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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Waiting on parts
05/09/2011, La Playita, Panama City, Panama

We had an uneventful passage though the rest of the locks except for the rain. We spent 3 nights anchored at the Las Brisas anchorage on the north side of the causeway. Nice because we had free but not very strong internet. Not nice because the security situation dictates that we had to leave someone on board to watch the boat. We never left the dingy at the dock without locking it and only then if it was just a short time, otherwise we would have the person guarding the boat to ferry us in and pick us up when done. Sebastien and Lise-Marie even slept in the cockpit as one outboard was stolen from behind someone's boat several nights ago. Today after finding out we will be here until Thursday waiting on a new transducer for the depth sounder we have decided to move into the new marina at La Playita. At least we can all leave the boat and not worry about losing stuff. The air conditioning is nice as well with the constant rain we are having. No internet though. The winds between here and the Galapagos are going to pick up from the SW soon so we are not missing any good weather windows.

Underway again
05/06/2011, Lake Gatun, Panama

Not much to do yesterday in the hot lake all day. We did use the salt water wash down pump to give her a fresh water wash, and ourselves as we were afraid to go swimming with the alligators. We are headed to Miraflores locks with a lock time of 13:40 Panama time.

05/07/2011 | Irene Hungerford
I saw you Dean! ( all 4 of you on deck ) then it must have started raining. Rene
05/08/2011 | Ocealys crew
Bon vent les amis! Can't believe your back on the water.... We'll follow you on your blog. A bientot. Maude (Ocealys)
05/08/2011 | Ted and Gail
Great time down to Panama! Looks like all is going well , keep up the good work.
Stuck in the Lake
05/05/2011, Lake Gatun, Panama

Had a smooth transit through the Gatun locks last night and were attached to the buoy with two other boats by 9pm. One advisor showed up at 6am and another at 7am for the other two boats. But ours has called in sick. So we wait...maybe until tomorrow.

05/05/2011 | Tracy Frantz
We are friends of Dean and are watching your progress! Good luck to you. I laughed at Dean's email about the box lunch - with my cooking, the line handlers would definitely be calling! Fair winds!
05/03/2011, Colon, Panama

So yesterday several boats left and completed the first section to the lake where you tie up to a buoy for the night and await your next advisor who comes aboard at 6:30am for the next day's transit though the Miraflores locks. Only problem not enough advisors showed up for work so two boats were left at the buoy to spend another night. And to avoid a logjam at the buoy they have held us back so now we will go Wednesday. Another day in aptly named Colon. Forgot to mention yesterday that you can right click on the Pancanal webcam image to zoom in.

Ready to Transit
05/02/2011, Colon, Panama

Well it was disappointing to hear that we had to wait 17 days to pass the canal but they have put on more transit advisors and our date has been bumped up several times now. First it was to be the 10th, then to the 6th, and this morning they told us the 3rd which is tomorrow. So it will have been an 8 day wait, not bad. So if all goes well we can be seen at around midday Wednesday. Or maybe this link

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