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17 March 2012 | West Palm Beach, FL
16 March 2012 | Hawksbill Cay
13 March 2012 | Staniel Cay
11 March 2012 | Black Point, Exumas
10 March 2012 | Black Point, Exumas
05 March 2012 | Fernandez Bay, Cat Isand
22 February 2012 | Old Bight, Cat Island
21 February 2012
20 February 2012
17 February 2012
15 February 2012
14 February 2012
13 February 2012 | Current Cut
13 February 2012 | Glass Window, Eleuthera
12 February 2012 | Spanish Wells
11 February 2012 | Spanish Wells
09 February 2012 | Royal Island
08 February 2012 | Lynyard Cay
07 February 2012 | Hope Town, Abacos

Day Two and Three of ICW

16 October 2008 | North Carolina
The next day started out nice and sunny with wind from the North to blow us across Albemarle Sound. We had both just put up our sails and were just starting to cross the sound when we got a call on the radio, Slip Away had caught a crab pot on it propeller. We stood by sailing back and forth with our main up while they anchored in the sound and Rich went down in the low visibility, cold water under a bouncing boat to clear the line. Well they not only got the line, they got some " rebar wrapped around the shaft as well from the pot itself. They had just come from Maine and didn't catch a single pot there, how disappointing.

After several attempts to get the rebar off, including borrowing our bolt cutters Rich could not get it off. They called Sea Tow and they could bring a diver, but it would cost at least $500. So they decided to sail across the sound and anchor in a protected area and give is another shot. This time after Rich had warmed up he had the strength to unbend the rebar and get it off. They started the engine carefully, put it in gear and everything seemed to work - yeah! We were very impressed how they kept their cool and anchored twice under sail.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We sailed nearly the entire. Alligator River. In fact we were moving from 7AM to 6PM and we only motored 3 hours. We anchored near the entrance to the Pungo/Alligator River Canal that night and then started again first thing in the morning.

Again we had strong North winds and once we were through the canal we sailed most of the day in the Pungo River and Pamlico Rivers. We motored in the canal past Hobucken and then anchored only a couple miles from the exit into the Neuse River in Spring Creek. We expecting a big blow that night and next day and we were well protected.
Vessel Name: Ealy Out
Vessel Make/Model: Caliber 40LRC
Hailing Port: Cincinnati, Ohio
Crew: Debbie and Fred
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Early Out

Who: Debbie and Fred
Port: Cincinnati, Ohio