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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Gt to Panama day 3
04/22/2011, Caribbean Sea

7pm Had a windy night, had to add second reef after surfing to 17 knots. Better after that. Today the wind was largely absent. Flew the kite this morning and then switched to the screecher as the wind moved forward. Just took down the screecher and replaced with the jib for the night. Caught a nice bull Mahi Mahi. Seas were flat all day after being up during the night. All is well on Ovive

04/22/2011 | Joe & Nancy G
My heart is with you even if I can't be. Sail on
O'Vive, God speed & fair winds
Day 2 Gt to Panama
04/21/2011, Windward passage

7:pm We rounded the eastern tip of Cuba this morning and have been dead downwind since. We flew the kite from 11am until 6pm We were doing 7-8 knots this morning and up to 12 by the time we lowered the kite. We are now wing and wing with one reef in the main doing 8-9 knots. Did 225 miles though the water and 200 over ground yesterday 6:30am to 6:30am. Not bad as that included leaving GT harbor and traversing Hog Cay cut. All is well on Ovive

04/22/2011 | Jenny
It sounds great, wish we were with you, good to see the boat has a reputation for catching fish.
Day 1 GT to Panama
04/20/2011, Acklins Island Bahamas

Left at 6:15 am, through Hog Cay cut just after 9. By 11:30am leaving Nuevitas Rock. Anywhere from hard on the wind to now a beam reach. wind 17-22k speed 8.5-10k. We are 125 miles north of the eastern tip of Cuba which we should round tomorrow lunchtime?

04/20/2011 | Don Ewart
Following with great interest. Enjoying your commentary.
George Town
04/18/2011, George town

Arrived in Gt yesterday morning. Caught another fish on the way. Checked into the country this morning, will probably check out tomorrow and leave Wednesday morning. Wind is forecast to go north of east and strong so should be able to sail towards the eastern tip of Cuba. Not much has changed in Gt but wanted the blog to reflect where we are.

04/20/2011 | asselin marilyn philippe
woah !! belle pÍche ! nous sommes contents d'avoir de vos nouvelles
Finally underway
04/15/2011, Bahama banks

So we are a little late in the season but lots of last minute waiting on this and that. The plan is to make haste and get though Panama before the weather deteriorates any further. Once past the Galapagos we will be in the winter season with more stable weather. On board is Dave, former owner and skipper for this trip, and crew members Dean, Sebastien, and lisemarie. Hopefully joining us in Panama will be Joey. We are thinking of Nancy and wishing her a speedy recovery. The new owners John and Jenny will also be joining when they can sneak away from their very busy company in Australia. We left the dock in Tavernier at 5:30 pm yesterday and were past the reef before dark. Fishing was off to a good start with a nice black fin reeled in just before sunset so we had sashimi with our dinner. So we will continue to make east as we can until we are able to turn south for Panama. Edit 4/16 So I found internet and posted a picture of Sebastien with a Mahi Mahi we cought after I made the post. First 24 hours, two fish.

04/15/2011 | Jared

I have never sailed a day in my life...but I drive a cubicle really well most days. In my spare time I lurk the Sailblogs, trying to find someone on an adventure to live vicariously through, until I can, someday, actually step on a sailboat. This has brought me to your blog.

Thanks for having an adventure...things are mundane in Arkansas.
04/15/2011 | gerard and Michele
bon voyage et bon vent
04/15/2011 | Orca III
Hey Dave,
did you check the weather - tee hee hope all is tickiboo! way to go, wish we were with you!!!
04/17/2011 | Bernd Neuann
Hi David,
I am in Bundaberg ( Australia ) to change the enginees of UPPS. I am waiting for you and also a very cold German beer ( got a new frigde ) is waiting for you. All the best for your trip !! Bernd & Tanja ( in Germany ) SY UPPS
04/18/2011 | Manu Emilie et Titouan
Belle prise!
Vous commencez bien la traversée a ce que je vois!

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