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15 December 2017
December 11 – 15, 2017 Off we go to Durango (the Land of Cinema and scorpions)! We took the four hour luxury bus from Mazatlán to Durango (altitude 6,168’) via a 143 mile twisting, winding, 63 tunnel, 115 bridge (including the third highest cable stayed bridge at 1,312’) highway over the Sierra Madre mountains. Spectacular! This natural landscape has been the background for over 200 movies – we were surprised. John Wayne made at least seven movies here. The scorpion is the unofficial symbol of Durango and can be found in and on almost everything – including tacos. Bruce was brave and had one – he described it as a “non-event” and survived to tell the story (they are “de-venomized” prior to eating) – UGH! We stayed at the Hostal de la Monja in zona centro spending four days exploring the city (two with a guide) and surrounding area, including an open air stepped stone alter – La Ferreria, the Pancho Villa museum, rode the cable car, the first oven for making iron (1848) park, cathedrals, grand haciendas and beautiful government buildings. We endured temperatures in the 40’s with rain much of the time in Durango – it confirmed our decision to never cruise in cold climates!


10 December 2017
December 1-10, 2017 What a lovely city! We spent the last week settling in to a new area - where is the grocery, laundry, wifi and of course coffee shops! We also started attending the Vineyard Church – it is the same association as our Church in Puerto Vallarta, we’re excited to fellowship with other believers. We also met new friends on m/v Albatross, Cindy and Bill. We recognized the boat as the same boat as sweet friends Rita and Antoon who had earlier this year sold it to Cindy and Bill. Small world! Big Dog hadn’t felt well for a few weeks, so a stop at the hotel house doctor was the first order of business. No paperwork, no office staff, just a doctor giving advice after a short history and physical exam. $50 cash, $12 for two prescriptions and he became a new dog after 24 hours! Now to wait ten days before imbibing any alcohol – so sad.

Isla Isabel to Mazatlan

30 November 2017
24 hour motor sail to Mazatlan – we had to wait almost two more hours at anchor outside the harbor waiting on the dredge to stop working and move so we could make our entry. Tight squeeze!! We took a slip in Marina El Cid – a beautiful, beachfront resort. With our slip we have access to all the hotel amenities – yay!

Isla Isabel

29 November 2017
One of our amazing sunsets! Thank you Lord!

Psalm 113:3 From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, the name of the Lord is to be praised.

San Blas to Isla Isabel

28 November 2017
November 27 - 28, 2017 We sailed two hours and motor sailed seven hours 40 miles from San Blas to this protected, national ecological island park. From time to time it hosts scientists studying the abundant bird population – blue footed boobies and frigates inhabit the island by the thousands. Jacques Cousteau filmed one of his documentaries here in 1975 “The Sea Birds of Isabela”. The anchorage is small and the sea bottom is very rocky, so it can be a little tricky. We had no problems – but did not enjoy the anchor chain continually scraping across the rocks!

San Blas

24 November 2017
November 18 – 24, 2017 We have been enjoying this small Mexican town with its plaza, ice cream, laundry and great food! I also accomplished a much dreaded sewing chore by replacing seven zippers on our bimini and insert – it took almost four days - ugh! Monday, November 20 was the celebration of Revolution Day – which marked the official start of the Mexican revolution in 1910. San Blas had a small parade with dancers and bands, with all the locals lining the streets enjoying the festivities!

Chacala to San Blas

17 November 2017
Easy four hour motor to Marina San Blas. One of our favorite things about cruising is meeting fun people – we enjoyed dinner at La Isla and ice cream in the plaza with Brenda and Bob (s/v Perfect Excuse) from Canada. We’re not sure anyone is left in Canada – they all seem to be in Mexico! We watched the second message “One King leads to Another” in the Andy Stanley sermon series “Right in the Eye”. You weren’t created to rule yourself. Maximum freedom is found under the authority of the Creator-King. The great news is that when you cry out to God, He is willing to rescue you. But because He knows the power of the little kings, he requires unconditional surrender.
Joshua 24:14 Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods of your ancestors worshipped beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord.

Guayabitos to Chacala

15 November 2017
Easy two hour motor 6 miles to Chacala. We passed this fisherman on the way – first time we’ve seen tree branches and an umbrella on a panga!


14 November 2017
Now if you are wondering what life is like living on a sailboat, it has lots of highs and lows. Today is a good example - we did small chores in the morning, went to town to drop trash, have lunch on the beach, buy ice and of course indulge in an Oxxo frapp! Came back, took naps and did a couple more chores. As we were sitting on the side of the boat adjusting the kayak mounts (3rd time/position) Bruce noticed that our dinghy was floating away!!! Yikes! The dinghy painter was still tied to our stern cleat, but had broken (no chafe, just broke). Soooooo, we quickly decided he would kayak out to it and bring it back (about a half mile away). We dropped his kayak in the water and as we did it seems the glue gave way on the sea view port - the clear window came off, sunk, then the kayak started to sink! We were in 35' of water, 200' of anchor scope and the sun was setting. No diving for the window was even considered. We hauled the kayak back aboard and I ran around to the other side of the boat to get my kayak ready to launch and I caught my little toe on a port light and broke it! Sigh. We finally got my kayak launched, Bruce paddled out to the dink and rescued it. Just another day in paradise!

Punta Mita to Guayabitos

14 November 2017
November 13 - 14, 2017 Easy seven hour motor sail to Guayabitos. Bruce caught a small Bonita, but he let him go. Enjoyed a birthday lunch on the beach – DreamCatcher is in the background just to the right of the island.
Vessel Name: DreamCatcher
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Clearwater, FL
Crew: Bruce Senay & Gina Gibson
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