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Dhekelia Station, Cyprus
01 November 2008
At this week's meeting of the Executive Committee, a number of changes to the Constitution and Administrative Rules, were discussed and approved. The revisions will take effect immediately, although the amended constitution will be subject to final approval at the next AGM. In addition the rates of membership subs and berthing fees have been revised, with immediate effect.

A hard-copy of the revised Constitution and Admin Rules will be available at the club in due course. They may be viewed online at the following links:
Admin Rules

The significant changes are as follows:

1. A new category of "Non-Sailing Membership" has been introduced. This category will be available to non-entitled members who are non-sailors, but who regularly contribute to the club as OOD, safety boat operator or in some other significant way. This category will also apply to power boat owners berthing their craft at the club.
2. The requirement for Rear Commodore & Vice Commodore to stand down after 2 years in office has been removed.
3. The Executive Committee are authorised to put into effect constitutional changes at any time, subject to approval at a following AGM.
4. References to £Cy are re-stated in Euros

Administrative Rules:
1. Members are required to undergo a fire safety briefing annually.
2. Members (other than social & temporary members) are expected to undertake OOD and/or safety boat duties from time to time.
3. Dogs are to be kept on a lead in the vicinity of the clubhouse, seating area & patio.
4. References to Section 2 (Sailing Rules) are removed as the sailing rules are now published separately.
5. The Action on Emergencies paragraph and Annex B (Emergency Procedures) have been removed as these are now covered by DSC Safety leaflet no1: Major Incident Plan.
6. The Executive Committee reserves to right to decline renewal of membership to non-entitled members in the event of further restrictions on non-entitled membership numbers.
7. References to £Cy are re-stated to Euros

On behalf of the Executive Committee.

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