's truth gets twisted in our lives and culture and how we can recognize and overcome the deceptions. Don't forget - Satan is the prince of this world. The invisible impacts our visible world.
Psalms 20:7-9 God's laws are perfect. They protect us, make us wise, and give us joy and light. God's laws are pure, eternal, just.

Pipe Cay to Normans Cay

We can't get away from this place fast enough! We spent a hot, humid night fighting the bugs despite screens and bug spray. UGH! We had a seven hour jib sail with the wind dying the last hour into Normans Cay. Thankful to be away from the proximity to shore (and bugs) with a tidal current and wind to keep us cool. We are using our "Breeze Bandit" for the first time (Devin and Liz - you need one of these!) - when the wind and tide are opposed, the four chambers allow wind to funnel down from any direction - YAY!

06/04/2012 | LIZ
yes I agree, is your breeze booster homemade?

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