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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
04/25/2011, Panama

Arrived in Panama this morning at 7;15 am 6:15am local time almost exactly 5 days from when we left GT in the Bahamas. not to bad for 963 miles considering the winds were on the light side most of the time. Had to motor the last night as the wind was doing circles in the numerous squalls. Welcome to Panama at this time of year, it rained on and off all day as well. Bad news is that the canal is backed up 13 to 17 days depending on who you talk to. This due to the canal advisors not working much for the last two weeks, carnival and then Easter holiday. Hopefully we should know something by Wednesday.

05/01/2011 | Emilie
I miss you daddy! keep posting info :)
Gt to Panama day 5
04/24/2011, Caribbean Sea

6:45pm These daily updates are primarily to keep family informed of our progress. Hard to come up with a lot of news while on passage which is not a bad thing. Not much different today, sail changes etc... Our last 100 miles may be a little sleepless tonight as we have a few squalls to pass though later. All is well on Ovive.

04/24/2011 | Jenny
We still love hearing from you guys, even if it seems uneventful to you.
Happy sailing Jenny
Gt to Panama Day 4
04/23/2011, Caribbean Sea

7pm Last night was uneventful with just one squall carrying no additional wind. The first rinse Ovive has had since departing Florida. It was nice to walk on the decks this morning without the salt buildup. This morning was back to the screecher, sailed slow until 11:30am then motor sailed until 12:30pm then dropped the screecher and sailed slow with the kite for a while. Around 1:30pm the wind steadily increased to 20 knots. We were hitting 11 knots in calm seas. Then at 6pm down with the kite and out goes the genoa. Oh, and another Mahi Mahi this morning. So you see we are not always just watching the water pass by. All is well with only 285 miles to go.

Gt to Panama day 3
04/22/2011, Caribbean Sea

7pm Had a windy night, had to add second reef after surfing to 17 knots. Better after that. Today the wind was largely absent. Flew the kite this morning and then switched to the screecher as the wind moved forward. Just took down the screecher and replaced with the jib for the night. Caught a nice bull Mahi Mahi. Seas were flat all day after being up during the night. All is well on Ovive

04/22/2011 | Joe & Nancy G
My heart is with you even if I can't be. Sail on
O'Vive, God speed & fair winds
Day 2 Gt to Panama
04/21/2011, Windward passage

7:pm We rounded the eastern tip of Cuba this morning and have been dead downwind since. We flew the kite from 11am until 6pm We were doing 7-8 knots this morning and up to 12 by the time we lowered the kite. We are now wing and wing with one reef in the main doing 8-9 knots. Did 225 miles though the water and 200 over ground yesterday 6:30am to 6:30am. Not bad as that included leaving GT harbor and traversing Hog Cay cut. All is well on Ovive

04/22/2011 | Jenny
It sounds great, wish we were with you, good to see the boat has a reputation for catching fish.

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