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17 November 2017 | Duncan, BC
12 November 2017 | Dog River Marina, Mobile, Alabama
10 November 2017 | Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Alabama
09 November 2017 | Gulfport
08 November 2017 | New Orleans
07 November 2017 | New Orleans
06 November 2017 | New Orleans French Quarter
05 November 2017 | New Orleans
04 November 2017 | Metairie
03 November 2017 | Biloxi
02 November 2017 | French Quarter, New Orleans
30 October 2017 | New Orleans
29 October 2017 | New Orleans
29 October 2017 | New Orleans
26 October 2017 | New Orleans
25 October 2017 | Gulfport, Mississippi
24 October 2017 | Bayou Le Batre
23 October 2017 | Cotton Bayou, Ingram Bayou
22 October 2017 | Ingram Bayou
21 October 2017 | Ingram Bayou

Back home again

17 November 2017 | Duncan, BC
The Eagle Heart has been put to bed for a couple of months. At Dog River Marina she has a covered slip, which will keep the sun; and rain off the decks. We have desiccant in all the rooms and cupboards to keep everything dry, as well as heaters set to come on at 55 degrees.
The drive to Fort Myers was interesting, as we were able to scout many areas that we shall be cruising in March. As we overnighted at Sarasota, both of us loved the area and bays and can hardly wait until we are anchored off the white sandy beaches.
We arrived home to high winds and torrential downpours. Back to the "wet coast"!
We shall be signing off the blog for a few months. Have a great holiday season, and we shall be sending out an email when back on the boat.
It has been a great cruising season!

Last day on Eagle Heart

12 November 2017 | Dog River Marina, Mobile, Alabama
I guess we should be excited about going home, but, feeling a bit sad not to be moving forward to Florida. We of course are looking forward to seeing Noel and Dean, as well as all of our family and friends!
Today was mostly grunt work cleaning the boat, listing projects for the next couple of months, emptying and defrosting fridge etc. The fridge picks up and amazing amount of ice in one month. It could have something to do with the 99% humidity we had been living in.
I was extremely pleased today to fix the air comditioner. I had been troubleshhoting for 2weeks on a problem blowing the fuse. I finally identified a relay that was acting wonky, ordered a new one from Amazon, and 50.00 later it is working fine!
Got to take our successes where we can.
Tomorrow driving to Sarasota and the next day 2 hours to airport. We shall arrive Victoria at 11:45 Tuesday.
I fly out again Sunday on a two week teaching assignment.
The picture today is of "disco duck" a type of Mallard that hangs out around here!

Last cruising day.

10 November 2017 | Dog River Marina, Mobile Bay, Alabama
15 mph NE wind, 2-3 foot waves
Boo hoo. Today we knew that it was a long chug from Gulfport to Dog River Marina in Mobile Bay. Lines were off just as the sun peeked over the horizon at 0610. Out to the gulf we cruised into 15 mph wind and 2 foot seas.
I hate it when you have a schedule. Gulfport is such a nice city, we both would have loved to stay 3 or 4 days touring around and wait for calm weather. 93 miles later we pulled into the Marina, encrusted in salt spray, just as the sun disappeared over the horizon.
Thats it for passage making this year. We have covered 2950 miles since leaving Owen Sound on July 5th. Not bad cruising in 4 months. We saw lots of sights, missed seeing many more. Can't wait to get going again in February.
For the next couple of days we shall be preparing the boat for storage, and cleaning up.
The picture is what we were looking at for 8 of the 11 hours while cruising today.
Just another adventure on the Eagle Heart!

On the road again!

09 November 2017 | Gulfport
We woke up at 6:00 to a blustery day, overcast with light rain. Susan and I had prepared the boat for sea the previous evening, and were ready to toll as soon as I paid my bill at 7:00. Alas, even though I told them that I wanted to leave early, they had not added up the work hours and parts etc. By 7:45 we were ready to rock, but then I had misgivings of leaving with 1/2 full tanks. That is still 300 mile range, but if it was rough, I did not want fuel sloshing off the bottom of tanks. If grunge plugs your filters, you are in for a very tough day changing filters in rough seas. So off to fuel dock, and then we left at 8:30. The first 30 miles were well protected and uneventful. Then we broke out in Mississippi Sound to 1 foot waves, not the expected 3 foot. Still a bit choppy for 4 hours, but as we were expecting to get beat up, real good!

We are alongside at Gulfport again, and leaving early to get to Dog River Marina

Gulfport is dressing up the waterfront for Christmas with numerous displays. It should be fantastic when all lit up for the Harbour Christmas festivities.

Motor fixed!

08 November 2017 | New Orleans
Well thanks to some pushing by me, and the owners Jeff and Aron finding parts ,everything arrived today. Tim, a great mechanic at the yard stayed over to get everything put together. The machined part fit perfectly, and away we go tomorrow!
Tim, the mechanic also smokes meat, and we started talking about smoking game. The next day he brought down wild boar sausage, and smoked catfish sausage sticks. Delicious! I am going to try that with salmon.
Well, hopefully tomorrow night we shall be anchored half way to Mobile.
The previous couple of mornings visibility has been rather poor until 10. The wind has come in at 5mph and should keep this from happening tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Another day, another dissapointment

07 November 2017 | New Orleans
Well, we finally got the parts, mechanic and boat together at one place, so I thought today was the day to go. Nope. We installed the main body of the pump in 3 hours, and then went to install the water pump on the front of it. A bracket was broken inside when it was taken apart, perhaps the root cause of this problem. We opened the box with the new Volvo part, and not even close. Went back to boss, and we doubled check motor model number, serial, etc. Every diagram showed the part that was received, not the part required. After calling 3 different Volvo mechanics, I suggested a machinist. Although they were initially not too keen, the longer we looked into it, that seemed to be the only alternative.
I must say, my next boat will NOT have Volvo engines. They are great when they run, but very hard to source parts, and very expensive to fix. Give me Cummins or Detroit any day.
So, still alongside. We are getting bored. No theaters close by, and internet is very poor to watch movies. We also have a time line, as we have to get back to Mobile by Saturday, so we can organize the boat to be parked for three months. Schedules suck when boating!
The picture today is of PT Boat 305 coming in for maintenance. It is one of the last running PT boats from WW2. The boat is one of the exhibits in the WW2 museum in New Orleans, and goes out on cruises 5 days a week.
Vessel Name: Eagle Heart
Vessel Make/Model: Kha Shing 37
Hailing Port: Victoria, British Columbia
Crew: John Robin, Susan Robin
John is a retired Power Systems electrician and worked in the pulp and paper industry for 40 years. Susan worked in the health care system, primarily at the Cowichan hospital as a Unit Clerk for 36 years. [...]
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