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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Day 11 Galapagos to Marquises
06/10/2011, 09 10S 124 01W

870 miles to go, 203 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. Flew the kite during the day with winds from 15 to 20 knots. Changed to double reefed main and jib at night as the wind built to 25 knots. Good to have the wind back.

06/10/2011 | Malachi
So jealous of your arrival in the Marquises! I'll be wonderful to experience it anew through the eyes of the crew. Enjoy a pamplemousse for us!
Day 10 Galapagos to Marquises
06/09/2011, 08 43S 120 37W

1073 miles to go, 186 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. A slow start with the kite up and down between squalls. The wind returned at 1:30pm and we have been going well ever since. If the forecast holds true we should be able to put a few good days together.

Day 9 Galapagos to Marquises
06/08/2011, 08 19S 117 31W

1259 miles to go, 154 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. It has been painfully slow. Once the squalls cleared raised the kite at 9am and sailed very slow until 3am when we took it down due to squalls. Took advantage of the calm conditions to replace all the bungee cord on the tramps. Also made a temporary repair to the starboard motor mount as we may be using the motor on this passage more than planned.

Day 8 Galapagos to Marquises
06/07/2011, 07 57S 114 57W

1413 miles to go, 186 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. We lost the wind. Hopefully it will be back soon. Very nice day yesterday, with good but slow sailing until 2am this morning when the wind quit completely. This morning finds us motoring in light rain showers. We are over halfway now.

Day 7 Galapagos to Marquises
06/06/2011, 07 02S 111 56W

1599 miles to go, 202 miles toward destination this 24 hour period. Very nice day then some squalls late afternoon. Easy night, then lots of squalls with 40 degree wind changes around 5am. To look at our mileage you would think the wind was steady from one direction but it's not. We are constantly making course corrections and changing sail plans to adapt to the changing conditions. Another Australian boat joined our net called Stormlegs, a single hander 22 days out of Panama with 1900 miles to go yet till he reaches the Marquises. Not stopping in the Galapagos makes for a long trip.

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Who: David, Alec, Emilie, Nathalie
Port: Tavernier, Florida USA
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