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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Day 5 Galapagos to Marquises
06/04/2011, 05 38S 105 18W

2003 miles to go, 201 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. Lots of sail changes through the period as we tried to make to most of a not quite strong enough wind from astern. The kite proved best but had to be doused around 4pm due to an impending squall. During the night the winds clocked more to the SE and increased so we were able to make better time on a broad reach. We passed the number one boat in our little SSB group who had left the day before us but it was not just our speed. They found the pin holding their forestay had come halfway out of the toggle, so just hanging on by a thread so to speak. It took them 4 hours to get that pin back into place, not easy even after loosening the back stay to get some slack, the forestay is quite heavy and whipping around in these seas. You check all the rigging including going to the top of the mast before a passage and daily checks while under way but the stress that these boats are under never ceases to impress me. So it was a lucky day for them. Speaking of luck we landed three mahi-mahi. We can also say that we are 1/3 of the way through the 2965 mile trip.

Day 4 Galapagos to Marquises
06/03/2011, 04 52S 102 01W

2204 miles to go, 214 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. Flew the screecher for most of the day then lowered it around 330 pm as the wind was touching on 18-19 knots apparent, getting close to the max for that sail. Boat speeds were from 6 to 11 knots during the period but 9 was the average. Lise Marie continues to impress us with an amazing variety of fantastic food.

06/04/2011 | jenny mulligan
I wont be able to compete with a french chef when I get on board. Keep up the good work Lisa marie, a good meal keeps spirits high.
Day 3 Galapagos to Marquises
06/02/2011, 04 13S 098 30W

2418 miles to go, 201 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. We found the north edge of the SE trades, not strong but enough and from the right direction to give us a nice 24 hour run. From here south they should continue until we have a steady 25 knots. Caught two more tuna first thing in the morning so put the rods away after that as the freezer is full. Another boat joined our net last night "Terranova", Australian of course, they all seem to run a bit late!

06/02/2011 | Doug Foster
Looks like you are trucking now!...I wish you continued good winds
06/04/2011 | jenny mulligan
dave sounds like you are saying the aussies are always late for everything, are we that laid back?
Day 2 Galapagos to Marquises
06/01/2011, 03 01S 095 19W

2619 miles to go, 169 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. Light winds all day and night, slow going, had to motor 4 of the last 24 hours. I set up a little SSB net and I am speaking with a Swedish boat called Katy C who left the day before us and an Australian boat called Free Sprit who left after us the same day every night at 6pm. While I was speaking last night the crew pulled in two nice tuna so we added some sashimi to dinner last night.

06/01/2011 | chris flint
getting good mileage sonsider winds, keep at it, logs way gone now......
Day 1 Galapagos to Marquises
05/31/2011, 02 01S 092 42W

2788 miles to go, 177 miles toward destination 195 miles traveled. We are trying to work our way south where there is more wind. Had a very nice but short stay in the Galapagos. In the Galapagos it is mandatory to use an agent. 90% of the boats in the anchorage were using the thief I used last time or another just as bad as they are very persistent, meeting you on the boat right after you drop anchor. We did not check in until just before we left as we were holding out for an agent that had been recommended. It the mean time the other agents were either pretending to work for the one I was waiting for or threatening us that we must check in now or be in big trouble. The money they wanted to collect was astronomical for such a short stay. It turned to be worth the wait and we saved just under $600.00 by doing so. He knew all the government officials and was able to argue effectively on our behalf. So now we are looking forward to some good sailing once we find the wind around 5 south. We did manage to sail 22 of the first 24 hours and are sailing now but there is not a lot of wind and forecast to be less today.

06/01/2011 | john gregory
Great blog.
Would you mind giving us the name of the agent you worked with.
06/06/2011 | george banker
yes, the agent's name would be a help. Enjoying reading your wonderful blog.
07/03/2011 | Nathalie Houston
His name is Joseph Ortega Yepez

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