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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Day 1 Galapagos to Marquises
05/31/2011, 02 01S 092 42W

2788 miles to go, 177 miles toward destination 195 miles traveled. We are trying to work our way south where there is more wind. Had a very nice but short stay in the Galapagos. In the Galapagos it is mandatory to use an agent. 90% of the boats in the anchorage were using the thief I used last time or another just as bad as they are very persistent, meeting you on the boat right after you drop anchor. We did not check in until just before we left as we were holding out for an agent that had been recommended. It the mean time the other agents were either pretending to work for the one I was waiting for or threatening us that we must check in now or be in big trouble. The money they wanted to collect was astronomical for such a short stay. It turned to be worth the wait and we saved just under $600.00 by doing so. He knew all the government officials and was able to argue effectively on our behalf. So now we are looking forward to some good sailing once we find the wind around 5 south. We did manage to sail 22 of the first 24 hours and are sailing now but there is not a lot of wind and forecast to be less today.

06/01/2011 | john gregory
Great blog.
Would you mind giving us the name of the agent you worked with.
06/06/2011 | george banker
yes, the agent's name would be a help. Enjoying reading your wonderful blog.
07/03/2011 | Nathalie Houston
His name is Joseph Ortega Yepez
Anchor down
05/27/2011, isla san cristobal, galapagos

Anchor down at 1:30pm 12:30pm local time. Have been trying to sort an agent as required. Have spoke to two that I would not trust at all and trying to hook up with a third one that sounds slightly better. Would you know it's a holiday today here, I still don't know what. Did manage to find a hardware store to buy nails and some free wood to discourage the Sea Lions. Great sailing in today, up to 11 knots at one point in flat calm seas behind the island. Spoke to a Swedish couple that found it so hard to get here they made an unplanned stop in Ecuador to recover, get fuel etc... said it was the hardest passage since leaving Sweden. Have been trying to play with the free internet in the anchorage but probably will need to wake up early to get ant real use out of it. Hope to be here just long enough to deliver on a promise to my crew and then get underway to the Marquesas.

05/27/2011 | Joe G
Congrates on a hard-won passage. Hope it's all downhill, I mean down-wind, from here
Las Perlas to Galapagos day 6
05/27/2011, 00 23.12S 088 39.80W

65 miles to go, 198 miles this 24 hour period. Another great day, sailed from 8:30am to 3:15pm then motored when the wind shifted and died until 7pm. Since then we spent the entire night over 9 knots close reaching in 14-17 knots of wind. It has been cool for two days now, I know we have moved into colder water (about a 5 degree drop compared to Panama) but the air temperature has dropped at least 10 degrees. If the wind holds we should have no trouble making the harbor before dark.

05/27/2011 | jenny Mulligan
Good to see Lady Luck might be swinging your way. Fingers are still crossed
Las Perlas to Galapagos Day 5
05/26/2011, 00 33.25N 085 25.84W

263 miles to go. Yesterday was a great day, we sailed from 4 am to 2:30 pm and then once the wind shifted back to the SW we motored directly SW to take advantage of the fact it was forecast to be around 5 knots for the next 18 hours which means more than 5 knots but it was a comfortable night. Now we are just 33 miles north of the equator and poised to either motor sail or hopefully sail the rest of the way in depending on how much west is in the wind.

Las Perlas to Galagapos Day 4
05/25/2011, 02 08.77N 083 09.24W

424 miles to ago. Day 4 was painful, motoring right into 15-20 knots. During the night I had to keep reducing engine rpm's until we were just barely moving to keep the boat from crashing about. (read no sleep) But this morning which is the beginning of day 5 things are looking up. The engine was shut down at 4 am, the jib rolled out and we have been sailing for the past 1.5 hours within 10 degrees of our way point. We have a steady 15 knots from the south and even though we are tight on the wind and we are going at least 2 knots faster the ride has smoothed out nicely. On top of that the heavy cloud cover has lifted and the stars are shining.

05/25/2011 | chris flint
sounds like ur cutting thru it, keep her in the wind and headed toward ur goal, be safe


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