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A family travels from Florida to New Zealand aboard their St Francis 50 catamaran
Raiatea, Tahaa
07/27/2011, Between Tahaa and Bora Bora

We had a very smooth overnight from Moorea to Raiatea and still one of our new crew members was seasick so we will have to monitor that situation closely. As soon as we arrived we tied to the free town dock and did the hike up Taptoi hill. Then after lunch we went over to Tahaa and picked up what used to be a free mooring but now the guy comes out just before sunset and tells us that it's $2000 xpf. Oh well. We did enjoy the night in company of Free Spirit though and this morning we all went to a vanilla plantation and then a pearl farm which was interesting as we had not had a proper pearl farm tour as of yet. Now we are underway to Bora Bora a bit sooner than I would have choose but with a bit of bad weather coming though tomorrow it's best to get to our last stop before our jump off to Raro.

07/28/2011 | amy bright
Glad to know you are feeling better and are underway again! Thinking you you, O'Vive and the crew and wishing you smooth sailing and a good voyage!
07/28/2011 | Malachi
David, we think of you often and remember the great times we shared in the places you are revisiting, which sure makes me envious. We love you and miss you and wish you and the crew health and safety for the coming legs.
Back in Moorea
07/24/2011, Moorea

Yes something was wrong; it was time for a partial crew change. So we went back to Tahiti and dropped off Seb and Lise-Marie. This was all happing while I was quite sick, which has improved some since but after several hundred dollars spent at the clinic they still don't know what it is. Something stomach related, at least that's where the symptoms are. Then we started the crew search which is always a bit tricky if you have certain standards about who you would let on the boat. So this took a while but now we have Judy from Australia and Kerstin from Germany and we arrived back in Moorea yesterday afternoon. The plan is to be in Rarotonga by the 8th to pick up the owner so we will have to get a move on. The blog updates should be up to date again going forward.

07/24/2011 | Vicki Foster
We are happy to hear you are feeling better...maybe some bad bugs were in the water you were working in at the Quay....
07/26/2011 | verant lise-marie
We had a great sailing time on board on o'vive.
Thanks for everythings and good luck for the the following part.
Sebastien and lise-marie
07/10/2011, Moorea

We left the Quay and went though the lagoon about 7 miles or so to Marina Taina to fill up with duty free fuel as its more convenient than Bora Bora. By the time we were finished I felt we would be cutting it close getting into Moorea before daylight so picked up a mooring ball for the night which turned out to be free when I went in to pay for it in the morning. Since they only rent them by the week they did not want to charge me for one night. Cast off at 8:30am and had the anchor down with 3 under the keel in very clear water by 11:30am. By lunch time had the port rudder removed and shortly after lunch had the new rudder and bearing installed. By the end of the day the project was done. Easy as pie. Today I will take the crew to swim with the rays and a hike to the lookout if they are up to it.

07/20/2011 | Nancy & Joe
Missing your updates! We look everyday to see what you're up to & hope everythings ok.
07/21/2011 | chris flint
no doubt, either somthings not right, or too much fun is being had
Papeete, rudders, etc...
07/10/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

Papeete was a successful stop. Lots of personal things such as souvenir shopping and mounting pearls etc... We also discovered that we could go to the stadium every night that no show was scheduled and watch the practice for free as well as video tape which is a strict no no during the show. The main task was to receive the rudders and replace them. This got off to a bad start when the builder decided to send them half way around the world wrapped in one layer of pea sized bubble wrap and one layer of cardboard. That's right, when paying over $3000 just for freight; no one thought it would be a good investment to spend $100 building a shipping crate out of wood. So we started by getting out the epoxy and repairing both new rudders. Then after removing the starboard rudder shaft found the 4 new bearings they sent were machined to the wrong size. So it was off to find a machine shop that could cut them down for us. This caused a loss of two days in itself. Once the rudders and bearings were repaired it was time to go diving in Papeete harbor. 300 yards down the seawall is an overflow pipe from the city sewer system, normally dormant but I guess they had a heavy load that weekend and decided to release the excess into the harbor. So each time I came out of the water I was pouring hydrogen peroxide over all the invariable nicks you receive when doing that type of work trying to prevent a staph infection. Long story short after the first full day of trying to install the starboard rudder and being totally exhausted I arrived at the decision the boat would have to be hauled. But the next day we decided to give it one more go and using the old bearings were finally able to get the job done. At this point I was toying with the idea of not replacing the port rudder and carrying the new one as a spare but after bouncing the idea off Phillip from Free Spirit he convinced me to replace the port rudder as well. Having messed about enough with the starboard rudder I figured I would not need anything more from Papeete and decided to head over to Moorea to do the work.

Arrived Papeete
07/03/2011, Papeete, Tahiti

The 280 mile trip from Manihi to here was event free. We arrived Friday but have been super busy so a tad late with the blog update. The highlight was seeing Tahiti from 65 miles out just before sunset. Although her peaks are usually surrounded by cloud the atmosphere was super clear and has been since we have been here. We proceeded though the pass and directly to the Quay at first light. It is nice to be located right downtown when trying to get things done. By lunchtime I had the following tasks completed; new eyeglasses made (damaged by chemical splash in the Panama boatyard), teeth cleaned, and hair cut. In the afternoon I moved on to less important tasks. I am prepared for our rudders to arrive tomorrow with a big tamping bar and new drill bit. Last night was time for fun so Dean and I went to a Hiva show which was super, we did not get back until midnight, late for cruisers. We have half way decent internet, so have added a few pictures to the blog going all the way back to Panama.

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