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Dress Blue Dispatches
Headstay pinned.

Getting the Headstay pinned. Not quite the flag raising on Mt Surabachi but a great effort nontheless.

Stepping the Mast

In position.

Stepping the Mast

Easy now!

06/17/2008 | Anne Blanchard
Looks great Blessingtons!
I wish you both a pleasant and safe journey.
I'd love to be able to visit you along the way, but that's tough from Idaho. Maybe RTF and I could sink your tender for old times" sake!
Stepping the Mast

Getting her stick placed, all 63' of it was a great example of team work and skill by the MYC crew!

Launch Day

May 14th and Dress Blue is coming out of winter storage for launching at Maine Yacht Center in Portland.

06/08/2008 | Tony
Hello Bruce and Marie. We hope launch day went as planned. Today is Sunday and a lovely day for a sail.
May the winds be favorable and the weather just perfect for sailing.
Tony and Ann

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