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SV DreamCatcher
Hutson Caye to Placencia

We've returned to the scene of the crime!! Five hour/33 mile sail today - cloudy skies, light wind. Tutti-Frutti here we come!!
Matthew 6:3 But when you do a kindness to someone, do it secretly - don't tell your left hand what your right hand is doing.

12/27/2013 | Moosetracks
Paradise found!
Hutson Caye

Big Dog breakfast day! We started our day with a wonderful breakfast and message from Andy Stanley (via DVD) entitled "Recovery Road". We are on part five "The Debt Spending Crisis" - the question asked is what if we don't wait around for somebody else? What if we go ahead and started fixing it ourselves? After boat chores I spent the afternoon painting (pic is of my painting studio - aka forward head) - Bruce read and grilled dinner. We are blessed!

Blue Field Range to Hutson Caye

November 29 - 30, 2013 Two hour downwind jib sail in 20-30 knot winds - time for our phone/internet fix! As we began motoring to the anchorage the engine suddenly died, so we quickly anchored in 55' of water and the troubleshooting began. The primary fuel filter had water in it, so it was drained, filter changed, bled the engine, retrieved 200' of chain and off we went!! Okay - we have had enough excitement in the last week to hold us for a while. Think we will stay a few days and chill out. Can you say mudslide??? The guests at the resort were happy to see us - new people to talk to and they said DreamCatcher made their vacation pictures better!

Blue Field Range

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have much to be thankful for - with the events of the last few days Bruce and I are counting our blessings! For our Thanksgiving dinner Bruce made a wonderful turkey stew, I made bread and key lime pie. We shared the anchorage with four fishermen on a small 20' catboat with four canoes on the decktop! We delivered key lime pie to them and Thanksgiving greetings in the afternoon.
Ephesians 5:2 Be full of love for others, following the example of Christ who loved you and gave himself to God as a sacrifice to take away your sin.

English Caye to Blue Field Range

Storm day! Late evening on the 26th the wind started to blow and by 4:00 a.m. sleep was over and Bruce was on anchor watch in the cockpit. At 4:30 a.m. he woke Gina - the anchor was dragging. We were able to retrieve the anchor and after lightly touching bottom twice (sand) we started heading west to deeper water. Reached 10' of water and suddenly went aground (sand)! We were probably pushed farther south than we knew with the 30-40 knot winds, With wind and waves hitting us broadside and deeper water behind us, we spent a long 30 minutes backing and bumping our way to safety (read: lots of praying!!). Slow progress was made in the 35-40 knot wind and waves until we could reach the channel and fall off downwind to a new anchorage. New anchorage surrounded by mangroves on three sides - sandy bottom with good holding. Breakfast, hot showers and back to bed for this crew!

St. Georges Caye to English Caye

The calm before the storm!! Today Bruce spent two hours (5 minute job, rest of two hours moving stuff out/in of quarterberth and lazarette!) troubleshooting the generator problem - it was simply a blown fuse. Thank you Lord!! Not much wind today so we jib sailed/motored four hours to English Caye. English Caye is a tiny island with the primary lighthouse and pilots dock for Belize City. We are anchored a quarter mile off of the main shipping channel so we have a great view of all the cruise ships and pilot's boats. Good reefs all around, hope to meet the lighthouse keeper tomorrow. New dinner reservations at Bistro DreamCatcher - penne pasta with turkey and vodka sauce, cabbage salad and Caprese bread aboard. Yum!

Caye Caulker to St. Georges Caye

Mini piracy on the low seas!! This morning started out with solar panel troubleshooting (loose wire) and a jib sail/motor to St. George's Caye (12 miles). Naps, and a dinghy ride to the islands one commercial establishment - St. George's Caye Lodge found us sitting at the bar having drinks and visiting with the guests and manager. We made dinner reservations for the next night (too late for tonight), said our goodbyes and headed back to the boat after dark (around 6:30 - we were approximately a quarter mile offshore). When I entered the cockpit I found our companionway door wide open (it had been locked) and the 10" galley hatch up (I had closed it upon leaving, but not locked it). I immediately told Bruce and he quickly tied the dink up and cautiously went downstairs. We found that the intruders must have been startled by us (or warned by someone) and had left in a hurry - Bruce's computer was on the settee (instead of the nav desk), the TV had been moved (looked like they were trying to unhook the cables) and the cabinet above the bed was opened with one safety item and a small video camera missing. Whoever did this must have had a child with them - the 10" hatch is much too small for anyone else to enter (I tried it a few years ago when we lost our keys - no success!). With our previous experience with the Belize police we have prudently decided not to report it. God was merciful - only a couple of items were taken and we are OK. Thank you Lord!

Caye Caulker

November 23-24, 2013 Spent the next couple of days doing boat chores, laundry (3 weeks worth - yuck!) and searching for wifi in the various restaurants and bars on the island. Bruce continued trouble shooting the generator - corrected the fuel pump problem, tightened hoses, etc. Ran like a charm! Finally able to christen the watermaker (it runs off the generator) - made 80 gallons of water (two hours). When shutting down, the generator stopped making electricity. Oh well - another day's chore. Off to celebrate the water victory at an island restaurant for dinner and drinks (I almost OD'd - I had one mudslide, two frozen coffee drinks and an espresso brownie). We video Skyped Lindsay and were able to see our new grandson, Landon - what a cutie!

San Pedro to Caye Caulker

We had a leisurely three hour sail today with Donna and Scott aboard back to Cay Caulker (they took the ferry home to San Pedro). Enjoyed lunch in town before parting ways - we hope to see them again sometime very soon!

San Pedro

November 19 - 21, 2013 Turtle attack!! What an awesome day of snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and adjacent shark alley. The seas were calm and warm as we headed out to explore the underwater world of Belize. We were blessed to have Lorenzo Lopez from Mystical Adventures as our guide - his father is a long time fisherman (he spearheaded the group responsible for the park designation) in these waters and was cleaning conch in the area so we were able to tie up to him and snorkel above all the rays, nurse sharks and turtles that were feeding on the conch scraps. The sea life in the area are almost like pets to him - Bruce was viciously attacked from behind (just kidding about the vicious - the bite marks and bruise are small) and bitten by a one eyed Loggerhead turtle on the arm. Definitely a "no" skinny dipping area! While we were snorkeling in the reserve area we were delighted to even see a Manatee! After lunch the afternoon found us taking naps before meeting Donna and Scott for dinner on the beach. What a great day! Thank you Lord!
James 4:17 Remember too, that knowing what is right to do and then not doing it is a sin.

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