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Bimini, Bahamas

Christmas has arrived on DreamCatcher! We even have two new WOW CD's of Christmas music (sung by Christian artists)!

12/06/2012 | Bob & Jane Flton
Ahoy DreamCatcher. We're Bob & Jane Fulton aboard packeteer s/v Voyageur. Currently in Marsh Harbour, we're waitn' for (1) minor repairs, (2) better weather and (3) Steak Night at the Jib Room before headin' South for Eluthra and the Exumas. Hope to cross wakes with ya'll this winter and will look for you on #68 and #16. 'Til then, look for us on the horizon and at .
Marathon, FL to Bimini, Bahamas

November 26 - 27, 2012. Hard to believe we've been in Marathon ten days, but it's time to depart! We have received the last of our parts and deliveries, filled the propane and water tanks, made one last trip to Publix and are ready to go. We left the harbor around 3:30 pm for an overnight trip to the Bahamas - the wind is easterly 10-18 knots so we headed slightly south to get out into the axis of the Gulf Stream, then we altered course to the northeast for Bimini. As we neared Bimini Bruce caught this Wahoo - we know what's on the menu tonight! We arrived 25 hours later just as the sun was setting, so we anchored just outside the channel (the channel had a dredge moored in it and markers had been changed since our last visit) for a morning entry for customs. Our last trip here Bruce was scolded by Customs for not coming to the Customs dock (or a local marina) for entry, so we carefully docked on the cement pier for our clearance. A note for our cruising friends - you MUST either go to this dock or secure a slip in a marina for entry - the boat anchored next to us was refused entry till they pulled up anchor and moved to the dock for clearance. UGH! After clearing in we moved down to the anchorage just outside Bimini bay - very thankful, as the scheduled front has started moving through - looks like we will be in Bimini till the next weather window - possibly five or six days.

Marathon, FL

November 16 - 26, 2012. The title of this blog entry is "Marathon Motor and Sailboat Trailer Park". Our first morning here when we woke up Bruce exclaimed "we are in a parking lot!!!" and it is so true! Marathon's mooring balls are only half filled, but it is funny to look out the porthole and see boats everywhere - sigh. We spent our time here finishing our spare part orders, provisioning, replacing my bike tire, celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with over one hundred other cruisers at a potluck and best of all making new friends! We met new cruisers Kathy and Russell aboard s/v Beluga and had them over for their very first "sundowner" and Bill and Dawn aboard s/v Cambyration. During our stay I made cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies, sharing them with our new friends.

Newfound Harbor to Marathon, FL

The picture is of our new friend Duane Hope - he posts fun videos of his life on YouTube under the name "duanezz70". Check it out - you'll love them! We had a four hour motorsail to Marathon where we took a mooring ball at the Boot Key City Marina. Last time we were here there were no mooring balls (226) available - however since it is early in the season the cruising crowd has not arrived yet and we were able to get one. Marathon is a big cruising destination - some cruisers come for the entire season, some just pass through. We took our bikes ashore and did the usual land chores - trash, ice, mailed a package, grocery, etc., etc. We will be here till sometime after Thanksgiving, as we are waiting on our Garmin radar to be repaired (2nd time). Sigh.

Key West to Newfound Harbor, FL

November 14 - 15, 2012 Time to leave this fun city! Five hour motorsail to Newfound Harbor. We met the "unofficial" harbormaster Duane - he has lived on this bay for more than 30 years on various boats and is a sixth generation sponger - he greeted us as we were dinking in to shore and graciously invited us to dock at a nearby house where he is the caretaker - thank you Lord! We rode our bikes all around Big Pine Key and No Name Key looking for the endangered species "Key Deer". The Key Deer are the smallest of the 28 subspecies of Virginia white-tailed deer. Bucks range from 28-32" at the shoulder and weigh an average of 80 lbs. Does stand 24-28" at the shoulder and weigh an average of 65 lbs. with the current population estimated to be between 600-750.

Key West

I'm spending my birthday in Key West!! Thank you Lord! We had a leisurely day on the boat - I cleaned out my three drawers of clothes and was able to eliminate about a dozen items (they are now rags for working around the boat). Started celebrating with iced coffee in the morning, coconut cake at lunch then meeting Jon and Renne and two of their friends on the docks for happy hour and snacks. I continued the celebration on Duval Street with a mudslide, pizza, and to top it off - key lime pie on a stick (my new favorite - Mattheessen Candy Kitchen on Duval Street)!!! I am now officially in a food coma - but what a great way to bring in my 57th year!
Psalms 13:5 But I will always trust in you and in your mercy and shall rejoice in your salvation. I will sing to the Lord because he has blessed me so richly.

Key West

Nov 8 - 12, 2012 We are so excited - Jon and Renne aboard s/v JonNe have arrived back in Key West after a land yacht trip! We had dinner with them, cruised Duval Street to see the Superboats and enjoyed seeing the new James Bond Movie "Skyfall". Saturday evening we all went to worship at Impact Church and they took us to the grocery and to show us the Naval Base in Boca Chica where they have a slip (Jon is retired Navy). While in Key West we have bicycled all over the town, visited the Butterfly Conservatory, watched the Veterans Day Parade, Bruce gave blood (I tried but did not qualify).

Key West

Wind shift as front approached with minor "Anchor Antics". Boat chores and Bruce replaced his first broken bicycle spoke. It pays to carry spares of everything!! Today was the first race day of the 32nd Annual Key West World Championship Super Boat Race - we had ringside seats as the race course made a turn not far from our anchorage.

11/13/2012 | Suzy
Happy Birthday. Be glad you are where it is warm. It is in the fifties here. I wore a coat today. Have a great day!
Love you bunches!!
Key West

Spent the day riding bikes all around Key West, doing errands, grocery shopping and of course looking for coffee drinks. John came over for dinner and Bruce fixed blue cheese guacamole, turkey burgers and redskin potato salad - YUM! Election day - God is in control!
Romans 13:1 Obey the government, for God is the one who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power.

11/08/2012 | Devin & Liz
You both look so happy! Great to see pictures with both of you in them. Say thanks to John.
Key West

We love this place! There are so many fun restaurants and crazy shops to explore. We walked with John over to El Siboney, a local Cuban restaurant, and I had my favorite - Picadillo. I had my first heartbreak of the trip - my favorite Key Lime Pie on a stick store had closed, so I settled for second best at another - miss you Blonde Giraffe Shop!

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