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21 October 2017 | Ingram Bayou
20 October 2017 | Ingram Bay
19 October 2017 | Wolf Bay
17 October 2017 | Dog River Marina
16 October 2017 | Alabama River cutoff
15 October 2017 | Okatuppa Creek
13 October 2017 | Kingfisher Yacht Basin
12 October 2017 | Fenache Creek Inlet, Warsaw Cutoff
11 October 2017 | Stennis Lock
10 October 2017 | Smithville, Mississippi
09 October 2017 | Whitten Lock
05 October 2017 | Grand Harbour Tn
04 October 2017 | Coleman State Park
03 October 2017 | Joe Wheeler Park
02 October 2017 | Hobbs Island
01 October 2017 | Crow Creek Island
29 September 2017 | Pigeon Forge
27 September 2017 | Tail of the Dragon
25 September 2017 | Chattanooga Municipal dock
24 September 2017 | Williams Island

Cruising the Bayous

21 October 2017 | Ingram Bayou
85 degrees, 85%humidity
This morning was boat tidy up and engine room rounds. I have another pesky oil leak, which I have traced to the starboard engine transmission shifter. It must have something to do with running 30 year old engines! Seals do dry out! Oh well, at least this one looks moderately easy to change.
We took the dingy one mile across the bay to Orange Beach Alabama. Just a mile away is Florida, so we meander back and forth across the border. There is even a restaurant built across the state line. The bar is on Alabama side because tax is cheaper; Seafood bar in Florida side. It is pretty quiet in town as most of the snowbirds don’t arrive until next month.
Susan and I need exercise, so decided to walk from dingy dock to
Walmart 8 km away. Normally this would be a 1 1/2 hour walk, but we did not consider: a, we are out of shape, b, we have put on some weight, c, it was 80 degrees with 85% humidity! Took a taxi back!
When we returned to our Bayou, a tour boat was disappearing into the reeds. Curious, we followed him, as the entrance to the swamp was hidden. It was cool, but Susan was quite nervous as we slowly motored down the reeds looking for Alligators. She was happy not to find one, I was disappointed. Maybe tomorrow.
The picture is of the passage we motored down.

Just hanging around

20 October 2017 | Ingram Bay
We had planned on cruising to Pensacola today, but the winds picked up, and as it was just for sight seeing, we cancelled. Beating into the waves for 3 hours just did not feel like the thing to do. Found a nice little protected anchorage, and dropped the hook. Just chilling today, reading a book, and doing a few minor projects. Weird! We are really used to always having a destination for tomorrow, so the next 3 weeks of just wandering will be differant!
We went for a dingy ride today to Barber Marina. Very high end joint. Statues all over the place. We even found some knights in armour statues hiding in the trees!

Crossing Mobile Bay

19 October 2017 | Wolf Bay

Today we cruised out of Dog River marina to experience our first gulf of Mexico cruise. Back on the ocean with tide, wind and waves! We were treated gently today with only 5mph wind and 1 foot chop. I did not realize there was an intercostal water way across Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. It does simplify a lot of the planning to cross, as you are mostly protected. Anchored tonight at Wolf Bay, also known as the Bay of Dolphins. Many glass bottom boats here, watching the Dolphins frolic. Susan and I were fascinated to watch the Pelicans fishing. They cruise around at 50 to 75 feet above the water, and when they see a fish, just fold their wings and dive bomb into the water. It is a large splash!
We are planning to cruise to Pensacola and have a look around. Then we are turning around , and heading to New Orleans for Halloween. I had this brain storm that this would be a cool place to spend with other ghouls! We shall see.
Until then, we are just going to gunk hole (explore) this area.

Welcome to the Gulf!

17 October 2017 | Dog River Marina
Oct 17
Away at 8:30 for our last freshwater day. We are 55 miles from a Gulf marina at Dog River. As we cruise along, I believe there is a business opportunity here that no one has jumped on. No lie, we have seen well over 100 buoys that were hit by barges, and laying on the banks. The buoy tenders cruise up and down putting replacement buoys on location, but never picking up the old ones. Most are still in good shape, so don't know why they do this.
Same with dredging. Most of the time they dredge the middle, and blow the silt onto the shoreline. Next high water, it just flows back to the middle. I guess it is job security for the Corps of Engineers!
We are doing the dips you doodle down the river. Wanting to go south, we are cruising east, west, north, and sometimes south! I did a measurement from Demopolis to Mobile, and it is 126 miles. Problem is, we have cruised 218 miles to get there. As the land flattens, the river just meanders along!
The last few weeks Susan has decided she wants to learn to play crib. This is unusual as normally she is not a card person. Susan picked it up pretty quickly, and last night beat me. Lucky cuts!

We are now alongside Dog River Marina. Being in salt water the boat now sits about 1 inch higher. Just what we like, a more tippy boat! Also, now we are at a jetty, and have to make allowances for the 1.8 foot tides. Old hat for us, but non-tidal boaters have to plan for this.
Picture is entering Mobile Bay. Really busy! I have put some more pictures on photo gallery. We went by a yard where they are building stealth destroyers, and Landing craft. In Canada we talk about building warships, here, they build them by the dozens!

Coffeeville Lock

16 October 2017 | Alabama River cutoff
Up at the crack of dawn and away to meet up with the other two boats. Way easier to get a lock time if you have a group. Lock masters hate dumping millions of gallons of water for one boat, or we have seen, one jet ski!
We entered Coffeeville lock after a 10 minute wait for a Coast Guard Buoy tender to exit. This still makes us lock stars! We have been extremely fortunate with locks this trip.
Jonson & Johnson has picked up a vibration on one shaft, so I was going to dive tonight and look at it. After seeing the bad boy in the picture I re-thought that! Wait until we get to the gulf.
We anchored at Alabama River Cutoff. Which had a good anchorage

Long day

15 October 2017 | Okatuppa Creek
October 15
We left Demopolis at 0800 and by prearranging with the lock master, motored right into the chamber and dropped 40 feet. We are travelling with Johnson & Johnson, and Rambunctious through this next, and last leg of the river voyage. The plan today was to cruise about 60 miles to an anchorage at Bashi Creek. Much to our chagrin it was only 40 feet wide and 6 feet deep because of the low water level. The other two boats are travelling 2 mph faster than us so they pressed on to Bobby's Fish Camp which has moorage. We had the same idea but ran out of daylight! Just as everything went totally black, we saw an anchorage at Okatuppa Creek, and anchored. I was ok with navigating at night, but we had seen a number of logs the last few hours and did not want to risk a bump in the night!
The picture is of bass fishermen behind the lock.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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